Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's Next on this Arabian Horse Breeder's Farm

It seems like for years it's always been about the regional championships. Once those have been over, our show season was pretty much done. There were a couple of small shows in late summer and early fall and, of course, my annual open house but other than that it was more of a wind down time until the following show season.

This year, however, things have been different. Right from the start my goal was to show at the US All Arabian National Championships. My horse earned enough points last year to show but he just was not "there" yet so I opted to spend the winter getting the horse more competitive.

There was always the possibility that would not happen. It's been along slow process teaching this horse how to use himself correctly and the time table has always been his and not mine. Whether or not he would really be "there" this time around was just a hope..........never a promise.

Another plan last fall was to get at least one if not more of the Legs' babies ready to make the trip to the national show too. There are maturity performance classes there, as well as futurities, so even a horse wasn't ready early enough to be qualified for the junior division, we'd still have the options of one of those nominated type classes. We started three geldings with the hope that at least the older ones would be ready if not all three. Again..........this was another hope.........never a promise.

Early last November the "secret" came to live on this farm. If he was really the high powered horse I thought, with him came a new set of planning. Like any yearling colt with a lot of promise halter seems to be the way to get them into the limelight. Regional yearling sweepstakes classes to qualify and then on to the US Nationals for the yearling jackpot classes if, and only if, things went as planned. So once again.........this was another hope...........never a promise.

Like that isn't enough, I realized in the early spring this was Gypcy's three year old year. While that might not mean anything to some, to me if screamed of the Canadian and US National Halter Futurities. I'd been paying those nomination fees each year since this filly was born. The three year old year is when the classes I paid all those fees for are actually held so it was now or never. And yet again...........this was another hope..........never a promise.

There's a lot of "hope" dangling there in these last paragraphs. Behind each of them, there are criteria that must be met for the hopes to turn into something else. And then, there's always that bottom line..........all the hopes in the world aren't worth a lick without the good old cash it takes to makes all of this happen.

To be continued................

Part 2

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  1. I can't wait to hear what your plans are!
    Oh, I hope you find a way to make all your 'hopes and dreams' mature to meet your expectations!

  2. Well I hope it all works out the way you want it to.

  3. I certainly "hope" it all works out for you. You deserve to go to Nationals!