Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Tis the Season.........

I don't know how I got started on this post but I did. I guess I was inspired by all of the things I've been finding around the blogosphere this holiday season. I've come across a number of posts that I think really need to be shared.........a spreading of the joy if you will. So in that vein (not to mention you are probably getting sick of my snow posts), I suggest you check out the following blogs. On some....prepare yourself for tears..........others for laughter......all together........they are what I love most about people.......and the holiday spirit.

From Chronicles of a Country Girl comes a special post....... My Favorite Gift This was my first visit to Country Girl's blog but you can bet I will be back for many more. This post is as precious as the gift she received. It is clear from her appreciation that she is as special as the gift. Christmas is about memories and this one will last a lifetime I'm sure.

While this next post isn't about Christmas per se, the reason for it is I think. My blogging friend, Laura, was looking for a bit of cheering up with all the holiday burnout. She decided to share what she found in Don't sit on a wall if you are an egg... If you're offended by swearing skip this post but if you can get past a few well placed cuss words, you'll probably enjoy this post and its video. It definitely has given me a new perspective on horse hooves.........and that's all I'll say about'll have to look see for yourself.

Arlene at Grey Horse Matters wrote a post The Christmas Pony
If you haven't read it already, stop by her blog. It's a beautiful true story about a horse rescue.

I too rescued a horse from conditions like this pony's so the story particularly tugged at my heart strings. From the first lines I felt tears sting as I remembered what things were like for my mare, Heiress, when I found her. Sometimes I wish I could save this mare to the extent that Arlene has. She, too, needs her own person...(although I'm thinking she is happy as a broodmare.) This story is precious.

Then there's Ambulance Driver. I read this blog when I can get there.......not as often as I'd like.......but I keep it in my favorite reads because I really like this guy. He can be a hard nut but he's got heart.

This may not be about the holidays....but it is about caring for people. For me, that's what the holidays should be about so I'm including the Reason #478 I Have The Coolest Kid... in this collection of holiday posts. Like I said, the man's got heart............and his passing it along to his kid. How cool is that!

Also in the spirit of the season I've included links to my last year's Christmas posts. Christmas Eve saw A Christmas Memory - An Arabian Horse Meets Rosey the Reindeer . It wouldn't be Christmas for me without hanging old Rosey to remind me of my beloved Scandalous and her feelings about Christmas decorating. Then on Christmas Day Believe in Santa Claus and Arabian Horses, of course...... This is one of my favorite Christmas stories.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

Give these posts a read and tell me what you think. Do you have a favorite? Or a special story one of them inspires?

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  1. Merry Christmas Mikael!

    Well since it appears that I now have many weeks bound to the bed, I'll be happy to discover your suggested holiday posts/blogs to help me while away my boredom since who knows when I'll be able to ride again. sigh.....

    Your snow photo is really beautiful, my friend.

    I hope your holiday was truly special.

    New Mexico

  2. Just so you know... I sat here with tears streaming down my face as I read about the Christmas Pony... jeez, I'm still leaking tears. Thank you for the link.

  3. Lisa, obviously I missed somthing. I'm going to have to go back through your blog and find out why you are bound to bed. Whatever it may be, I can totally relate to the boredom. These weeks I'm stuck after this stupid surgery are driving me nuts.........heck, it even has me writing poetry, what can I say! LOL

    Glad you like my snow pic. It's pretty amazing that is my simple little farm. Mother Nature turned into a dramatic beautiful thing....but I hope she leaves us alone soon. It's really treacherous here and unsafe for the horses to be outside. They are getting a bit antsy!

    I hope your holiday was special too!!

    Astaryth, yes, that's what it did for me. I think the tears began to roll only a few sentences in. It's such a special story, I knew I had to be sure others got to see it. Definitely a great holiday story and a wonderful break for that pony and his mom.

  4. I loved reading your Christmas stories from years past. Rosey the Reindeer is adorable made only more adorable with Scandalous's personalization. Love the bandaid. You're very talented with crafts, I don't know why she would have mauled poor Rosey, guess she wanted a wreath with carrots and apples instead.
    I'll get to the other blogs and give them a read soon. Thanks for including me in your 'posts to read' recommendations. That means a lot to me. I've got to get going on writing another post now that Christmas is over, but I really need to clean up around here first. Hope you had a great Christmas and feel better soon.

  5. I don't need any more blogs to read! {grumble} But, you're right, these are good ones. I already read Grey Horse Matters, and I think I'll be adding a few of these others. Sigh, not enough time...

  6. thanks for the great links and hope you had a merry xmas :-) (the xmas pony made me cry too - i love a happy ending, especially when it's for rescued horses...)

    your farm does look amazing :-) hope you've has some time to relax and enjoy it (i know how much hard work this weather can be!)

  7. Merry Christmas Mikael and All the Best in The New Year to you, your family and the horses :)

  8. Hey there, Mikael, A belated Very Merry Christmas to you and all of yours!

  9. Mikael - I was just reading back through some of your old posts (looking for the bitless bridle stuff) and I found this post with a link to me!!! That was so nice of you. Sorry I didn't get over here to thank you at the time!! Sheesh. I was having a hard time in December and didn't get around to reading blogs much.