Thursday, April 16, 2009

Horse Shows, Foalings, What to Choose!

It's a crazy week around here Richard and Angie are off to a show in Salem, Oregon with Eclipse and Storm. Angie is showing Eclipse but Storm just went along for the experience. Angie has decided she won't show him until he is flawless. I've heard he's being a good citizen but I wouldn't expect anything less.

Both Angie and Richard really wanted me to go along but with Dare looking like she might foal that was definitely out. They made me promise if the mare foaled I would join them. Instead Richard took a passel of kids with him. Three teenagers and none of them with a horse to show sounds like a good reason for me to stay home.

Richard left yesterday so he could video the sport horse in hand classes. Angie is wanting him to show Eclipse sport horse to get his final halter points for the Legion of Excellence award. I'm thinking if Richard shows Eclipse in hand, he might as well show Reflection in the stallion class. I think Richard is tempted. He really loves that horse. Doesn't want to give him up and send him home to me so who knows, Richard might just finally make his appearance in the show ring.

While Richard was gone I had plans to work all of my horses from home plus the two that are over at their place. But the best laid plans of mice and men can go awry fast when a mare is due to foal. I spent most of my night watching Dare on the live webcam. She was just uncomfortable enough to keep me hooked most of the night.

I was dragging so badly this morning, I only took one load of horses to work. Then I found a lump on Scarlet's knee so I didn't even work her. I have no idea what she did to itThe plan was to come home and take a long nap so I'd be up for tonight's watch. Sleeping in the daylight just isn't my thing, that nap never happened. Of course it would have helped if the phone would quit ringing. There must have been some kind of signal out there that said I was home.

I only got two loads of horses worked yesterday. So all the big plans I had to Wow! Richard when he got home are fast dissipating. Although I must say I was really pleased with Percy yesterday. He is getting the idea of going into the bridle, I think. He's not ready to show yet by any means, but he's definitely catching up with his brothers. Louie on the other hand thought seemed to think going into the bridle isn't necessary when mom is the one on his back. Baby just never know.

Dare has been looking uncomfortable all day long. Even now in her stall there is lots of tail swishing going on. She's not eating her dinner with her usual relish so it looks like it'll be another long night.

Oh, ya, in all of this did I mention that Dave wrecked my truck? Not that there's not enough going on, Dave "slipped" into a corner post of the barn while taking straw out for Dare. The fiberglass fender on my dually literally blew up. They want my truck for an entire week to fix it. How can I live without a truck for a week? Life just keeps rolling along................who knows what's next.

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  1. I was hoping to see a post about a new baby.

    deep sigh.

    maybe tomorrow.

  2. Fingers crossed for a smooth foaling MiKael, AND that the show goes excellent, AND that the TRUCK FAIRY comes and fixes your baby!

    Sooo ya got enough going on there lady? LOL

  3. I have a link to your "mare stare" at my blog. It's fascinating.
    I have been thinking that Dare is really uncomfortable and she's going to foal soon for the past several days. You must be beside yourself with anxiety. Here's hoping it'll be soon so you can get some sleep!

  4. I wished I was at the point where I could work even just a few horses. First it was the snowbanks and now it is the mud. Yesterday, the road was finally dry enough, so I thought I might be able to saddle a few and ride down the road at least...and it started raining.
    Living in this do not complain about moisture. EVER! But darn...I need to get busy and this spring is just not cooperating.
    I can't get my bred mare out of the ranch. I am praying it will dry up enough next week. I sure do not like the thought of moving a maiden mare to a new place just a few weeks before her due date, but cannot leave her to foal in the pasture.
    Time is just flying by. The weather has to straighten up soon right?

  5. You sound like me - one thing after another - AND losing sleep watching after a mare.

    We also got a huge snowstorm last night. Not doing anything to help along the birth of this foal though. After all my 'lost weekends' and sleep I'd better get a colt out of this!