Monday, October 12, 2009

Counting Down to the US National Arabian Horse Show

With my departure only days away, there is much to be done. With three horses to body clip I find myself with the usual, "What was I thinking?" running through my head. I'm too old for this much work not to mention that two of the three horses have never been body clipped before making it a monumental task to take on by myself.

I bathed Gypcy on Saturday planning on beginning her body clip on Sunday. Yet Sunday morning I awoke with a spinning head with an overloaded allergic response. Too much pressure on my eardrums is something I try to avoid at all costs but it caught up with me in the most inopportune moments I begin the final leg of preparations for the US National Arabian Horse Show.

I tried mega doses of antihistamines including the nasal spray I use only as a last resort. Despite these efforts the spinning of my head didn't even slow up for nearly most of the day. The sun was setting before I had any relief at all and it sure wasn't enough relief to be on my hands and knees on the floor around the legs of a young horse. Yesterday was just not in the cards for clipping.

With record low temperatures over night, I wanted it to warm a little before I began clipping today so I let Gypcy finish off her breakfast before I started. You'd think the filly would be grateful for the consideration but if she was she had a strange way of showing it. Dancing around at just the very sound of the clippers, Gypcy was having none of this body clipping thing.

I had a little girl talk with the filly about the necessary evils we girls must go through to be glamorous. Gypcy wasn't buying any of that silly talk either. I'm pretty sure she said she wasn't interested in nationals, it was my gig so maybe I was the one who needed shaved.............

In between our odd discussion and her dancing I did manage to get the outer portion of three of her legs kinda done. The inner parts were much hard but I had taken some serious whacks at those as well when the farrier arrived.

Gypcy thought that Darrie had great timing until she realized he was there to see her. Can't imagine why this girl was not delighted with her very first brand new pumps. Such a milestone in a girl's life yet Gypcy wasn't sure what to think. However, she seemed to be more concerned by my intermittent swipes with the clippers than she was with the farrier's ministries.

By the time the day was done, this filly had brand new sparkling silver shoes all the way around along with four very bare legs..............oh, and her belly was hairless as well. Tomorrow will have to be soon enough for the rest of her body back is aching and my head spinning once more.

To be continued..................

Counting Down Continues

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  1. I don't know how you do it. I have a hard enough time clipping a 12 year old gelding. Not only that, but to have allergies and all that hair flying around you....just think, it will be all worth it in the end. You're going to nationals with your horses that you bred. How cool is that?