Monday, August 4, 2008

Twins Video

I spent another long day helping over at Rose Corey's with the Johnny Johnston photo shoot so my brain is mush again. However, in my email I got this video clip from my friend, Mary Ann Millette. Mary Ann said that it reminded her of me and my twins and she thought I might enjoy it.

Although this video is not of horses, it's still worth a look.I can't figure out how to embed the video here but please click on the above link to see the cutest set of moose twins playing in someone's backyard sprinkler.

I think Mary Ann is right that my Arabian horse twins,Trouble and Surprise, would definitely have been up to such antics had they been given the opportunity. I can just imagine them playing in the water.

Mary Ann also asked about how the twins are doing, so I guess I need to get a update done on the little monsters. They are definitely enjoying their terrible twos.


  1. The twins are pretty cute, I wouldn't want to mess with Mama Moose though.

  2. Mother moose looks as if she's enjoying the sprinkler, as well. Though maybe just because the twins aren't tormenting her for the time being. I especially liked the first twin perfecting her(his?) soccer skills with the little red ball. Can't you imagine what they thought..."Look, mom, the rain's falling UP!"

  3. How can something so cute grow up to be so ugly! (Ha)

    Thanks for sharing the fun video! I sent the link to my friend in Alaska.

  4. Lovely video :)

    Here is how to embed it to your blog: next to the video is a box with a name of the poster etc It also has a line saying: Embed. You copy the code there and paste into your blog as text and done :)