Monday, July 20, 2009

The Region 4 Championships......Pre-Show Select Rider The Aftermath

Upon exiting the ring I was looking for Richard. I wanted to know what he'd seen that had caused him to warn me. All I knew was that red stallion had been coming up behind me. It would take more information for me to understand why things kept happening when I rode classes with this horse.

If you've ever been at a horse show, you know the horses exiting the arena usually bunch up just outside the gate. There are lots of different reasons the riders and horses do this. Some are talking with their trainers. Others getting their horses tails put up. While still others might be just letting down for a brief moment before moving on.

Me, I'm usually just waiting for the others to move so I can head back to the stalls. It's not often I come out of the gate looking for anyone. All I want is to get my horse put away and out of those clothes.

But this time was different. I wanted details from anyone who had them. I wanted to know what happened in that ring that I hadn't seen. I wanted answers.

One thing about showing with the crew from Richard's is they tend to be very supportive. If they're at the show and don't have a class, they're at the arena on the rail for the classes of others in the barn. After the class they move to the out gate to greet the horse and rider. Luckily for me that meant there were others I could ask about what they'd seen.I wasn't prepared for the answers I got.

It seems that the red stallion had been positioned farther down the arena when we were asked to lope after the time out. That rider asked her horse to lope immediately while I had waited for the horses in front of me to move off. That gave the stallion the opportunity to catch up with Legs and that's exactly what he did. When Richard cried out my name, the red stallion had closed the distance between us and was making an attempt to reach out to grab Legs by the tail. Richard's observation of the horse's intent and his quick response had saved both Legs and I from a really bad situation..........being attacked by the red horse.

With this information my mind raced back to the words "that red horse is following Legs." I'd heard that statement like it was a joke after a couple of classes. Yet it had really been something serious. Now that I was open to the information more pieces began to fall into place. My mind still reeled with the information trying to make some sense of it. What in the heck was this all about? Was my horse being stalked in the ring by another stallion? And if he was, what did it mean and how was I going to deal with it?

To be continued...................

The Aftermath part 2

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  1. I don't know anything about behavior in the show ring, but wouldn't aggression against another horse be a fault?

  2. That is curious, and uncomfortable. What runs through my mind...Why?...and further more...why does the handler allow this to continue? hummm...curious, and dadgumm aggravating!!!

  3. Where is the red stallion's owner/rider/trainer in all of this? They are the ones responsible for his behavior and should be making sure these kinds of things don't happen again. They have no business taking that horse into a ring if it's going to attack other horses. I'm sure you and most other people feel that way, it's very unfortunate they don't seem to care.

    That being said, you still have to take care of your horse whether they are there or not. Poor Legs! I certainly don't have any brilliant ideas, so I'm very curious to see what you and Richard came up with.