Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Regional Champsionships Salem Wordless Wednesday

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  1. These pictures really take me back to my showing days! I miss it but I don't miss all the work. I guess I just don't have as much get up and go as I used to have!

  2. Wow MiKael- you catch the REAL horse show stuff behind the scenes SO well! ;)

    Brings back memories... :)

  3. Great pics! Great behind the scences pics! There is always a ton that goes on beforehand!

  4. Okay, now you're really making me miss Arab shows! It's funny how they look the same, even from clear across the country. It's one thing I was a little surprised about when I moved to Ohio from Califonia - that shows had the same atmosphere, same characters, and same feel.

    Kaswyn goes to boot camp today, so maybe next year?!

  5. Once again, nice to see the goings on outside the arena. Nice pics!

    Looking forward to hearing more

  6. thanx for taking us there... I'm getting pre-show stomach nerves as we "speak" :)

    Happy WW
    (my ww btw)
    gp in montana

  7. Great Wordless Wednesday! I love the last photo, I've done that before:)