Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Stills..........Self Portrait.........More or Less

This weeks Sunday Stills Challenge was "Self Portrait." Since Ed admonished us about no cameras in the face I had to come up with another way to photograph myself. No only that but the challenge for me was to take pictures that reflect "me" as well. I didn't want just any old picture of me taken by me, I wanted pictures that tell about what's important to me.

That led to this series of photos that I could take by myself.......of myself......and still tell something about myself instead of just what I look like. My personal image isn't nearly as important to me as who I am as a person. Those who read this blog know that's pretty well tied up here on my Arabian horse breeding farm so I decided I needed pics that showed what I do here.

The first picture is the new puppy, Delilah, and I walking out to the barn. The second is Delilah telling me she'd rather play than do chores. While the third shot is me getting hay from a bale to feed horses.

This fourth picture is my stallion, Scandalous Legacy. The look in his eye tells he's unsure about what I'm up to this time.........he's right to be concerned. You never know what I'll think of next.

This fifth picture is me riding my older gelding, Dandy. He wasn't sure what to think about this either. I only saddled him up "get" this shot. It's not often I mount this horse and then sit there shooting pictures of my leg. This horse is no dummy. He knows I'm up to something............and he really doesn't mind as long as there's a treat at the end.

Oh, and this last pic is what I look like at the end of the day........plum tuckered out from a day on the farm. Who could ask for better than that?

Just for the record, I still owe Dandy that I guess I'll head to the barn and settle up! Who knows when I'll need his help for another Sunday Stills Challenge and I wouldn't want him to grumble about it, now would I?

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  1. Very, very creative! I didn't enjoy this one at all and thought of doing a piece by piece portrait but in the end I revealed that I'm just not a svelte blond goddess but just me:)

  2. Ahhh, that last one speaks volumes! And it's a nice little photo essay. Delilah is cute!

  3. Very creative MiKael!!! I am still in the land of the living LOL.

    You havent added your blog to the blog village thingy so I can't vote on it!!!

    Sorry it has been so long, I miss our chats (((((Hugs))))

    Will try to catch up and get blogging again

  4. I love your "self portraits", very creative! Delilah is a very cute and pretty puppy, and I love her name too. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting... my husband is such a great guy, and he's fine with my major faux pas! :)

  5. Your new puppy is adorable, and my favorite shot is in the saddle, as I never get that point of view!

  6. Hey, you cheated!
    But I agree with you...your life around you shows the REAL you!
    (Love your puppy!!)

  7. Great shots Mikael! I like the one of you on Dandy the best, well maybe the one of Legs eye. There is just something about a horses eye that is so beautiful! Like you say, it tells so much! Good job!

  8. That is a cute puppy, hope you're having a better time of training than I am with Jackson. And that is me at the end of the day, I'm sure! hehehehe

  9. I like your approach on the us a glimpse of small parts of your life.
    Your puppy is adorable! We had a husky many years ago.

  10. Good idea. Great photos. Love them!!

  11. Cute puppy! I like the photo with your hand on the stallions face...very cool.