Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Updates.........

As for updates on the current health of the people portion of this Arabian horse breeding farm, Lindsay is now fully recovered from her Life...........and a Level One Trauma........the Details incident of this summer. She still needs to go in for testing over the spot located on her lung that was found during the full body scan. However, we can't get that scheduled until the results of that scan are transferred to her primary care doctor. Sometimes the paperwork shuffle is exhausting..............I'll leave it at that.

Dave is still hobbling around after his A Day in the Life....................911 He is no longer walking with the assistance of old rake handles (What a sight that was.........the stubborn guy wouldn't settle for something normal to use.) He still has a little trouble getting up and down but seems to be ok on his feet. He has pushed himself beyond his limits more than he should so his recovery is dragging a bit.

I must admit that my tolerance of this episode has long since been shot. While I may not have been born on some cattle ranch in the old west, I'm definitely one tough cookie with a cowgirl ethic when it comes to pain. It's hard for me to comprehend the concept of "letting it all out" is useful............for me that just makes it worse.

After scaring the crap out of me collapsed on the floor unable to get up, I found myself stressed to the max worrying about Dave's condition. His long drawn out moans and groans toned like a 100 year old man on his death bed were more than I could bear. I found myself snapping at DAve that no death bed like groaning was allowed because I couldn't tell when he was in trouble and when he wasn't.

While it probably isn't really funny, it seems to have become the family joke around here. Dave can wince and b*tch about his pain.........and he can grumble a bit and even briefly (keyword here is briefly) make audible sounds.......but no long protracted moans and gutteral sounds...........and God knows no screams.........not if he wants his wife to survive this back injury of his.

And while we're on the subject of me surviving, I have an outpatient surgery that I must submit to Thursday of this week. While the timing of something like this is never good, with where the 3 geldings are currently in their training, sooner is better than later. The time is coming when I will need to be riding them on a regular basis. That means I must deal with this issue now.

The doctor expected it would take one to two weeks before I would be back up to par. He suggested to Dave that he might want to move into a motel for that time. I guess that means that this is going to be an extremely painful surgery..............however, you can bet there will be no death bed type utterances on my part.

We'll see how I do on keeping up with posting during this time. I'm hoping to get some blogs done ahead of time and scheduled in blogger so that there are no lapses. We'll see how well I do with this plan. Time is running out and I have barely gotten the additional posts started.

Coming next there will be updates on horses........and training issues............all part of MiKael Meets Richard............

Also I'd like to mention Callie at Midwest Horse surprised me today with a warm bouquet of flowers. As dreary as this winter, not to mention the stress over my pending surgery, has been this brightly colored flowers and their message warmed my heart.

I'd like to pass them along to some of my blogging friends who, hopefully, haven't received them yet. There's my friend at Brown Eyed Cowgirls Lori at ProPhoto by Lori Tracey at Mustang Diaries (who can't complain about viruses when it's flowers.........or can she??) Holly at DogsnHorses and Victoria Cummings at Teachings of the Horse \And also to my friend, Lady of Chaos. (I won't post her link since her blog is private but I wouldn't think of leaving her out of this group!) without these great blogging buddies I probably would have quit this venture months ago. So thanks ladies for your support and encouragement in what has been a tough year. Feel free to share this with your blogging buddies.

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  1. Wishing you a quick recovery from your surgery. I come from a family of people who have battled cancer and never uttered a word about pain, and I married into a family of very healthy people who complain about every little ache and pain. Every cold is a "bad cold", every pain means "something must be broken". It's exhausting trying to figure out what's important and what's not because there are so many little boys and big girls crying wolf.

  2. Glad to hear that Lindsey is doing better. As for Dave, he will heal, but don't you find all men overreact to their injuries. I'm like you, and suffer in silence. Hope your surgery goes well and you're back up to par quickly.

  3. Best of luck with the surgery Mikael. You will be missed!

  4. OH my goodness! Glad everyone seems to be on the mend!

    Praying for a quick recovery for your surgery!

    Congrats on the award!

  5. Ahhh! Thank you MiKael! How sweet! It is cold and snowy here, I am back to work after 11 days off so your timing is PERFECT!

  6. Mikael - Thanks so much for the beautiful flowers! I will be sending all the positive energy and thoughts I can muster to you on Thursday for a successful surgery. Don't worry about the blog - we'll all be here waiting to find out that you're recovering well and eager to hear more of your adventures - take good care of yourself. So glad that Lindsey is better!

  7. I'll be praying for your surgery and a quick recovery. Take care of yourself!

  8. Thank you, dear, for the flowers. No, I shan't complain!

    Praying for a speedy recovery for you, my friend, so you can get back out with those four legged babies of your's soon!

  9. Thank you for the lovely bouquet MiKael.
    I am glad to hear the everyone else is on the mend. I hear ya on the lack of pain tolerance in men. I think most women just have a higher pain tolerance...especially if they have had kids.
    I hope your surgery goes well and wish you a speedy recovery too.

  10. Sheesh MiKael, I am away for a few days and now hear this surgery thing for the first time, not sure if I have missed a post but hope things go well. You are always in my thoughts even if I don't post. (((Hugs)))

    Thanks for the flowers I need them at the moment!!