Sunday, March 1, 2009

We've Been Invaded!

Well, things have certainly changed here on this Arabian horse breeding farm. Today is the day the new puppy came home and I'm pretty darn sure we're not going to know any peace for quite a while.

The puppy hasn't seen the horses yet. She's still trying to get used to the fact that we have two cats. With the cats as intimidating as they are, I'm pretty sure the pup's not up to meeting the horses yet.

She is, however, going out to the barn when the barn chores are done. Today, she arrived late in the day so was only around for feeding. For now, she goes out to the barn and gets put on a chain so she can see what's going on but not run off.

As soon as she learns a good solid "come" command my guess is she'll get to do a bit more exploring. But from what I can tell by the nap she took after her venture to the barn, the current situation is probably about all she can handle at the moment.

Nap times done last long unfortunately. I'm pooped and it's hours until bedtime. Dave and Lindsay are in heaven, however, so I guess that makes all of this craziness worth it.

The house still needs to be puppy proofed. There are way too many things at her level on which she might chew. Heck, who am I kidding, "might" is only a which on my part. I'm pretty sure she's tried to chew everything in the house so far.

Thankfully she's inherited some toys. She's really liking the big rope thing with the knots and frayed ends. She gets into growling and shaking that thing and it's pretty darn cute. At the rate she's chomping on it, I'll give it maybe a week before it's totally dead and needs to be replaced.

I'm not looking forward to bedtime. I'm pretty sure that I'll be moving out to the barn. It may be colder out there but the horses have got to be quieter than this pup will be. This will be her first night alone and she'd not the least impressed with her crate. So wish us all luck, I think we're going to need it!
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  1. She is darling. What a nice puppy. Does she have a name yet?

  2. what a pretty pup! Hope she lets you get some sleep tonight.

  3. Awwwww.... Too cute! Puppies are a pain, but they make up for it with the puppy smell and puppy breath.. oh, and incredible puppy cuteness ;p

  4. She's adorable!

    Cover the cage entirely with a blanket, she'll think it's a cave and will feel more secure. And get a clock that ticks, wrap it in a towel and either put it right next to the cage or in the cage with her.

    Oh and invest in some ear plugs. :)

  5. What a cute puppy!! Is she bought or adopted?

  6. Awww she's adorable! It's so easy to spoil pups. Our Lab felt much better about his crate when we fed him in there. Good luck and enjoy her! :)

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  8. Puppies ARE a pain. Because we're still working and commuting full time, baby animals are totally out of the question. So far the universe has obliged by making sure that adolescents or young adults find their way into our lives.

    She sure is cute!

  9. Beautiful baby. Name? Age? Breed? I hope the cats take pity on her and not make fun of her for being homesick. She'll be a nice addition to your farm.

  10. What a cutie!!! Who needs sleep when you have something that cute by your side :P How did your showing horses this weekend go?

  11. Darn cute! Puppies are adorable. And incredibly inventive - have fun!

  12. What a cutie!! Ahhh, the puppy days. I remember getting my first puppy when I was 18 (when my dad deemed me responsible enough to get one, lol) and I think for like the first three nights I ended up sleeping next to her crate on the floor in the living room because she cried SO loud and SO much. I felt so bad for her. They get over it :)) Just like the little babies do.

    And toys, you might as well buy stock and MAKE some money too :)) Ours went through like 3 squeeky stuffed animals a week until we started buying those ropes and the congs until she teethed enough to not want to chew everything in sight. Enjoy it while it lasts :)

  13. Uh Oh! Time to tie everything down! =)