Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Farm Flooding at Rising Rainbow Arabians

I've posted about flooding here before even earlier this winter in
but this time there's much more water on the ground than we've ever seen since we lived here.

I apologize for the darkness of this photo. I'm still figuring out this camera and didn't adjust for the trees on the opposite side of the creek bank. However, this picture is the only one I have that gives any hint of the depth of this mess. See that white water in the middle? That is my little twelve foot long bridge that normally crosses this creek. Usually there is about 18 inches from the top of the water to the bottom of the bridge. Currently there is at least a foot of water over the top of my bridge which fortunately is wedged in place by a tree stump and that brush on what is supposed to be the opposite side of the creek.

This picture is just beyond that bridge and shows the area where dear sweet Suede crawled on his belly through the creek bed to get in with the mares. A Day in the Life of an Arabian Breeder - Coping As you can see there no longer is room for Suede, not only that the creek is now running underneath six spans of fence in this location instead of the normal one. Those are eight foot between fence posts just in case you're wondering how wide This thing is. My little creek is at the moment..............more like a raging river.

Our property is mapped in a 100 year flood zone. We didn't know that until after we bought. Being our first farm/country property we were not educated about wetlands and flood planes. Since moving here we've had to learn our lessons the hard way including dealing with a couple of low spots that just happen to have barns on top.

However, none of our buildings including our house are in that one hundred year flood plane, even though we deal with high water, it's more a cause of the wetlands and low spots than the actual seasonal creek that runs through our place.

This picture shows the run of that flood plain down across the neighbor's property. As you can see this area of that flood plan is ALL flooded. The entire area to the right up to the road on our property is part of that plane too. Currently about 2/3 of that is flooded. The only areas not flooded are the high shots.

This is the view of the back of the barn where Legs lives with five mares and two colts. You can see the rising creek in relationship to the back of the barn. With another seventeen hours before crest it will be interesting to see how close the creek actually comes.

This last picture is the edge of the encroaching water from the one hundred year flood plane that is off to the side of my house. While the whole area isn't filled in yet, this edge is about twenty maybe thirty feet from my home.

The county I live in is the worst hit by this flood. In other areas they are saying it is not as bad as other years. But certainly here on my place we will hit that one hundred year flood plane before these waters reside. It's entirely possible that we will exceed it.

We're thinking that we and all our animals are safe but a few prayers wouldn't hurt. This is the most threatened I've felt about the flooding here.

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  1. Oh my, I hope those waters stop soon. I wish some nice sunny windy days come your way soon and the waters recede before it gets to any of the buildings.

  2. Arlene, after cresting tomorrow, we're expected to have some scattered showers on Saturday. After that they are forecasting at least a week of higher temperatures and dryness. We'll all cross our fingers.

  3. I really hope you can get through the high waters. We had lots of wanter on our backyard which manifested in flooding of our basement. Not fun! But granted no barns or horses were threatened, so I can only imagine your stress right now.

    Best of luck and we're pulling for ya.

  4. I get this kind of thing every year. Only it stays put until around May or June. One whole pasture has a lake in it... This year, it's in both pastures, the barn, and all the runs and pens. This is a mess!

    I hope you don't flood out. I'll be digging trenches to try to run off some of the lakes. Hope everyone stays dry!

  5. Were we complaining about snow the other day? Were we silly to do so? I'm not sure which is worse...

  6. Hopefully it won't get real bad at your place, but do you have an evacuation plan just in case? Are your roads still open? I read on another board that they turn their livestock loose and mark them with their name & number using a cattle marking stick. I can't imagine doing that with valuable horses. They also said to carry fence pliers for easier escapes.

    Sending prayers that it doesn't come to desparate measures in your area.

  7. ranchette, that's easier said than done. Since it's dark, I can't just look outside to see where the waters are, I have to go out and walk the propery, flashlight in hand, to see how high the water is far so good. But I'm drenched by the time I get back in. So I guess I'll settle for drenched and hope that there's no need for swimming anytime soon.

    dressagemom, I've dealt with flooding basements in the past, that's a royal pain.

    BTW Hope you are healing!

    LOC, I hope that yours doesn't get any worse. I've heard the rains up your way have picked up. What a mess for all of us on this side of the mountains.

    Tracey, yes we were. I guess this will teach us. Mother Nature can be so fickle and sometimes very unkind!

    The snow was a different kind of stress. I hope they're right that we're going to begin to dry out and warm up by the beginning of next week. We all could use a break.

  8. I've been through flooding that sett 125 year records MiKael, and will pray like crazy for you!!

    Keep us posted when you can, so we know you are still high and relatively dry there!!

  9. Holy cow! I hope it stops real soon and no damage or anyone gets hurt.

  10. Oh, dear, I do hope the waters are receding. Sending thoughts for warm, drying winds.

  11. ugh, when it rains it really pours doesn't it. no relief. I cross my fingers for you that the forecast for next week are right and you get to dry out some at least!

  12. Oh my goodness! We'll send up an extra prayer for you and yours!

    I do pray the water doesn't reach your barns and home.

  13. Stay safe ! Be thankful you don't have ice covered in pools of water, which is what we are currently dealing with in Northwest Montana. It is really interesting trying to carry forkfuls of hay across ice and not end up on your you know what!!!

  14. Eeek!!! It's flooding pretty bad near my daughter's house, too, with mandatory evacuations in a nearby neighborhood. I witnessed it firsthand when I drove her home yesterday, it really makes you feel helpless.
    I was worrying about you when I heard about the evacuations at one of the towns near you!
    Sending dry and sunny prayers your way!!!

  15. You have my prayers without a doubt! I heard about it on the radio and have been looking at everyone elses blogs from your area as well. I hope that the crest doesn't touch the barn and that your basement stays dry (assuming you have one) and that your power stays on. My thoughts and prayers are with you to pull out of this okay!

  16. I hope it breaks soon. I would rather see horses grazing than horses in life vests.

  17. Wow!
    Glad to hear that the waters are now receding.