Friday, January 15, 2010

Blogging Milestones

This week I reached a milestone in my blogging career. I posted my 1000 entry. Since I still had not completed the series about my trip to Tulsa, I decided I would not interrupt that conclusion with yet another delay. That made my 1000th post part of the final chapter in that story, The Adventure Continues.........A Little Witching Hour

I would suppose given my history anything with witching hour in the title would be considered appropriate for such a milestone. Of course I say that just a tad bit tongue in check......but what the heck. For a farm that raises "scandalous" horses, it makes sense..........doesn't it.

That post is not the only milestone that has passed this month. My third year blogging anniversary landed right smack dab in the middle of the final leg of my Tulsa story. I began blogging on January 7, 2007 with Trash Talking Arabian Horses I followed it up with more of my opinions about Arabian horses. Then I introduced my readers to a man who has had a great influence in the way I deal with horses. Harvey Jacobs and Arabian Horses To this day those first lessons with Harvey still play in my head nearly every day. I also shared the saga of Trouble and Surprise Reflections on Foaling Season 2006 - The Twins in that first month.

I swear it doesn't feel like it's been anywhere near three years since I began posting. However, when I go back through the months and months of posts in my archives, it amazes me all the things that are there I had forgotten. I think I'm going to spend going back through those early posts to refresh my my age, I can use all the help I can get with my memory!

While we're on the subject of memories, who knows which horse is in this picture?

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  1. Congrats on all of the anniversaries and milestones, Mikael!! You area busy gal with your beautiful horses and keeping us up to date on all of your horse show adventures. I agree with your idea of going back and re-reading posts. I have never done that, I kind of forget what I have written. It is really a diary of my life. I'm sure there are some posts I'd like to delete, hee hee. I really enjoy when I find a new blog, going back to the beginning and reading them. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to do it.

  2. A huge congratulations, MiKael! It's quite a good job you've done these 3 years. A very prolific writer you are.
    Is the beauty pictured Storm? or maybe Gypsy.

  3. Congratulations!
    Blogging is a great way of remembering, isn't it?

    Thanks for giving us so much of yourself.

  4. Rhythm!!!! Okay I double checked on the properties of the file but I thought it was when I first saw it!!! Any news from that side??

    You have done far better than me on posting, we started blogging at about the same time, me 1st January 2007 and we met up soon after that through your posts on the twins. Cant believe that 3 years have passed already!!

  5. I do! (I think, at least.)

    Isn't that Rhythm? I'm pretty sure it's him. He's always been my favorite (looks-wise) of all your horses.

    Is it weird to have a favorite of horses you've never seen? Anyways!
    I'm about 90% certain that's him. He's got such a distinctive neck and set of hindquarters.

    Congrats on the milestones!

  6. Not weird at all Becky! My favorite as I'm sure MiKael knows is Trouble! LOL! Not even going to guess on the horse in the photo as I've cheated before I read the entry.*blush* I can hardly believe it's been three years already.