Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MiKael Meets Richard..................Tested...........

The last few weeks on this Arabian breeding farm have been very hectic. Between a party coming from Texas to look a couple of horses and another from Pennsylvania looking at a different two horses and still trying to keep up our regular training schedule with all of the other horses, I've felt pretty much like I've been meeting myself coming and going.

The fact the arrival date for the second party kept shifting farther and farther out didn't help with the confusion or the stress. But I began to feel like things were actually coming together.

I did get both horses body clipped despite my trepidations and the horses were coming along nicely in their training. Other than a few little things that needed to be last minute, I was finally feeling ready for this visit although I wasn't totally convinced it was really going to happen at all.

You see this whole thing has been a bit strange pretty much from the start. It began when a woman who follows Richard's journal asked him about Percy......and then Vee. She was interested in the horses, one for herself and one for her niece. Next thing you know a visit to see the horses was set up for January.

Before long, the woman's sister asked if she was invited as well. From there this whole thing somehow seemed to change. The visit was rescheduled to February after the Scottsdale show. That's when the sister was sending a gelding to Richard for evaluation and training. This plan for the training horse had been in place since way back in late August.

It seems this gelding had been in training with a Big Name Trainer and not gotten what the owner considered to be a fair shake. She was hoping she could rely on Richard's integrity to determine if the horse had a future as a show horse or not. (Just for the record, this would be the very same BNT that had been involved with our boy, Rhythm. So you can guess the possibilities here!)

I'm sure you must be wondering what this gelding coming to Richard for training might have to do with me selling horses. Well, quite frankly, so are Richard and I. But hold on for the ride and I'll try and explain it to you.......

To be continued..............

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  1. I was actually thinking "Wow, you can sell your horses but see them grow up, what a great sale". I had never heard of that particular BNT before you started speaking of him in your blog...and since then I have heard a few negative things so I would imagine any horse coming from him would have plenty of untapped talent!

  2. Oh this is sure to be interesting with BNT/Rhythm's wasted months involved.

  3. Aaaargggghhhhh!! MiKael I don't visit for a few days and then when I think it is safe and I wont get any cliff hangers, you slap one on us again!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing more on this and I really hope it has good results.

  4. ooohhh, can't wait to hear more!
    Secretly, I hope Richard will build a connection to this horse and prove that it's something special!

  5. Whatever happened with Rhythm? Must have missed it...I have to go back and look for that story now! My curiosity is tweaked!