Saturday, April 18, 2009

I've Got a Secret............... part two

Part 1, you have made me chuckle on this one and I think I really needed that! For some reason this impending foaling is really taking a toll on me. I have been so preoccupied with worry (probably unnecessarily so) that my brain was plugged up with writer's block.

That's right, I couldn't make the words come........well, except that post. It just rolled out but then the flow immediately stopped. I actually worried last night after posting that the words wouldn't come to actually TELL the secret. Believe me that's a pretty bad block when the words won't flow from my fingers to disclose the details of something that's been hounding me since............well, October. Can you believe it?

I worried I ,ight be leaving you hanging out there on a limb because I couldn't find the words to get you off! But (thankfully there's a "but" here. It's nice to appreciat a "but" now and then) when your comments began to roll in, inspirtation rolled right in with them. And here we are with true direction in the telling of that here goes.

First off, I thought maybe that direction should go pointing toward some of those clues I've left. The most obvious of which were hidden in T'was the night before Christmas which was the first time I breathed a word on this blog. I couldn't help myself. It just came out. Then again in writing New Year's ....What to Post & of course, Arabian Horses that urge to "tell all" grabbed me and I choked it off pretty much.... but not completely.

After that more subtle signs might have been noticed in such posts as
The Second Shift of Arabian Horses in the Snow although I really had to bite my tongue.........umm sit on my hands to stop the truth from spilling there. Other times I did a round about sort of way. Saturday..........Finally Working Horses

Tired of hints? Actually, believe it or not, this tale all began with events covered in a post about ethics or lack there of. How a series on Selling Horses................. could translate into me having a big secret may not be obvious to the naked eye. BUT the course of these events played a huge role in this secret for me. The questions is who in this cast of characters or what in the chain of events led to me having a secret at all.

Details to follow..............

I own a print of this artwork. The artist is Anne-Hatchett-Sprague

Update: 21016: I no longer own this artwork. It was lost along with everything else in the fire on March 12, 2015. I had a beautiful collection of Arabian Horse artwork in addition to this piece that was lost, Those and my personal photographs are the most devastating losses.


  1. Uh-oh... they're all going to be hounding you what hints you've dropped lol.

    I caught all of them, but then I knew lol.

    I think Dare will foal just fine. I've been watching, though not all night. I just can't seem to stay awake. I'm hoping she foals while I can watch. :)

  2. Oooo...are you getting a new white colt/stallion? (Love Sprague's artwork!)

  3. It's 3:30 in the morning!!! I need to be in bed, not searching through old posts of yours to look for clues.

    I second what Tracy from MustangDiaries said...

    Meanie! :P

  4. Oh, thank heavens! I think I figured it out. :)

    I mean, I don't know the exact details, but your clues were enough to give me a strong enough idea that I can finally go to bed!