Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Region 4 Championships....More on Placings

I have to admit it was pretty darn thrilling to hear the announcer say, "Well, it's not a secret anymore......." And the crowd exploded again. This time I didn't need help to figure it out, the secret finally out of the bag was mine. The secret horse I wasn't supposed to tell anyone I owned until he hit the show ring was now the reserve champion of the Region 4 All Arabian Horse Show Breeder's Sweepstakes Colt class.

I doubt that anyone even heard Rhet's name read by the announcer. The crowd went wild at the introduction immediately recognizing which colt she was talking about. Cheryl Fletcher flew forward with a proudly prancing Rhet to claim his award.

This time Rhet was ready for that neck ribbon. He stood tall waiting for the ring steward to approach (which he did without hesitation). It was clear that the colt was prepared for the fluttering ribbon to be hung around his neck. Once it was in place, the colt seemed to get even taller basking in his glory. If there's one thing Rhet has believed since birth it's been that he's pretty darn cool and he's going to prove that each chance he gets.

The colt even seemed to strike a pose when it was time for the photographer to chronicle this moment. The presenter walked up with the packaged embroidered "reserve champion" sheet and stood right next to Rhet without even the smallest flinch from the colt. Rhet was definitely getting the hang of this showing thing.

Those of us watching the horse on the rail laughed at his attitude. I guess it was predictable when a colt has an ego as big as Rhet's but it was still amazing to watch. Even though this was Rhet's very first class at any horse show, you sure couldn't tell it by his behavior. He looked like a seasoned winner out there.

Cheryl trotted the horse away from the presentation area once the photographs were done. Then the championship was awarded to the MPA Giovanni colt with Paul Mayhew on the lead.

Rhet had no clue the focus was changing from him to another horse. As far as he was concerned, the applause was all for him. As for me, I was too busy watching Rhet to see how that colt handled his win. My focus only changed when it was time to head for the out gate to catch my colt.

Funny thing about winning others want to be involved. Before I could get to Rhet one of the kids from the barn had grabbed him from Cheryl. No one has been allowed to handle this colt (except Richard, and Jessica a time or two) so it hadn't even occured to me that anyone would try to "claim" him.

And believe me that "claim" didn't last long. Rhet is such a handful even when he's quiet but he was far from quiet on this night. By the time we exited the building, I'd repossessed my colt. Most of the people from our barn were there waiting with cameras and such. It was time to celebrate.

As Rhet and I posed for a picture, Paul Mayhew with his champions colt exited the arena right behind us. Then he addressed me "Congratulations!That's one beautiful colt!"

For me that was frosting on the cake. Paul Mayhew is a horseman I have known for year. I really respect this man. He knows his horses, he's a kind trainer and he doesn't just throw compliments around. His approval of my colt was as important to me as that of those three judges in the championship class.

Rhet proudly walked back to his stall in the farthest corner of the facility his ribbons gently blowing in the evening breeze. He didn't try to drag me or get ahead of me. He was content with his ribbons and the chatter of his barn fans around him. It was a side of this colt I had not seen before and I must say I rather liked it.

Now, I could hardly wait to see the judges scores. Those scores would help me make my decision about going to the US Nationals or not but for now it was time to celebrate.

To be continued..............

The Judges Cards

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  1. That is so awesome! Congratulations! I'm very happy for you and Rhet. :)

  2. 's a gorgeous colt, Mikaela, and MAN I am liking this story! Keep it up!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! WHOO HOO!!!! YAY!! YIP YIP!! *whistles* ((HUGS!!)) *doing happy dance*

  4. Congratulations on the win! He is a beautiful colt.

  5. MiKael!!! I have been reading along and reading along here, and practically holding my breath to get to this post... and WOW!!

    MEGA HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU! And I LOVE the name for Rhet!! What an amazing colt!

    Cant wait to hear more of his showring success!!!!

    I do love the horses that light up in the show ring, like they have an incandecent element about them. Sounds like Rhet is happy with his new role of a show horse!
    I am sooo happy for you, I am glad you were able to hear the comments from respected horsemen.
    I'm ready to hear more!

  7. Oh...was Rhet's previous owner there to enjoy his success?

  8. Congrats!!! I was SO hoping it would end up like this.

    (Daily reader coming out of lurkdom...)

  9. Congratulations!!! I am sooo happy for your Reserve Championship! You SHOULD go to Nationals!

    Rhett is a gorgeous, gorgeous colt! I'm glad he's fitting in to the show ring so well! He is a born champion!!

  10. I am so happy for you!!!! That is fantastic! Congrats!

  11. I have enjoyed reading your posts on region 4. I wasn't there to see this win, but I certainly will be watching for you from now on. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip to nationals...I hope you go.

  12. Whoo Hoo! Way to go! hugs It's a boost you've needed since you haven't been able to get many of your horses ready to go to the showring since the twins.

  13. Wild applause!! Congratulations!! That's so wonderful!! Waiting, as always, to hear the rest of the story..

  14. Yippeeee! Congrats to you and your handsome colt, MiKael. I'm so happy that all your hard work paid off in such a big way!

  15. This was a VERY fun story to read!

    Congrats on the placings!!

  16. Oh MiKael...Congratulations!! That is absolutely fantastic. What an amazing addition to your herd.

    High five!!!!

  17. Secret Envy is such a befitting name for this colt, I'm glad that you named him so perfectly. It's a great show horse name, and this colt is definitely a Rhet.

  18. Its been 48 hours since your last post... I'm having withdrawls MiKael!! Sorry if I come across crazy, but I love reading your posts!!

  19. Congrat MiKael! I have to admit that I peeked at the AHA site and saw weeks ago that you had reserve in that class. And Paul Mehew is Kaswyn's breeder, and I called Paul when I was looking for a horse. He sold Kaswyn to me. I've known him since I was about 12 years old. He was Blair's blacksmith and still shoes some very select horses, but is mostly out of shoeing and into breeding and halter showing. I think the world of him and value his opinion on horses, so if he likes your colt I'm sure he's exceptional!

    So happy for you - more pictures of Rhett please!

  20. YAY! So exciting! Congratulations!
    Rhet is GORGEOUS!