Monday, September 29, 2008

Selling Horses........................Part 4

Part 1

Once the friend confronted the stallion owner about trying to horn in on the deal of the other friend, things got really kind of weird. The stallion owner got all caught up in the details trying to prove that she hadn't done this and she hadn't done that. But at no point did she try to deny that she was trying to get the agent to look at her colt.

In the stallion owner's eyes there was nothing wrong with her trying to sell these people her colt. She thought that as long as they came to her, even if it was about another horse (which she convinced them wasn't ok - but in her eyes she justified that as well) that it was ok for her to proceed.

The stallion owner (SO)didn't see anything wrong with any of her actions so she began attacking the woman who'd confronted her. SO began screaming at the woman who'd called her and blaming her for manipulating the colt's owner into thinking that the SO had done something wrong. When the woman wouldn't buy into that and back down, the SO hung up and began barraging the colt's owner with phone calls wanting to plead her own case.

The owner of the colt (CO ) didn't want to talk to the SO. She had had enough of this situation and she just didn't want to talk about it. She knew the SO would try to convince her that she had done nothing wrong. After buying those arguments for many years, the CO had just had enough. The frustrated SO left multiple messages to no avail.

I can understand the things that happened to this point. I'm pretty good at understanding people's patterns of behavior so this scenario really didn't surprise me. But what did surprise me was when the SO couldn't get through to the CO (who now she was claiming was her very best friend of many years, much to the CO's surprise) the SO actually threatened the CO. She left a message telling the CO if she didn't return the call by such and such time that she would email Richard and totally sabotage the CO's sale.

From there this thing went off into a barrage of emails both to the woman friend who had confronted the SO and to Richard, the agent. I think the SO may have thought she was building herself a good case but I think she did exactly the opposite. All this commotion caused Richard and his client not to want to deal with the SO at all. They never did go look at her horse.

As a matter of fact, the client ended up buying a filly somewhere out of the south. She didn't quite a bit of negotiating on this filly but they finally settled on a price. I believe the filly has even been delivered by now.

So what do you think? Was it OK for the SO to try and sell these people her colt when she knew they were looking at her friend's horse? Or did she do nothing wrong?

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  1. I think it is in the best interest of the buyer to be exposed to all possible matches for the filly or colt they are shopping for. The SO's behavior is unaceptable, though, and hopefully she showed herself that acting like a nut won't help you sell a horse.

  2. Oh, there's no doubt in my mind the SO was doing wrong! But maybe that's the way SO likes to work. Maybe she's a competitive seller? lol.. who knows.. But I definitely don't know how her brain operates. It honestly sounds like she thinks she has done no wrong... but does she seriously think that? or does she know what she is doing is wrong, and doesn't care, and just wants to do whatever she wants anyway?
    Honestly, I would not want to touch this situation with a 20 foot pole! lol. But at least the interested buyer, isn't interested in the SO., and it sounds like even with all this drama, interested buyer is going to buy the CO's colt right?

  3. I don't think the SO was right in this. I don't hone in on other's sales or things along that line. I definitely don't think it's right to try to sabotage a sale.

    It all comes down to respect, common coutesy, and treating others how you wish to be treated. Ethics, integrity etc.

    I understand that people are desperate for sales (I have a few for sale myself - for months lol) but I don't think this kind of thing will ever do your reputation any kind of good. In fact it could severly hurt your chances of making a future sale - no matter how good your horse is.

    If the SO really doesn't think she's done anything remotely wrong (sometimes you can't see it while you're doing it), then the SO needs to take a long step back, remove the emotion, and take a good long look at it, put herself in the CO's shoes, Richards shoes, and think about how it 'looks' from the outside looking in.

    Viewpoint and perseption can make a big difference in one's opinion.

  4. Had she handled it differently, yes, she should make sure the buyer knows about her colt. The way she went about it though, would have at least made me .think. about doing what the buyer ended up doing....going somewhere else totally. If I were the buyer I still would have picked the horse I felt was best for the money, but all things being equal, I'd have left this drama to someone else with a note to self to avoid SO in the future. SO very likely not only ruined this sale, but subsequent ones also.

    The friendship (if I were the CO) though would be over. Period. No talking, no being nice, polite maybe, indifferent....certainly.

  5. SO is nuts.

    And a prime example of why I like horses better than people ;)

    Great pics MiKael.... Hope all else is well with you. Miss chattering with you, but like you time has flown away here and I am way way behind in keeping up wiht folks AND blogging...

    Been thinking of you though!! ;)

  6. What an ugly situation. I think the SO should have stayed out of it and certainly shouldn't have gone to the lengths she did to find out what was going on and then to insert herself in the sale.

    Sadly, with the financial crisis our country is in right now, I fear we're going to see a lot of "every woman for herself" situations like this. When we start to threaten people's way of life, people's ability to feed their animals... things are going to get ugly.