Friday, January 9, 2009

The Arabian Horse Farm's Puppy Report!

The last few weeks have been full of excitement.........and not always the good kind. Now with flood waters receding and me being too tired to post about a horse post(after putting in my first full day of working horses after my surgery), I thought I'd share one of the "good" kind of exciting things that happened.

While this post may not be about Arabian horses, a horse farm wouldn't be worth its weight in salt if it didn't have dogs too.........isn't that right? So here's one of my probably too few posts about canine friends.

Colleen's dogs (plural is correct) had puppies. She raises very beautiful Siberian Huskies and has a male and two females. They are not papered but are wonderful quality. The male, Keno is over size but a very beautiful dog. The females are full sisters. Both are about average size for Siberians and equally as nice as the male.

Keisha had 6 puppies last week. She went early several days before her due date. This is her second litter. If I remember correctly there are 4 males and 2 females in this litter. Two of the puppies are pure white (pure white puppies are rare in Siberian huskies and I'm told highly sought after). Those are one male and one female.

Then Sasha had 8 puppies this week. She went 2 days over her due date making Rachel and Colleen as well as the rest of the family nuts with her groaning and complaining while still not whelping. This was Sasha's first litter and it was rather eventful with a couple trying to make their entrances in ways other than the norm starting off with the first one being huge and getting stuck. Sasha had 6 females and 2 males. I believe there are 4 white puppies in this litter but I don't remember their sexes.

Colleen sent me pictures of all the puppies but the pics are numbered. When I saved them to a file I found I can't tell which belong to which dog. So I'm going to post pics of both moms with their puppies.

I will post pictures of the individual puppies when they get a little older. I'll also get a picture of the male to post. These really are exceptional quality dogs with great temperaments. It's a good think they weren't born here, I'd be wanting to keep each and every one of them.

In a few weeks these puppies will be looking for new homes......if there's anyone out there who cannot resist...........besides me,(YES, I have already spoken for one female) let me know and I'll put you in contact with Colleen.

Aren't they cute............

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  1. Oh puppy breath! Lucky you! I'm one of those weird ones who love the smell of puppy breath. Just go sniff a few times really good for me okay.

    And the soft fur, nothings softer than baby puppy fur... Okay, well maybe baby horse fur, but you get the idea. :)

  2. Oh they are so cute! My pup is driving me nuts, can't wait for him to grow up a bit more SOON!

  3. Awwww PUPPIES!! Too cute MiKael... tooooo cute!

    Take it easy out there woman, getting yourself back into the swing of working horses again. No overdoing it!! ;)

  4. awwww, nice babies. But 2 litters at once?! Holy (howly?) cow, that is a lotta work.

    Glad the moms are doing fine and the puppies growing.

  5. Oh they are soooo cute!! I love puppies. It's a horrible sickness that I have!! I would take them all!! It's way too hot down here for those beauties. I would have to keep them shaved!!! I can't wait to see more pictures!

    And you are right, what'a horse farm with out dogs!!

  6. Oh my! I can't wait to see puppy pictures later.
    The female dog at our barn is having her first litter in a few weeks. We'll have puppies coming out of our ears.

  7. Really cute pups. I love the Huskies. My daughter has a giant Malamute who is just gorgeous and so sweet. Two litters at once is a lot of pups!

  8. Aaaaah cute little puppies. I have to say that I am glad that horses for the most part only have one baby at a time because they are hard enough to part with, if I had to part with this many animals all in a matter of weeks I would be a nervous wreck.

    This is going to be a great oppportunity for photos, especially if you have a bit of snow on the ground when they are about 5 weeks old, just get down to their level and have someone at hand to ward off any attempts to eat the photographer!!! The last litter I photographed were "land sharks" I eventually gave up my shoes to keep them entertained long enough to get some pictures LOL. Just use the action setting because they move like lightening!

    Glad things are slowly getting better and that you are on the mend. (((Hugs)))


  9. I wish I could be there too and cuddle them!