Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life Jumped Up Again!!!!!!!!! What This Time??

Last night's post about Arabian horses was eaten when our power went out. I have no idea what put us in the dark but whatever it was kept us that way for long enough I was too pooped to post by the time it came back up.

Not only did it mess with my posting, it also put off getting address labels printed for the invitations to our annual open house. Those post cards needed to be in the mail by this time last week and yet I'll be lucky if they make the mail by tomorrow.

The post cards are still at the printers because Dave has driven by there twice and forgotten to pick them up. I'm pretty sure he forgot to go by the post office and pick up the stamps today as well. AND the printer has had some kind of brain f*rt and really doesn't want the new ink cartridge it's frantically blinking that it needs so it has only printed 9 of the 20 something pages of labels that we have in our database.

At this rate we'll be lucky if those post cards make it in the mail by Saturday. Later than that and we're really dead in the water with the holiday on Monday. Mailing them Tuesday means most people won't even get them before the event is over.

I should be pulling my hair out but I'm passed that. We're having a party here on Sept 7 whether anyone shows up or not. We're going to present all the horses and have a BBQ afterwards and just have a fun time. That's all there is to that!

I'm not going to post anymore about the Daffodil All Arabian Summer Show tonight. Instead Dave and I are going out to dinner. It's our 32 wedding anniversary and I'm pretty sure Dave doesn't think I should be spending it blogging! (If it wasn't for that printer, he'd be breathing down my neck trying to get me out the door now!) I hope to get back to regular posting tomorrow.


  1. Happy Anniversary and have a great dinner and a great night out.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoyed your night out.

    Even if no one else shows up to see your pretty horses, I'll be there. :) Relax, you'll get it all done and pull it all off without a hitch.

  3. Oh, Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on 32 years! I hope you get a chance to just enjoy yourselves!
    I really hope you can get the printer to wake up and smell the coffee too. Your open house sounds like a great time.

  4. Many congratulations on your anniversary, it was ours on Tuesday (7th).

    Hope that you get everything together before the open house, I know that if I was closer I sure would be there invitation or not LOL.

    Look after yourself (((((Hugs))))

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you had a nice dinner out.

    Have you considered sending out Evites? They're free at

    Hope your open house is a big success!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!! Wow! I once forgot to remove the safety tape off the ink cartridge and it took me days to figure out the problem! Good luck!

  7. Happy Anniversary
    {{{{Dave and MiKael}}}}



  8. Happy Anniversary (sorry I'm a bit late hun)!!!!!
    32 years! You must be doing something right! =D