Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trash Talking Comment

I got an anonymous comment on the post Daffodil All Arabian Spring Show - Saturday Morning I'm not against anonymous comments or I wouldn't allow them on my blog. However, I really dislike people hiding behind anonymity to take pot shots at people.....me or my friends and that's how I took this comment.

The comment reads How can Angie show amateur and give lessons and train at the same time? Isn't that illegal? I always thought you were against cheating? The information in this comment is a far cry from what I wrote in that post. I said Angie gives lessons to a small group of kids.

This commentor took a big leap assuming that Angie was being paid for giving lessons and training, which she is not. She mentors a small group of beginners. She helps them out at horse shows and gives them lessons a couple of times a month during show season. There's nothing wrong with that.

The rule about being an amateur doesn't say an amateur cannot give lessons or mentor others. It clearly states that an amateur can not be paid for giving lessons. There is a big difference between the two.

While this commentor asked if the behavior was illegal, the added question about me being against cheaters clearly implies that this commentor has already made up his mind. He is not interested in the truth. He's just interested in making other people look bad.

It's my opinion the one who looks bad here is this commentor. Not only is he trying to ruin the reputation of someone who is doing good things for the industry by helping new people learn the ropes, he's trying to make me look bad as well implying that I am somehow condoning illegal behavior.

I really do abhor cheating. I make no bones about it. However, I fail to see how me being against cheaters has anything to do with stabling with someone who mentors newbies so my granddaughter can be around some people her own age.

This person is really reaching trying to create something bad here. It really makes me wonder what his problem is that he must stoop to such behavior. As much as I don't like cheating, I don't like trash talking any better and that's exactly what this has been.

I also would like to add a comment about those who do cheat. I know lots of them. However, knowing them does not mean that I like what they do or that I condone it. I can't control the behavior of others. What they do is their responsibility, not mine. If I could control the behavior of others you can bet I'd be starting off with this commentor and his trash talking.

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  1. I haven't read back through the posts I've missed just yet, but this isn't right. If someone is going to make accusations like this they should at least put their name to it, so if they have something more to add they can be found. Sooks. That's all they are.

    Don't worry about the comment hun, cowards will be cowards and we can't change their mind once they've got something in their teeth.

    Oh and I've tagged you! Come on over to Geckomusings for the details.

  2. Jumping out of lurkdom to just say trash-talking trolls are just not nice.

    And I don't even understand how teaching, mentoring, and being an amateur could have anything to do with cheating.

    It sounds perfectly harmless and wonderful to me.


  3. Trash talking trolls are why my blog is private. I just don't want to deal with the fake madeup negativity.

    Some people have nothing better to do than to jump to conclusions, assume things, then try to make some else look bad in order to make themselves look good. You're right they are not interested in the truth, they're more interested in how mean they can get and how much they can get away with saying before they're confronted.

    They NEVER bother to ask first to learn the truth, they make up whatever fits and run with it.

    They never learn, ignore them. They're not worth the time it takes.

    Defend your friend, most certainly. She deserves it!

  4. They just seem to rear their ugly heads once in a while, and the fact that they stay anonymous makes them cowards and not willing to back up their words.

    It appears that you know who this person is though and I hope you get it straightened out and get a formal apology from this person as well as him identifying himself.


  5. I must have missed that one. Rather than a darted comment and clearly a barb at the last of it about cheating, maybe an innocent question would have been a nicer way of commenting and getting an answer. At least have the balls to come out from hiding if they're going to throw barbs! Shame.

  6. Why would someone even leave a comment like that. Getting paid for teaching is one thing, then you're not an amateur anymore. If you're just helping out some kids out of kindness for free then that's amateur status.
    People always amaze me that they don't get their facts straight before mouthing off. But if you do want to mouth off then at least leave your name, so people know who you are and can address you and your issues. Nobody likes cheaters, but nobody likes back stabbing cowards either!

  7. Some people are like that and quite often it's because the read through things so quick and let their mind decide parts of what they read are to be true.

    I deal with people like this all the time and in most cases have learned to repeat myself so I'm certain they heard and registered information the way I meant for it to be transferred. In reading of course and the anonymity of the internet someone was probably just having a bad day themselves and needed to vent it out no someone else and was too lazy to read things correctly.

    Don't take it personal - it's their problem not yours hun!


  8. there are plenty of unethical people out there who deserve criticism, but you're hardly one of them :-) i also taught and trained for free as an amateur, so that comment affects me too. teaching/riding without getting paid is one of the only ways amateurs can get additional experience, and is a great way to give back to the sport and the horse community! if they ever make that against the rules, we're all in trouble! what a loss that would be for horsemanship.

  9. Nicely put, one would have to say.