Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Ready for Spring - - The Next Step

Part 1

As we discussed that terrible decision I know is coming some day, both the vet and his assistant nodded their heads. Both saw the sadness and discomfort in the mare's eyes but both also saw her looking to us to fix it. We were all in agreement. The mare had not given up.

Armed with that information I took my mare home to make the best of her treatment plan. This whole thing still felt out of control and totally unexplained but I would have to make the most of what I had. I had to think we were on the right track even if I didn't really believe it. For now it was all we had.

The following morning I called the vet to get the mare's test results hoping to find some answers. Everything seemed normal except the mare was ever so slightly anemic. However, the thyroid results were not in so I crossed my fingers hoping it was that. Normally an improperly functioning thyroid in a pregnant mare is an easy fix.

I decided to put Solidare on Red Cell to treat the slight anemia. The vet had mentioned it even though he didn't consider it to be absolutely necessary. Both of us figured it couldn't hurt to give the mare the added boost. With the way she looked, I was willing to do anything.

It wasn't until the next day the results of the thyroid test arrived. The mare's thyroid function was normal just like her liver and kidney functions had been. We still had no idea what caused the weight loss issue with this mare.

The vet recommended I give the mare a couple of weeks with her diet changes, the Red Cell and the hand walking to see if the mare would come around. Of course, that meant if she continued to decline we would have to act on that immediately. Otherwise, it was going to be a waiting game.

A part of me groaned at the prospect. Trusting the mare would get better without added intervention just didn't seem possible but he's never let me down in some pretty desperate circumstances. I acquiessed to his opinon although I feared waiting and watching would be unbearable.

In those two days waiting for the test results there had been no further deterioration in the mare. At least there was that to hang onto. I knew the evidence of gains would take longer to notice. It was reasonable to assume we were on the right track.

The hardest part of this plan was the hand walking. Forcing the mare to move when she really didn't want to was not going to be easy. It felt the same as the experience of either watching or participating in making a colicy horse move. You want to do what's best for that horse but your heart breaks all the while.

With each step I grimmaced for the mare and frankly, I finally took the easy way out. I just couldn't handle watching my mare in such shape so I asked Dave to do the hand walking for me.

It probably turned out better for the mare that I did that. Solidare could feel my pain and was getting stressed by it. She walked with me but she worried the whole time.........wondering what the problem might be. Her lower lip quivered and flipped and sweat broke out on her neck....... all because I was so worried about her.

With Dave the mare was able to focus on her walking and the world around her. Within a day or two it actually began to look like Solidare was enjoying these outings even though she was being forced to move. The mare would hear Dave coming and knicker at him softly at first. Then when she'd hear him pick up her halter the greeting would become more intense. That was our first sign that maybe things were turning around for Solidare.

To be continued.........

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  1. Oh so precious! Good for Dave! I can't wait to read more.

  2. I'm glad the hand walking seemed to be helpful for her! So curious to hear what was going on....

  3. Just getting caught up on what's going on. It's so difficult when we find ourselves in this situation. You are doing all the right things Mikael, I have no doubt in my mind about that! Hope the next post is good news!

  4. Okay. This sucks. I want to be able to read the ending so as to relieve the agony and suspense!!!!! Then I can go back and read the story so I know HOW the ending came about. Do we have a live baby?? Does Solidaire make it through? I wish I could be there and put my hands on her and tell her it will be better. And for you.