Friday, September 25, 2009

What's Next..................Entry Fees.........

With my husband being out of work since last October, it's no surprise the biggest problem of all in getting myself and my horses to the US National All Arabian Horse Show has to do with finances. Looking at the prize list and making a quick guesstimate I figured it would cost me somewhere near $1000 a horse.........and that was just for entries.

With 29 head of horses to feed there's just no way there's that kind of money in my budget. I'd counted on getting a horse or two sold to have the money to go. While that hasn't happened yet, the clock was ticking away on the closing date for entries.

Then on a Monday morning, Dave made his usual trip to the state Work Source Center and just happened to run into one of his friends from his old job there. The friend talked Dave into going out for breakfast with him after both men had completed their mandatory module for the week.

This is really not anything unusual from what I can tell. I think that Dave runs into his friends pretty regularly at the work center. I never know what time he's going to get home from that place because of these little side trips he takes with his old buddies from work. It's just something I've gotten used to over this past year.

When Dave did arrive home, I was sitting at the computer. He wasn't much later than usual so I didn't think much about where he'd been. I just listened to him talk, all the while nodding my head like I was listening when I was really doing stuff with my blog. Next thing I know he's asking me how much money I needed to go to nationals. I think I told him I figured it would be close to $3000 for my entries. His response was to shove a wad of $100 bills in my hand saying, "This should help."

Did I happen to mention the breakfast was at a local casino where this friend had a couple of complimentary breakfasts coming? Well, Dave didn't mention it either when he first told me he'd gone with this friend. After their meal, the friend told Dave he was going to take twenty bucks and play just one hand of Pai Gow.........and, of course, Dave (who fancies himself a card player) just couldn't resist doing the same.

Now I know nothing about Pai Gow and I sure didn't know that Dave did either. I don't really know much more about gambling. I work too hard for my money to risk losing it. But Dave can't resist the call of all those possibilities that winning can bring.......and what could twenty bucks hurt? Believe me, the man could have a problem with gambling if he thought I'd let him.......but, thankfully he doesn't push it. He satisfies his love of that thrill of winning with just a bit of dabbling here and there.........and this Monday morning was one of those times.

So Dave and his friend laid down their twenty bucks and got their cards dealt. I couldn't even begin to relay how it went.... with no understanding of the game all I really get is the end result. For Dave that would be a seven card straight flush with a joker. A hand the dealer had never seen in the ten years he's been dealing cards.............Dave won $5000 on that one hand..........and took it and came straight home.

I'm really surprised Dave didn't call me to tell me his news. He said he wanted to surprise me instead. The fact he didn't even hint at anything that happened when he came into the house is really unlike him but he pulled it off. He left me sitting there with my mouth gaping open and $2000 in cash in my hand.

Now being the "good wife" I am, I inquired about the rest of the windfall. After a list of late bills, not to mention our property taxes, it was clear, Dave had given me every cent he could spare...............and I had enough money to take two horses to nationals.........

To be continued..............

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  1. Awww man...that is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!

    My Honey likes to gamble. Vegas loves him. The thing is, he only plays when "the little voice" talks to him, so he very often wins.

    How wonderful that there was some funds left over for you to have a substantial amount for Nationals!!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself and wish you the best of luck with nationals. I'm not currently involved with horses, but hope to get back to them someday soon.

    (Right now I live in Switzerland, where it is impossibly expensive to ride or own horses, but will be moving back to the U.S. in a few years.)

    You are a great story teller and a very brave person. Thanks for sharing your very cool (self-made) life. I'm cheering for you!

    Best wishes,

  3. Wow, that's was lucky. Sounds like ti might be an omen that you just have to go to the show.

  4. Yeah Dave!!!

    We love Dave!!!

    We get to go to Nationals!!!

  5. Oh, that's perfect!!!!
    Pssst...I usually share a bit about your blog with my hubby. But, if it's ok I'll leave this little tidbit out. We wouldn't want to tempt fate.
    *Laughing* Oh that's too funny, and absolutely perfect!!!

  6. Wow - amazing. Sounds like it is in the cards for you to go to Nationals!!

  7. Whats that saying....?

    "God works in mysterious ways...."


  8. :D That was really, really, really great! I'm so happy for you!

  9. Hurraay!!
    Arabians were my childhood passion (a couch horse lover kid as we couldn't afford any) and now as a grown up I am doing my art and jewelry and now my dream is to go to Arab Nationals some day to sell my stuff and hang around awesome horses. Hope to see you there someday. Good luck!

  10. Oh wow that is fabulous, Dave you are a good man!!!! I have never heard of the card game so have no idea what it involves?