Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Catching Up...........with a few Answers

There have been lots of questions that I haven't answered since I returned from Tulsa. I don't like to leave loose ends hanging so I thought I'd catch up with as many of those as I can before moving on to Jody Strand.

First off Molly asked about Scottsdale. We have talked about going and meeting there, however, this will not be the year. Scottsdale really just is a very expensive A rated show. It is as costly to show there as it is at the US All Arabian National Horse Show. The advantage of showing at Scottsdale is it is a great place to market horses and get what they are truly worth.

I can really only afford to go show there if I have a horse I want to sell that is ready to compete at that level. It doesn't do any good to take a prospect there. To sell, the horse has to be out there doing its job and looking great.

Despite the fact we started those three geldings in the fall of 2008, I wasn't even working any of them at the time the entries closed for Scottsdale. Even if I had been, I'm sweating whether any of them will be ready when show season starts this spring. Scottsdale will have to wait for another year...........hopefully 2011

Fantastyk Voyager didn't really ask a question but she was surprised when I said we were planning on attending US Nationals again this year. I thought I really should say that decision was made recently. When I first got home I swore I'd never make that trip again. Time heals all kinds of things........even trauma from the trip from h*ll.

With that being said if something isn't different this time around, I won't be going again any time soon. I have already figured out alternative plans to bet my horses out there. That would be Scottsdale and the Canadian Nationals. There is a possibility I will attempt the Canada show this year. They have added the select rider division for that show. It would be a shame for me not to utilize that while I still can.

Katee has suggested that I might find a teenager to take in and mentor. That would help me out while I helped the teenager learn. It would sure help with the issues associated with travelling to horse shows among other things.

As many of you know I tried that with my grand daughter(although Rachel did not live with me) and it didn't work but I'm not ready to throw out the idea just because of Rachel. I'm well aware she is one fish in a very large pond. I am certainly open to such a solution. As a matter of fact I have been considering it for quite some time. I haven't, however, been able to locate such a teenager. Most of the ones I know don't really want to work hard. They just want to have fun and leave the work to others.

I did think I found an appropriate young woman at US Nationals but she ended up used and abused by a BNT and went home early. I have her phone number but so far we have not been able to connect. If the opportunity should present itself and it looked like someone whose values would work here, I'd be open to giving it a try. That's for sure. If you know any prospects, send them my way, please!!!

"DJ" asked about a man, maybe my trainer to make the trip to nationals with me. I had to laugh if just for a moment. Part of me thinks a man is the last thing I needed on that trip........and as for a trainer, I don't really have a trainer so to speak. Richard has done training with some of my horses but he openly steps up and says he is NOT a trainer per se. It's probably a funny little line but we seem to collaborate on our training together. I don't think Richard thinks of himself as my trainer........but I'll ask him.

However, with that being said Angie and Richard are planning on going to nationals this year. They are planning on taking three horses. One of which just happens to be Scandalous Storm. They expect the stallion will be in the ring in western pleasure this spring. And, of course, I will post updates on Storm's progress.

Storm is not, however, the Legs' baby I was talking about taking to the show this year. DJ asked which one and in all honesty, I do not know. Who will depend on who is ready at the time the entries to that show close.

I am hoping that will be Tag for the Amateur Owner Hunter Pleasure Maturity........but he had a long way to go. Not to mention the twenty pounds I need to lose so I can get my custom made hunt boots on.............. I'm figuring the weight will drop when I get up to load number three a day. Wish me luck!

I hope that's all the questions. If I missed some, let me have them again and I'll try to get them answered. In the meantime I want to say I appreciate everyones support through this journey. Even though I didn't get to post this story as it happened, I knew you were out there "wishing" me through all the tough times.

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  1. Thanks Mikael. I did check-in online when your classes were going on and I thought I might have picked you and Legs out...maybe. But as to the halter classes I just never found Rhet. That class did go on forever and after watching quite a bit of it I really understood your description of Rhet's entrance, stance, and exit. I'm sorry I missed it.
    But one more question which I probably missed. What about your filly? I never heard if she was shown. I watched the class but was stumped there too.

  2. Perhaps things have changed in the last decade since I was showing nationally, but I have always felt that Scottsdale was THE place to be for in hand and breeding classes. Scottsdale is one big advertisment and the credentials of a win or top 10 are as important, if not more so than a win at nationals.
    I would be interested in seeing stats on the number of sales at nationals vs scottsdale, but I would be willing to bet that more horses are bought and sold at scottsdale.