Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life........and Its Lessons........Finishing Up with the WT

Part 1

Despite the ugly lesson with the WT, I got through the horse show. I kept my distance from the trainer and his wife so I didn't blow my stack. I still had hopes that my horse might do something in his classes at this show.

That, however, was not to be. The hunter pleasure classes were huge. There was no room for a horse that was not working properly. The trainer's ride was clean but the horse did not get a prize. My ride lacked the confidence necessary to be seen in a large class. I chalked this show up in the column of learning experiences and took my horse home.

This was not the end of my relationship with this trainer. As it turned out there still was the matter of the bill that he sent to me. There were items on it I had already paid for as well as amounts different from what I'd been told.

Me, I wanted to fight over it. My husband wanted it paid so the whole ugly experience would be over. My husband won out saying the backlash this WT could cause me in the industry just wasn't worth it.

Years later I can tell you paying that inflated bill did not stop the backlash. This trainer has taken every opportunity possible to trash my reputation. Even now things he says filter their way back to me. Although it might be interesting to note he is cautious about who he speaks to about me. He seems to carefully chose people who wouldn't know me or those he knows can't wait to get on the band wagon due to their own issues. All the while he avoids those who would not tolerate him running me down.

I hope anyone who thinks like Dave did, that complying is a form of protection, can learn from Dave's mistake. I know I will no longer go along with that notion. I will stand up for myself and what is right despite what those people who revel in wallowing in the mud think. Time is the true test of one's integrity not the twisted tales of those trying to cover their own tracks.

When my horse was still with the WT, I had pictures taken by Jeff Little. This was right before the horse showed at the Midsummer Classic so we took pictures of the horse in western tack as well as hunter tack. I was hoping to get pictures we could use for advertising.

When the proofs came there was one of those once in a lifetime shots of the horse under western tack. To this day that picture has never been used, nor will it ever be, because I won't do anything that might make this trainer look good.

It was not the WT's training that made Legs roll over in the bridle so beautifully. It was Mary Little in her infamous bear suit. The horse was worried about going towards her so he dropped his b*tt down and pushed deep underneath himself hooking over with the reins draped hanging in the bridle like a superstar.

The WT nearly got dumped when they tried to take the hunter pleasure shots. Those shots were beautiful too but just not that once in a life time look. I have used the hunter pictures when needed because I didn't think they would set the WT apart like the western shot would have......still, if I could, I'd have his face fuzzed out on both those shots.

To be continued.................

Wrapping Up

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  1. I agree I would do nothing that gave the guy any credit after what he did ! Glad you and Leggs got out of there

  2. This guy sounds like a real pri..nce. How unprofessional he must be to still be spreading stories around. I'm surprised people who are with him don't realize it could happen to them next. I've come across this sort of thing over the years and I just tend to avoid these jerks.

    It's too bad you can't use the picture, but why don't you get someone to photo shop his face out of there and replace it with a movie star's face or someone else. I would fuzz it out, who cares as long as he doesn't get credit. Or put a black piece over it like they are doing with the Rollkur pictures on You Tube.

  3. I sure want to see the pictures so I can put pins in the guys' face. Good for you taking charge of your fate and your horse.
    Incredibly stupid man.

  4. I agree with you...don't stay quiet because you think that it will help things. It never seems to stop the unethical person.