Monday, August 17, 2009

A Little News..........

While I've been catching up on my posts about the Region 4 All Arabian Horse Championships, life has been sailing right along here. I thought before I got too much farther behind I really should post about the newest addition here.

I'd posted in News! about the Dakota and her pending litter weeks before we headed off to the Region 4 show and actually those puppies were born the same week we headed off to the Region 4 Championships.

If you guessed with that amount of time gone by the puppies must be about ready for new homes, you would be right. My new boxer puppy came to live here approximately a week ago.

She just happened to be the only female in the litter AND she was fawn to boot. I'd say she had my name on her right from the start but in actuality Angie was also planning on keeping a female so I was second in line. But the people owning the sire of this litter thought Angie should keep one of the males.........and eventually that's what she decided to do. That left if up to me if I wanted to keep this female or wait for another litter.

I had mixed feelings about taking this puppy. Delilah is only six months old and we still have training issues. Having a little more time before introducing another puppy to our farm would probably make for an easier transition with her. Then there's having a new puppy in the winter. That sounded like a chore in itself. There was also the possibility that there wouldn't be another litter since it had taken three times to get this one. In the end I decided that I would go with the sure thing and keep the female from this litter.

A lot has happened in the last week so it'll take more than one post to bring you up to speed. For now, here's a look at my girl and this thought..........there just is nothing cuter in the world that little boxer butts!

Details to follow

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  1. She is beautiful MiKael.

    If she was a horse, she'd be Arabian.

  2. Oh, she is really cute. I like her coloring.

  3. She is too cute. I look forward to seeing/hearing more about her.

  4. Such a cute little girl. Your a brave woman taking on another young dog. We have a 10-year-old and a 1-year-old. They keep me busy.

  5. I LOVE Boxers, but you, my dear, are a glutton for punishment! Actually, I think you got my share of patience. My little Martha still has a lot of puppy in her and takes all the patience I can muster, which ain't much.