Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Stills Challenge.........Reflections of one kind or another.......

After Tracey at Mustang Diaries took a cheap shot at trees reflected in puddles then followed with a great pic of her cat jumping over something clearer than any puddle around here, I'm not sure I even want to post my Sunday Stills entry.........but then, when have you ever known me to be chicken. So here are my submissions on this weeks Sunday Still Challenge which is all about reflections.

As I wandered out to the creek trying to catch some type of reflection, I couldn't help but notice the difference in the creek now than when I last took pictures of it. That flood was something else. I'm going to post a few pics of the then and now as well as my Sunday Still pics just so folks can see the changes our little creek went through during the flooding.

The picture of the sad little bridge (which is 12 feet long) shows the damage the flooding did to that bridge as the creek turned raging river coursed over it and, of course, the 'normal' size of our little creek. The dark picture is that same angle of the bridge with the only trace of it being that straight line of white water in the center of the flooded creek. The next picture is just past the bridge. The creek was nearly 60 feet across at this spot.

Also any of you who have been here for a while will know the picture of the horse is indeed Scandalous Reflection, my 7 year old Arabian stallion. He is indeed the reflection of his famous great-grandsire Khemosabi. I couldn't possibly post anything about reflections without thinking of him..........That counts doesn't it? Well at least it does in my book! Since it's my blog anything that counts in my book MUST surely be appropriate. LOL

I'm looking forward to next week's challenge which happens to be the moon. Only looking at the weather forecast I'm not sure I'll be getting much chance of seeing anything through the cloud layer, much less getting an opportunity to shoot pictures of the moon.

With no archive photos of the moon to my credit, I may have to be even more creative........who knows what rogue idea I could come up with.........well, Tracey would probably guess but then Tracey might even do it herself since we are stuck with the same kinds of weather most of the time and an equally odd sense of humor. Oh, I forgot, Tracey has archive photos of the moon that she can use. LOL Sorry, Tracey, I couldn't resist.

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  1. Very nice reflective pictures, MiKael. I especially like the one of Scandalous.

  2. very clever way to slip the horse picture into the sunday stills theme! Of course, the one wiht the horse in is my favorite, but I'm biased (maybe obsessed is the better word) there.

  3. very clever way to slip the horse picture into the sunday stills theme! Of course, the one wiht the horse in is my favorite, but I'm biased (maybe obsessed is the better word) there.

  4. The horse picture is very good!!!!!!!!

  5. Your Scandalous Reflection is so beautiful. Very nice pictures of the reflections in the water.
    HA! Tracey knows your funny bones and how to tweak them.
    You both are awesome cowgirls/horsewomen!

  6. Be sure and check your NWS moon rise table - you might have a cool daytime moon to photograph!

  7. I like your first shot with the red of the plants and the green of the mossy creekbed (I'm just guessing that it's moss)

  8. Great pictures Mikael! Of course the one of Scandalous is my favorite! :o)

    Read your post about owning horses. Amazing to me that someone would verbally attack Callie and Steve in that way! Just makes my blood boil, as my grandmather used to say!

    Yes, we had fun in the....ahem....'kitty house'! lol! It really surprises me too how so many cats can get along so well. I guess as they have lots of room, inside and out, and lots of things to play with it helps them from getting bored and cranky. I so wanted to bring home the two silver gray tabbies. I did take some flack for bringing the two home from Florida that we brought two years ago. Some people thought it was disgusting that I would get two cats from Florida when we have so many here that need homes. Well, sometimes you just look at something and fall in love! It happens with horses, dogs, cats, you name it. Once again people sticking their nose in where they have no business.

    If you need some 'full moon' pictures, I know one that is getting fuller by the day!!! hahaha!

    Take care Mikael, keep those great posts coming!

  9. I like your reflection picture! I haven't been keeping up with my Sunday Stills!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. Of course the other pix are nice but I like your stallion best ;-)!