Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Work Out Continues - - Day Two......Legs

Once I was done with Tag, it was on to Legs. I think if it had been one of the other horses I'd left until last, I probably would have skipped it. My b*tt was dragging.

The prospect of finally getting my horse right, however, had a strong enough pull to keep me focused. I forced myself to get the horse tacked up and headed towards the arena. There was no question in my mind the mounting block would be my only hope of getting myself up into the saddle.

Of course, Legs always has to take advantage of me when I'm tired. Not that the horse is naughty working, he has the mischievous side that just can't resist the opportunity to be expressed. Tired mom means multiple opening to play.

It's a given the horse must stretch when he comes out of the horse trailer. If it's pouring down rain, that warrants a much bigger, longer stretch. There's nothing Legs likes more than to get me soaked. It's also a given the horse will yawn before taking the bit. If mom's tired both of those things become places to add to the horse's desire to play.

The stretch coming out of the horse trailer might just trigger the need to scratch while the horse is in that stretched position. Teetering on three legs itching and stretching mean mom might just be necessary as a leaning post. God knows the horse doesn't want to fall down....... besides leaning on is what moms are for...........right?

This display is usually ended with a toss of the head as only an Arabian can do. Legs wants me to be sure I get the point that he's feeling pretty darn good. Maybe then I might just rethink my decision about riding.

When that doesn't work the horse usually will poop at least twice as he's being saddled. Rarely does he do this unless I'm in a hurry or exhausted. Any extra steps the horse can force me to do, the happier he seems to be.

Legs always tries to help me put the bridle on. But somehow when I'm tired he gets more rambunctious about this task. From the minute the caveson hits the horse's face he begins his antics. That big yawn comes and seems to stay as he works his head around searching for the bit. On this day he managed to get a tooth hung-up on the snaffle and then clamped down tightly on the thing refusing to let go.

I'm sure on the inside the horse was laughing hysterically as I tried to pry the bit out of his mouth. Once I had it, the horse acted like his feelings were hurt because I didn't want his help. He dropped his head, grimaced and clenched his teeth. The message clearly was ,"Nope, you had your chance." I knew I was in for it when it was time to mount.

Heading down the hill to the arena the horse decided he really needed to stretch again. And yes, it was followed by pursuing an itch. This time it was underneath the far fended of the saddle. The horse refused my requests to move until I resorted to swinging at him with the rein ends.

As I adjusted the cinch, the horse reached around and grabbed the bat (crop) that was sticking out of my back pocket. Legs really likes playing with that thing. Once he had it free of my pocket he began flipping it around. I'm always afraid he's going to break it but he just seems to like it failing in the air in a game of keep away from me.

Then it was time for the horsey two step as I tried to get Legs near the mounting block. Legs has his timing down perfectly. If I push to the right, something pops out to the left.........any something really, except the move he knows that I really want. So we might do shoulders in........then followed by the b*tt............we do the hokey pokey and we turn ourselves about........anything but stepping up to the mounting block.

The horse seems to be oblivious to the lack of my sense of humor in my tired state. He knows he's going to get in trouble......but like the Dennis the Menace he is, Legs just does not care. I know he is silently laughing himself into hysteria at my expressions and responses. He just cannot resist the opportunity to p*ss me off!

When I finally get ahead of his game and get him up to the mounting block, he just drops his head and gives me that deep pathetic sigh he's know for on such occasions. I guess I really shouldn't complain. When I throw my leg over him, the horse always goes right to work. The fun and games are over and the willing student has returned to class.

To be continued................

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  1. He sounds like quite a character. My daughter has a horse Nate who behaves this way all the time too. He's been known to give wedgies too and has this attitude of what can I do to her next. They're a lot of fun though. There's a quote I'm fond of" Be wary of the horse with a sense of humor". It sounds like Legs through and through.

  2. I love hearing about Legs antics! He sounds so funny.