Monday, April 20, 2009

I've Got a Secret............... Now What?

Part 1

I knew when I picked him up this colt was going to be a handful. His mother is aloof and distant with people and this colt acts much like his mother.Another important thing abpit was his BIG attitude. When I say big, believe me I mean big. One of the biggest, aside from Rhythm, I've ever seen on a colt. That's one of the reason's that big name halter boy liked him as well as he did. He not only had great conformation, quality, beauty and type but a super halter horse attitude............hotter than a firecracker!

I also knew that my friend was intimidated by him, but then she's intimidated by colts in general. Fillies are her thing. That meant this colt had not had much hands on training. The times I'd seen him, she'd opened the barn door and let the colt run down the aisle and out on his own, no halter, no rules, just "whoppee, I'm out!" Not the best way to handle a colt you want to keep intact.

The day I picked the colt up, he was nearly a perfect gentleman. He was a little pushy about leading to my trailer but he loaded onto it like he'd been doing it all his life. Then once at my farm the colt got off the trailer as nicely as he'd gotten on. He was a pushier about leading than he'd been at the trainers but nothing particularly bad. I was beginning to wonder where the fire breathing dragon I'd seen those weeks before had gone. I knew it couldn't last.

The next day I loaded the colt back into the trailer and took him over to Richard and Angie's. I knew if the colt was to be conditioned to show halter it would have to be done at their covered arena. Not much chance I could work the horse on their place without telling them I had him, that's for sure. So Angie and Richard were told and sworn to silence.

The colt got on the trailer just like he had the day before. He was quiet and thoughtful and did just what I asked. Once at Opus Arabians he got off the trailer breathing fire. The dragon was back and the darn sucker was dangerous. I thanked my lucky stars I hadn't gotten him any older and bigger than this because I really had my hands full.

Getting him down to the arena was like wrestling a gorilla. I was exhausted and a sweaty mess and so was the colt. Well, let me that that back, the colt was a sweaty mess but he was far from exhausted. The fight for control had just begun.

Richard asked if he could work with him and I gladly relinquished the lead. The Richard spent over an hour wrestling with the colt trying to teach the young horse his space and keep him out of Richard's.

While Richard is a really good hand with a horse, I can't say this colt was impressed. Richard did make some progress here and there but it disappeared in an instant. It looked like an exercise in futility but the colt finally tired and gave Richard an inch. Believe me it wasn't any more than an inch.

The minute I took the lead that inch was gone. The colt was back to trying to drag me up the hill and through the barn. Every step of the way I was shanking the horse trying to get him to slow up and keep with me. I also used the end of my long lead to get him on the end of his nose. Each time he pulled through the pressure on the lead, I whacked him sharply.

The colt wasn't happy but he was giving a more than the inch he'd given to Richard. A step or two and he'd be back to trying again to run through the lead. It took all the force I had to even get him to listen to a correction. The trip back up to the horse trailer must have lengthened my arm at least a foot. It was obvious whatever I accomplished with this colt I was going to work for.....and work hard.

To be continued.............

Now What? part 2

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  1. Oh boy, sounds like a handful but I'll bet, when he understands who is in control, he's going to be a real looker in the ring!!


  2. Yowsers!! Reading this entry reminds me a lot of Diago's behavior way back when...LOL! I hope things are going better with your new colt now!!

  3. wow. Can you imagine what he would have been like with consistent, daily handling from the time he was small? Or....the other side of that coin, what he would be like if he continued down that road till he was an unhandled 2 year old stud????

    Good luck MiKael, I'm sure between you and Richard, this boy will find some manners!

  4. wow he sounds like a WHOLE lot of fun! I can't wait to see how he turns out.

  5. Oh my goodness. Sounds so trying. I bet you second guessed yourself several times that day. This is a really good story. I know how you expect stallions to act and I have my money on YOU!

  6. That is so unfortunate for your friend. Lucky for you, but it sounds like he's gonna make you work for the glory!

  7. Yikes! What a handful - luckily there are people like you and Richard and Angie to help train him and make him safe and respectable - as well as to probably clean up in the show ring!

  8. Wow, I hope you can break him soon.

  9. Yikes! Keep with it! I'm assuming that's him with the white socks in the pic! I like him!

  10. What an exciting story! I can't wait for more! Is he a Marwan son or grandson? When do we get to see current pictures? I am guessing he has been shown since you are sharing the story... How did it go?

  11. I've really enjoyed reading along the journey of this colt. Good thing he is finally getting some handling! So he has been shown? I'd love to see pictures!!!

  12. Sounds like a real handful, but I'm sure he gets better with time.

  13. I think the one with 3 socks and a blaze is MizScarlet. The bay must be the stud colt. He looks like his sire!

  14. DJ, it looks like MizScarlet and Rhet! The two of them are so cute!