Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busy, Busy Day

It's been a long day here with working horses in the morning (three of them, Legs, Tag and Rhet). I watched a little of the memorial service for the fallen officer and really wished I could attend. However, since I had a farrier appointment that it too an act of congress to get, I didn't dare cancel. The farrier was here for most of the afternoon. Louie was reshot. Gypcy got her shoes pulled since she got them for halter and we're done with that. Then we did five trims, Suede, Scarlet, Doc, Dancer and Surprise (17 more to finish!!). I had a quick dinner and then rushed off to my physical appointment where she killed me once more. I followed that by attending a Daffodil Arabian Horse Assc, Board of Directors meeting.

I just got home and I'm pooped. There's no finish up nationals post rolling around in this head. All I can think about is hitting the sack so I thought I'd quickly post the picture I ended up ordering of Rhet.

I might add I'm not sure I'm happy with this choice. I really wanted one of the full shots. However, none of them were taken straight from the side. They are at a little bit of an angle and that angle diminishes the depth of Rhet's hip. I didn't like that much either. I think maybe the picture from the Region 5 All Arabian Horse Championships is probably better in that regard. It looks more like a straight on shot from the side. It however doesn't have the horse using his neck nearly as well as he did at nationals so while the hip is better, the neck and throat latch or worse. Such is the world of horse photography.

Also for those interested in seeing what the colts that competed against Rhet look like I am adding the link to the photographer's proofs for the Sweepstakes yearling colts class. At the end there are also pictures of the winners of that class. I still go back from time to time to look at them just for comparison.

There were a couple of colts (besides mine of course) in this class that I really liked. Do you have favorites??

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  1. Nice photos of Rhet! I like the dark chestnut with hind socks and star/snip. His face is expressive and he looks well balanced, to me. I also like the black colt (Reserve I think) more than the Champion who seems to have really huge ears and a long face. I prefer the compact look.

  2. i had already gone thru the rest of the class and feel bad for some of the owners because some horses' pictures were much worse - some had just front shots!

    i tried to see what you meant about the stetching, and mostly saw it in the front end. i hate it when the front legs are forward. especially if all of the pics of that particular horse are like that. i also saw some horses on both rear toes, which also bugs me.

    my favorite was the tiny little bright bay, #142. he's featured on page 6 (stretched too) but you never get a side shot of him until he's in the top 10. you sure do get to see his ginormous mare ears a lot though! (did someone make sure he's actually a boy?) that side shot of him standing casually, oh my he's classic!

    ok, let's see some video of the class now!


  3. What a beautiful group of horses. I don't know enough about Arabians to know which are exceptionally better than the others, they all definitely looked amazing though. My favorite pictures *in a comical sense* are the ones with the huge group of people and a tiny little Arabian head sticking out. It's like "Where's Waldo" Arabian Horse style!

  4. That was one of my two choices. I actually like how the judge is studying him. I like that the audience is blurred and his nose shows up well against the white shirt. Like I said, you can always mumble a few curse words at him (the judge). lol.

  5. I guessed the winner of the class by how many photos were taken of him. What does that tell you??

  6. I wish the pictures had the pin numbers attached! I really liked 1715 and also the horse two after that one (the bay).
    I agree with you on the hip comment, I was thinking that his hip looked a little weak, but assumed it was a poor set up or stance. Rhet does look younger than a lot of the other horses here. I wonder what a few more months and fitness could do for him. I think it would really help show off his conformation to be ponied out on a trail to really build up his top line.

  7. woah, looking again for the humorous side of this after reading comments....

    did you see the pic of the group of judges (and no horse?). that is hilarious! they look so serious, and one judge is posing as if he's trying to "help" a horse! hehehe

    and now i'm noticing how pretty number 136 is, and how similar he is to rhet. he's on page 3, and there are some really good shots there. i wish the photographer would have been fair, and taken equal numbers of pics of each horse (there are lots of pics of the ones i like). and i wish the photographer had taken the same type of pic of each horse. esp. a side shot of each would have been best.


  8. I enjoy reading your blog and your misadventures. I raised QH's not Arabians, so perhaps my thoughts are not relevant.
    Rhet is quite handsome, but does not seem to be at the same level of maturity as many of the other colts.
    It will be interesting to see how he does as he grows.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow! Rhet is absolutely gorgeous.