Friday, May 29, 2009


Today, the temperatures were expected to climb into the 80s. For me that's just way too warm. I had heat stroke way back in those days where I did street fairs and heat has not been my friend since then. It just doesn't take much to make me sick. I prefer the temps to be right around 70ish, not much higher.........and if I'm worker horses, a bit lower is really just about right.

Knowing that today was to be the warmest day we've had so far this year, I got up early. That really means I set my alarm for the usual time but actually got right out of bed instead of doing the snooze alarm routine. I was out longeing horses before breakfast.

I was actually done with those horses before ten then I waited for Richard to call to let me know what time to bring the horses we planned to ride. When I did hear from Richard he said the text message he'd sent to "come on down. " meant for me to bring horses, but I hadn't received the message. I gathered my stuff and headed out the door.

The problem probably came in the fact I'd waited inside my air conditioned house for that call. The heat outside had risen to such degrees, I felt like I'd walked right smack dab into a wall of stifling heat..........not good for my heat issues, that's for sure.

The shavings truck I'd been waiting for all week had finally arrived which meant I needed to load horses up near the house instead of in the usual location near the barns. Just the thought of "walking" Legs past all those mares was enough to make me wait for the shavings to be unloaded so I could do things my usual way. Whodda thunk that shavings truck could take an hour to push out a thirty yard load.........but it did..........and the temperatures continued to rise.

By the time the truck left and I'd moved my rig into its "proper" location, I was already sweating like I was in a sauna. Thankfully Legs behaved himself and didn't test me on the way into the trailer........other than looking at it for a minute as if to say......."It's too hot in there, I don't want to go!"

Percy came out of his stall with the top of his tail all rubbed to smithereens and my fuse was getting shorter. Tag loaded just fine though and Dave ignored my rants about who knows what. The heat was definitely getting to me and I wasn't even off my place yet but I still headed on down the road to Richard's really wanting to get my horess worked.

Once I got there, I officially had a meltdown. Just trying to get my stuff up to the barn my patience was shot, my stomach was doing flips and my head was spinning. There was no way I could work horses...........and I'd imagine pretty abruptly that's what I said as I packed back up and headed back home saying I'd be back to pick up my other two horses.

It's not quite the way I had pictured my day to be. With the Region 4 Championships fast approaching there's a lot to be done. Skipping days of schooling horses does not fit into those plans for sure. However, the heat and I are going to have to come to some kind of understanding for me to get things done.

Tomorrow, I'm going to began at Richard's at 7:30. Maybe that early start will make it possible for me to get through the two loads of horses we have to work before the heat gets to me. I sure hope so..........if not, it could be a really long frustrating summer.

What kinds of things do you do to help get you through working in the heat? I sure could use some suggestions. Meltdowns really are NOT my style and I'd like to avoid them in the future.

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  1. I wish I could help, I however, love the heat. It's the only time I actually feel warm.

    What I do for the kids is I get a big water bottle, fill it about half way, then leave the top off it and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Take it out and put some water on top of it, or gradually let it melt. It's a nice constantly cold drink. :)

    Sugar water helps too on hot days, think koolaide or some such thing. Or juices and you can freeze them in the water bottles to.

    I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully you won't have as bad a day as you did today.

  2. This year the heat is getting to me more than most - today we were warmer than 85 degrees here (they predicted 88-89). We always seem to have a pleasant breeze so, I think it feels hotter up where you are. I always hate the humidity we have early in the season here in the North West.
    Working hard in this heat/humidity can really take it out of you!
    I try and hide out in the shade when it gets too hot.

  3. To live through the heat I live in: Slow down, drink tons of cold water, wear loose clothes, find shade. It is normally 95 degrees at my barn but the barn aisle also usually has a breeze. If I have a little sweat going it feels cool!

    Your temperatures would have me wearing a jacket.

  4. Hi,

    At the last Region 3 Arabian Horse I competed in, it was 100 degrees! It saps me of my competitive spirit, when the temperature rises that high.

    When it is really hot here in Northern CA, I ride in the morning and wear a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. I also bring lots of water. Sometimes I just give my horse a break and don't ride.

  5. the heat is my friend, however, here are a couple of suggestions. A wet bandana wrapped around or laid across your neck will help. Keeping your face cool and your hands/arms cool helps to make the rest of you cool too. When I have a sunburn, I wet, then freeze paper towels, as they melt they cool me off, they don't weigh much on a sunburned face. The paper towels freeze quickly too.

  6. I agree about something cold and wet across your neck, that always works for me.

    If you have a chance can you take a look at my Missy's leg over at my blog? It just isn't getting any better and I could use your advice.

  7. I too had heat stroke, and it is proven that it does affect you for the rest of your life.
    To better handle my heat issues, I really try to avoid going in and out of air conditioned buildings. I find that the in and out of cool/cold buildings does me in faster than anything. Instead, I try to find some shade or a fan and take a rest with some water.