Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unexpected Gains

For a little over a week Legs has been off. The horse has been doing so well since the Jody Strand clinic I was getting close to putting him back into the bridle. Every day we seemed to be another step closer to that ride I had pictured in my mind.

Then on the 21st I found myself riding that horse I had just before I went to the US National Championship Horse Show in Tulsa. The difference in that ride was like day and night from the one the day before. I was at a loss what could have happened to the horse in that brief time but whatever it was it was clear the horse was hurting. I got off and called the chiropractor not wanting to reinforce anything involving pain with work.

The chiropractor was booked up for a week so poor Legs didn't get worked. The horse was clearly upset that he was being overlooked. Pinning his ears and shaking his head at me whenever I walked by his stall. I was relieved when Thursday finally arrived so we could get the horse fixed and back to work.

I could tell the horse's body was a mess because Legs kept nipping at me as the chiropractor made his adjustments. Trying to keep my hands out of his reach, I grabbed onto his halter. Then with one smarting adjustment to his hindquarters, the horse threw his head into the air jerking me nearly off my feet. The concussion of the head toss hit me right in my injured shoulder and I let out a scream of pain.

The chiropractor asked if I was ok and to be honest, I was not sure. A searing pain still shot through my shoulder and I didn't know what to think. The only thing I was sure of was wishing this session with the chiropractor was over.......which it wasn't. I stood there holding the horse until the man was finished then went into the house to apply ice.

Luckily I had physical therapy scheduled that night. I told her about the incident. When she worked my arm to push the limits of mobility I have, it actually managed a huge improvement.

Leg's head toss had torn lose some very old scar tissue. For the first time in nearly twenty years I can put my left hand straight up over my head. There was even an improvement to my range of motion to the side. That sucker may have hurt like h*ll but it was certainly worth it. Whooda thunk I'd get such a benefit from the horse protesting.

Legs is doing fine and should be back to his old self by the middle of the week. The horse is going to require follow-up care so I still can't imagine what he did to himself. But we're both fixed....... and that's cool.

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  1. Wow! Who knew, eh? I had a horse hit me in the nose with her muzzle pretty hard a few years ago....think it straightened my slightly deviated septum and I've had less sinus infections since then, LOL! ;)
    Hope Legs is feeling back to himself soon!

  2. I have to admit, after all the worrying through your previous entries it was great to totally laugh out loud about how Legs fixed your shoulder. They say horses can be therapeutic but I'm not sure that's what was meant lol.

  3. Now That's what I call Serendipity! Me, when a horse jerks, I usually just get a new injury. LOL!

  4. LOL Tell Legs he is practicing medicine without a license and can get in real trouble.

    Pinged you with an award at my blog, btw.

  5. funny how that can happen,hurts like crap ,but is better in the long run

  6. What an odd turn of events! Good boy! LOL!