Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cuz of snow! Cuz of snow! Cuz of snow!

The weather outside is frightful.
A fire would be delightful.
There's really no place to go
Cuz of snow! Cuz of snow! Cuz of snow!

It doesn't show signs of stopping
Water pipes are popping
Horses buckets are frozen so
Cuz of snow! Cuz of snow! Cuz of snow!

When we finally get inside
We're frozen solid from the storm!
And so tired we've all died
It's taking hours to get us warm!

The horses they are crying
More hay they're just not buying
But there's no place to go
Cuz of snow! Cuz of snow! Cuz of snow!

Yupe! it's still snowing here. We're predicted to get up to another 8 inches overnight. The airport is closed.......and my youngest son is supposed to be flying in this week.....but that's another story.

How are things in your part of the world?

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  1. I'm loving seeing everyone's pics of snow, but dang!! That's a lot!!
    It's in the 60's today and I rode in a sweatshirt and only one pair of pants (no long underwear). Watching the weather up north, I am glad to be in Arizona right now.
    Brrr, Brrr, Brrr!!

  2. LOL! Great poem!! :)

    Here we're knee deep in snow...literally...and it's currently -6 degrees with a feels like temp of -24...gonna be cold again tomorrow...single digits below zero with feels like temps of twenty something below zero...AND snow in the forecast for Tuesday...BUT thankfully the temps are supposed to climb that day to the 20s before plunging back down on Wednesday...arrggghhhh!!

  3. Ya, Mikey, I'd be glad to be in Arizona right now too. This is not what winter is Washington is supposed to be like.

    EquineSpirit, where have you been girl! I've missed you.

    As for your weather, everything you're getting is coming from here first and it started off here worse than normal. It only figures it will be even "badder" when it gets there.

    You better hunker down, it's gonna be a ride!

  4. You know I warned everybody that this winter was gonna be rough, worse than last year... boy do I hate being proven right!

    The pipes at the barn are frozen solid, under ground. So until it all thaws and we can find the damage, I'm hauling buckets from the house... Over 400 gallons at a time to fill all the troughs and buckets...

    I'm snowed in for Christmas, Hubby got hit today while he was trying to work in this OWS. So tomorrow we get to head over to the insurance office to see if they'll pay for damages...

    I'm so sick of this already! Where's that Pineapple Express when you need it?

    I think I'm most dreading the knee deep mud all of this is going to create once it melts...

    Can I have Spring for Christmas??

  5. Clever lyrics! We're still getting snow, too. Have about 12-13 inches. Will need to shovel off the deck so it won't cave in. Sure hope when it switches over to rain that it happens gradaully. We don't need more flooding in western WA!

  6. LOC, ya well, the horses were screaming loudly at us with all the winter hair they were putting on.

    Sorry to hear about your difficulties. I hope the hubby is all right.

    We're hauling a lot of water here as well. Although we do have water at the barn, warm water from the house brings the temp up so the fussy ones will drink, as well as melts the building up ice.

    But water buckets are too heavy for me so I have to be content to watch. Expecting Dave and LJ to do the type of job I would is a stretch. I'm having to learn patience.

    Someone left me a link for tips on how to use my camera. After I check it out, I'll let you know what I find. Currently I have managed to turn on something called a histogram and can't figure out how to turn it off. LOL Driving me crazy!

    DJ, you're right about flooding. I hope it melts off slowly as well. Tonight we're expecting another 10 inches. It's never been that deep here the whole time we've lived here.

  7. We have about a foot and a half of snow - it snows every third day or so and we just had another 6" yesterday. It doesn't affect us too much here, we are used to it, unfortunately... It's around 2F during the day. The horses here are mostly used to the weather - it gets cold and snowy gradually, so they get a good coat and are mostly used to walking on the snow.

    The snow is nice because then there is no mud, which is often bad in the spring and fall here.

    Oh to be in Arizona though! That would be nice!!!

  8. Great poem MiKael! We're getting blasted here too in the Northeast. So far I guess it's been about a foot and a half and so cold. Anyway hope your son gets home for Christmas. We're having Christmas Eve here for the family, I'm hoping they can all make it or I'll have a ton of food left over.

  9. That's alot of white stuff! :O

    I can't believe the weather you all are getting! It was crazy here with it in the 70s for 2 days. But it isn't now! It has been in the 30s during the days and dropping in to the teens at night. UGH! The news this morning said possible rain this evening. Which means ice and people do not know how to drive in ice! HOpe your weather lets up!

    Love the poem~great job!

  10. More snow and freezing rain in Portland. Sick of it already. The weather man says 50 by the weekend, can you say flooding next. Horses are sick of being paddock and stall and lunging just isnt enough, not mention they dont seem one bit thankful that I am risking my life twice a day to drive and see them!!

  11. Lotsa snow Lotsa snow Lotsa snow...

    I jsut came inside from chores. My two empty water buckets...well, I left them empty last night at least...had 6" of fresh white mud from overnight. But you know...I realized that with the water heater in the tank there was no reason for packing because all I have to do is toss snow in there to melt! Genius moment...

  12. We've got frigid temps with 6 inches of snow on the ground from a previous storm. I think the high for the day is 4, and we are predicted to get more snow tonight.

    Can I give up yet?

  13. Oh my, it sure does look chilly there! The horses look like they are staying nice and warm all tucked into their beds!!

    It's a bit chilly here today. It was sleeting a minute ago. Ugh..but just the other day it was 70 degrees outside. The weather down here doesn't know what it wants to do.

    Hope you all stay warm!

  14. i love your song! that may become my farm's winter theme song ;-)

    we've just had 2 solid days of miserable snow totaling 18-20 inches and winds that made the whole thing look like the frozen arctic tundra. my horses go out in most weather but, even wearing their waterproof turnout sheets and having bales of hay to eat, they were not amused. after the first 15 minutes of running around with their noses in the snow and snorting, the white stuff got old pretty fast!

    and, of course it was 5 degrees when i woke up this morning.

    but on the bright side, the days will be getting longer now. there's something to look forward to! hang in there :-)

  15. Laura, it's snowing about every 3 days here but we are not used to it. It's killing us here.

    And since your weather starts out here and then blows east, I would think you might be seeing some worse stuff than usual since we are. I hope I'm wrong about that though...I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

    Mud here too when it melts, don't even want to thing about that....or the possible flooding. YUK!

    Arlene, I hope my son makes it too. If not it will be the first time we've not been able to have the kids all together. Just thinking about it makes me sad.

    kwdhorses, I can't believe this weather either. It's killing us.

    I was in Scottsdale once in Feb though and I couldn't get used to 70° during the day and below freezing at night. I guess it's all in what we get used to.....I hope to not deal with enough of this current stuff to get used to it though! LOL

    20 meter circle, I know what you mean........flooding would not be good. As for grateful horses....not mine either. They are not happy and they think it's MY fault. LOL

    Tracey, I wish I had a heated tank out there. I guess I'm going to have to invest. With curly hoses and heaters we should be all set...then maybe we'll never see this stuff again because we are TOO prepared. LOL

    As for genius moments.....don'tcha love 'em.

    Lulu, Normally I'm not a quitter but if giving up is all it takes to get this stuff to stop, I'm all with you! LOL

    Andrea, I could do with 70° about now but doubt there's much chance of that. Our airport is only running 20% of it's flights so I can't even take a vacation....that's if I could afford one with all these horses. LOL

    Our weather doesn't know what it wants to do either. It's just crazy. Hang in there!

    jme, I'm glad you like my song. I should have posted that it goes to the tune of "Let it Snow" but guess my brain was too numb from the cold.

    I don't know how much accumulation we would have if it wasn't warming up some in between blasts. There are deep drifts against the trees though.

    With the thick ice underneath the snow I've been afraid to put my horses out. I'm pretty sure we'd have lots of snorting and blowing here too. We figured out last night that at least 10 of these horses have never seen snow like this. Half of those have never stepped in the white stuff. LOL

    I sure wish it was safe to put them out. What a photo op that would be!!

    I'm with you on that bright side. More light from longer days will be most welcome!

  16. Great remake, very fitting. Wah I want a white Christmas too! I know you all hate when I say that and threaten to send me some... but I really would love it.

  17. Denise, you're right, I'd gladly send this your way if I had the power to do that.

    I don't really resent that you have warm weather. My poor frozen little body actually is glad to hear the earth isn't going into another ice age......but it still makes me groan that I am stuck in what feels like an ice age here! LOL

  18. Oh, how I am singing that same tune.... as I fret over the endurance conditioning I am losing every day...

  19. LOL!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been meaning to make it over here to say "hi" back!!

    What is up with this snow?? I am starting to get really bummed out by it. Do you have a lot in Graham?

    Stay warm and talk to you soon! :)

  20. Jonna, Yes, I'm sure you are worrying about conditioning. We are here too. We thought we had a jump start on things and now we're stopped dead in our track.

    Melanie, this is the most snow I have ever seen here. I think there are drifts a couple of feet in some of my stands of trees. What's it like in Enumclaw?

  21. I love this photo! Who's in it?

  22. DJ, that would be Scarlet on the right and Dancer on the left. Can't you tell? LOL

  23. Boy, how Scarlet has grown so fast!

  24. This is my 8th winter i the US and not one has been the same or even similar. At the beginning of 2007(The whole sad story is in my blog if yu care to dig it all up). Our compressor tank and pipes burst, took 3 days to fix but we still had the faucets a we could isolate that one tank but that was no dooner fixed than the well pump packed in the night we had about 8 or 12 inches of snow and it took us 5 days to get a new pump fitted because the plumbers were being run off their feet, so with about 18 horses in the barn and only well water for about a mile we had to haul in water in fallon jugs from a friend for 5 days twice a day to keep us and the horses watered. To make it worse when the well pump went so did our geothermal heating so we were stick without heat as well, so LOC I feel your pain. After that all the outside spickets were frozen solid because they had either cracked due to the freeze and had to be replaced in the summer or had leaks.

    Strangely enough we have had a lot of ice and freezing rain, a little snow but nothing that has really accumulated because of all the high winds, so I am not sure if we are going to get the lovely deep snow that I love photogarphing the horses in.

    MiKael I find that even when there is ice under the very dep snow, the horses seem to cope and not slip and slide like I would expect but the snow must be pretty deep.