Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finally.........the Carnival of the Horse

Welcome to the February 1, 2009 edition of carnival of the horse from Blog Carnival. This is the second carnival this year and we hope that you've been following along and finding new horse blogs.

I didn't chose a theme for this carnival so All Things Equine applied which seems to be a regular for me. I think you'll find some thought provoking and interesting articles. If you like what you see, be sure to spread the word to your friends and fellow bloggers. We'd like to see the horse blogging community continue to grow.

Despite some technical difficulties which kept me from getting this up without several edits to fix html code fro blog carnival that was rejected by blogger, I finally have this post finished and ready to load. I apologize for any confusion during the correction process but I think you'll see it was worth the wait.

Jackie presents Riding Instructors: Can’t live with them… Should you live without them?
posted at Glenshee Equestrian Centre As a largely self-taught rider (gee! much like me!) Jackie gives us her perspective on different types of trainers.

Simrat presents Shanti - a story of recovery posted at Akal Ranch Simrat prefers to call this a recovery story and not a rescue, either way, this is one lucky mare.

Helen Anderson presents 5 Surefire Ways to Buy the Best Insurance for your Pet posted at Best Pet Insurance . This informative posts gives you tips for finding the best buy for your money insuring your horse or pets.

cdncowgirl presents (Not Quite) Home on the Range: What's in a name? posted at
(Not Quite) Home on the Range, saying, "Most horses have more than one name. Their "regular" name (whether registerd or not) and then the various nicknames that they earn. What do you call your horse(s)?"

risingrainbow presents MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses: Gorilla Wrestling on the Arabian Horse Breeder's Farm posted at MiKael's Mania Arabian Horses , saying, "Working with horses sometimes you just have to have a sense of humor. There's definitely more than one way to see life with horses. "

Leah Fry presents Leah Fry - Barn Door Tagz: The Nature of the Beast - Horses and Life
posted at Barn Door Tagz, saying, "I was 54 years old when I realized my dream of owning horses. I've come a long way in a little over two years."

Victoria Cummings presents In the Still of the Night posted at Teachings of the Horse, In this post Victoria shares about her experiences checking the horses on the cold winter nights and what those experiences grew into for her.

Ralph Suarez presents for the love of a horse...: *Serenity Sonbolah posted at for the love of a horse... saying, "Growing up as a horseless kid, the closest that I could get to a horse, was through the pages of books and magazines. Many of the legendary horses of the Arabian Horse breed were like MOVIE STARS for me. Meeting these horses, in real life was like going to Hollywood and meeting your favorite film or TV star. Same reaction...OH MY GOD! Meeting *Serenity Sonbolah was an unforgettable experience. I knew so much about her but standing in front of her, watching her dance, I soon realized that I really didn't know anything about her. I will never forget this mare, for her courage and for the great joy that she had for life."

Another post from Jackie from Glenshee Equestrian Centre: Going Bitless posted at Glenshee Equestrian Centre This post gives some history on the evolution of riding as well as the underlying training behind riding whether with a bit or not.

Ishtar presents Riding out with one barb stallion, two mares and? Isolde! posted at Esther Garvi If you haven't visited Esther's blog, you probably don't know her posts are about horse ownership and riding in Africa.

OnTheBit presents A Horse and a Half: How to treat a tendon injury posted at A Horse and a Half saying, "This is a post about my own experience of how to treat a tendon injury. I am not a medical professional, just a woman who owns a horse that had a bad tendon injury."

mrsmom presents Heels- Where Are They? posted at Oh HorseFeathers & Related Twisted "Tails". When I first read this post, I started off thinking she was talking about heels of the stiletto variety, but only after reading further did I learn some about the heels of horses. This is an informative post.

risingrainbow presents MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses: If Disaster Happens , What About Your Horses? posted on MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses saying "Having a plan may be the difference between saving your horses and losing them."

Tammy Vasa presents My Dream Horse posted at, saying, "This blog was one I wrote last spring and tells the story of finding my dream horse."

Janet Roper presents Animal Communication, Niggling and Wiggling posted at Janet Roper::Animal communicator. writes about communicating with a pushy horse through her energy. An interesting post.

Linda presents 7MSN Ranch: How I taught Hank to stand still posted at The 7MSN Ranch In this post Linda deals with a horse that always walks off when a rider tries to mount. I don't know about the rest of you, but this is one that pops up every now and then for me.

Araya presents FIVE FUN FACTS OF MY FAVORITE HORSE BREEDS ~ MORGAN posted at Stable Days, saying, "Every week I highlight a different horse breed with fun facts and beautiful photos. A clue is given each week to the next week's highlighted breed and everyone can guess. Come visit!"

Deanna Castro presents Kids and Geldings, What Can You Do? posted at
Deanna Castro's Professional Horse Blogazine. writes of an amusing childhood experience with her sister. Kid's do say and do the darndest things.

Sabrina, Diago and Flash aka equinespirit presents Education with Equines: Project - Arabian Native Costume - The Beginning... posted by Education with Equines Getting ready for the one class that seems to stick in all peoples minds when they think about Arabian horses. I tried to read this post before I posted this carnival. I had problems figuring out how to join or computer skills aren't nearly as good as my horse skills. So Guess turned out to be me so I went back and added this post in. My apologies Sabrina, Diago and Flash!

Halt Near X presents How not to be a popsicle posted at Halt Near X writes about dealing with the colder than normal winter in her new home of Texas.

Another informative post mrsmom presents Certify THIS posted at Oh HorseFeathers & Related Twisted "Tails" This one explains all of those initials after the names of some farriers these days. I guess I'm behind the times, I didn't know there were initials for farriers. Guess that tells how long it's been since I made a drastic change......knock on wood......

cdncowgirl presents (Not Quite) Home on the Range: Winter wound care sucks posted at (Not Quite) Home on the Range, saying, "Dealing with wound care in sub-freezing temperatures."

DressageInJeans presents EGUSSTED! posted at Dressage In Jeans
, I asked Dressage in Jeans if she would submit this post. I found it to be such an informative post on equine ulcers. This post dispels some of the misconceptions about the occurence of ulcers in horses and has lots of information on the many possibilities for treatment. I, personally, will be using this post for a reference in the future, I am sure.

cdncowgirl presents (Not Quite) Home on the Range: Fresh cows posted at (Not Quite) Home on the Range, saying, "A recreational rider tries her hand at team sorting."

That concludes this edition. I want to thank all my horse blogging friends for submitting articles making this a great carnvial. I hope you've enjoyed all the articles and will be back to participate in the next edition of the blog carnival.

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  1. Hmmmmm...weird!! My blog is "public"...just can't comment without an account. Eh...oh biggie...LOL! Now I'm off to read the other entries! :)

  2. Sabrina, I can't even get in to read your blog. I click on the link and it just brings up a graphic that asks me across the top if I know Sabrina, Diablo and Flash. I forget the other stuff, but no posts. I've tried several times before and always end up frustrated.

  3. Hit the wrong key and it must have been a hot key.....I didn't get to say I've tried to visit your blog several times but always get the same thing. Don't know what the problem is, if it's not an issue of does have a place to sign in and join, if I remember correctly.

  4. That's just totally weird. I logged out...pulled up the website...and although I get the same "do you know" message at the still allows me to scroll down to the rest of the website. Must be a multiply thing...*shrugs shoulders*...and it wouldn't be the first time something involving multiply is over the top odd...although this is the first time for this particular problem...LOL!

  5. Sabrina, there is now way to scroll down the page past the graphic. Maybe it's my browser but I'm using IE.

    OK, it's me, I just figured it out. There is no bar showing but if I go clear over to the side and pull the arrow down, it goes down the page. I'll edit your post in. That makes two big DUH moments in one night for me.............

  6. problem!! Can't tell you how many times in a day I have "duh moments"!! LOL! might just be an IE thing too with that scrolling stuff. I use FireFox and don't have any problems although you do have to scroll to the right to see the stuff there BUT it gives ya the option to scroll down too without having to move over to the right.

  7. Sabrina, well, it shows all black and I can't see the bar to pull down. I swear I tried that before and it didn't work, but it works now.

    Also, for "DUH" moments I'm on a roll tonight. I did correct Diago's name in my post but only after I posted it incorrectly. I hope I'm done for the night.

    I read your post, that hunter green can be illusive but sure pretty on a chestnut horse.

  8. LOL! Well ya know...duh moments are like potato chips...ya can't have just one!! And for the most part...for me anyway...if the day starts with a "duh moment"...just like with hiccups...there will be another behind it...and then another...and another...and they don't seem to stop until I go to bed and start the next day! :)

    And that hunter green...LOVE FAVORITE color for Diago and Flash...most of our gear (grooming tote, halters, blankets/sheets, saddle pads, etc) is either black, cream/white, and/or hunter/forest vehicle (Durango) is hunter green!! BUT the costume won't be...LOL! At least not THIS one! *shrugs shoulders* That's alright...purple is one of my favorite colors too! :)

  9. Excellent carnival MiKael! Lots of really good reading here for everyone, and some newer folks as well!

  10. HI,
    I blogged this post over at About Horses. Great stuff! Kathy :-)

  11. Thanks for pulling this all together, MiKael. Can't wait to go visiting.

  12. Thanks for all the hard work in putting this together. Looks like I'll be reading a lot more blogs. Sorry I couldn't contribute this time, but I'm busier than a one-armed paper hanger right now.

  13. thanks for hosting this carnival! i am at work now, so i shouldn't even be visiting :-\ but i am so excited to be participating and i can't wait to dig into all these other posts when i get home tonight! :-)

  14. Lots of good stuff here! Like Grey Horse said, thank you for putting it all together. If I ever feel like I know something worth sharing, I'll contribute. Mainly I write a comedy of "don't do this" errors. ;)

  15. Sabrina, I'm with you on the duh's being like potato chips. I don't seem to be able to restict them to just one. LOL

    You will find the right green when you are least expecting it, I'll bet. In the meantime you'll learn a lot about this costume I'm sure and by the time you get to do the green one you'll have your kinks all worked out and know exactly what you want.

    Mrs Mom, yes, there are lots of interesting reads here. And I was really pleased to see so many new faces. Better connecting all of us horse bloggers is a good thing, I think.

    Kathy, Hi! and thanks for visiting.

    7MSN, You're welcome. There are some great posts here. I still have a few to check out myself.

    Arlene, I'm beginning to feel like that one armed paper hanger myself! LOL

    jme, funny how work gets in the way of the important things. LOL

    Funder, I would encourage you to particpate. The mistakes we make along the way can be good learning experiences for others. I always post about my errors here just for that reason. I wouldn't think twice about submitting them for a carnival.

  16. All right, finally finished reading everybody's posts! What a good selection of posts. I will pick something and submit it next month - thanks for the encouragement, RR and Leah!