Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life Jumped Up and Stung Me!

I really planned on posting more about the Chuck Kraft clinic this evening, but life jumped up and stung me.............literally! I got stung by a bee earlier this evening and I am deathly allergic. I've taken the appropriate drugs and now I'm too darn groggy to post anything that will make much sense.

In the meantime Lori thinks I've left you all hanging on a long list of things so here is the short version of those answers.

The twins
Latest show happenings
Patriot(?) and his injury
Rhythm and his owner
The latest baby
Whether the mare you bred AI this year is in foal or not ......

The twins are doing great. I hope to post a more detailed account of their antics soon. But in short form, Surprise is having difficulty learning her place in the herd. Being out with 7 other fillies, she's really not liking being delegated to the lowly rank of "nothing buy a lowly 2 year old" and therefore the bottom of the heap. She's got a lot of scraps and missing hide to account for her reluctance to accept this concept. But I can assure you she now has it figured out.

Trouble, on the other hand is in a smaller group of only 3 geldings. He used to be in charge but now that fighting over food has become an issue, Percy has decided to take over. Trouble isn't happy about that but definitely gave in much easier than Surprise. He's not letting Tag get any ideas abouit moving up on him though. There's no way that Trouble is going to settle for low man.

Latest show happenings.....is that the rest of Region 4 or the fact I'm getting entries together for the Daffodil Summer Show? I will post the rest of the story on Region 4 after the clinic and that's the most you get for now. If those darn videos would load, I'd have more but still struggling so that's all for now.

Patriot is the yearling who coliced this spring. He seems to be doing just fine although I'm still struggling trying to get some weight on him.

Andy is the yearling that hurt his leg and it's still not healed. The vet looked at it the other day and I'd say at least half of the area seperated from the coronet band is still seperated. Also we are stilll fighting the proud flesh. I have ordered the manuka honey but it hasn't arrived yet. I hope at the next bandage change to get pictures.

The lastest baby would be Scarlet. The other day I put a halter on her for the first time in quite a while and she threw a hissy fit. She flipped herself over on the ground and I've gone back to the drawing board to figure out how to fix this problem. Got some ideas at the clinic. I'll let you know how it works, that was part of why the second horse was interesting to me, part of his attitude definitely reminded me of Scarlet.

As for the mare I bred AI, I thought I had shared the information that she was indeed checked in foal. Thank goodness, I had no plans to go through that again. Her due date is April 26, 2009. Since marestare has me set up with a year round cam, she'll be up on live cam probably sometime this fall. That way people can get a chance to know her and her habits.

That's it for now. I'm going to go take a nap. This darn sting is driving me crazy! Does anyone else have problems with bees? If so, how do you prepare for them and deal with them??


  1. My foals flip themselves all over the place when first haltered. I just give them slack (don't hold the lead so it's tight) and let them have at it. The minute they start to get back up, I take in the slack until they take a step towards me, then I give them slack. Usually after one good session of flipping and flopping (if they do it at all to begin with) they don't do it again.

    I have one yearling who has started doing it again, so I'm stumped with him. He's a bit too big to get close to (to give slack on the lead) when he's flinging himself all over the place...

    I am totally allergic to bees. I avoid them at all costs. I pay someone to come out and remove hives. I usually just slowly and calmly walk away from them if they fly around me. There's really not much else you can do.

    I hope you feel better soon. :)

  2. Glad you had the meds for the bee sting! Yikes!

    Thanks for the updates. Sounds like there's no end to the "excitement" around your place.

    Who's the stunning foal in this post?

  3. So sorry you got stung! Do you carry an eppi-pen? sp? My yard man does and I know where he keeps it in his truck just in case I have to give him a quick shot. Hope you're feeling better now, you sure have had more then your share of things lately! Thanks for all the updates!

  4. If I had a horse like this one I would just let him or her do her or his thing and I would sit there and watch. Beautiful animals.

    Abraham Lincoln
    —Brookville Daily Photo

  5. Oh, no! Sorry to hear about the bee sting! I got 3 stings on my hand on Monday. I was cleaning out the stock water tank and when I went to tip it over, I put my hand right into a yellow jacket's hive that was under the lip of the tank. Ouch! Fortunately, I'm not allergic, but I did take 4 Benadryl right away. Even if you've never had an allergic reaction, you never know if the next one sting will be a problem. Since I live alone and no one is around to help if I did have problems, I figure it's better safe than sorry. The benadryl will slow the symptoms down enough that if I realize I'm having a problem, I should be able to call 911 for help. Just an FYI to others out there--better safe than sorry, because when these things hit, they hit fast!

    Sorry to hear that Andy's injury isn't healing. Does the vet think it will eventually heal up ok?


  6. Soory to hear about the bee sting! Not fun! My daughter is very allergic! So much so that I have to carry a Epi-Pen with me and Bendarydl, and sting ease topical medicine! The last time she got stung (when we found out she was allergic) she swelled up and broke out in hives all over her body. She says the worst part is all the itching!

    Hoping you get some rest and feel better soon!

  7. Good Grief! It never rains when it pours! Good grief!

  8. I'm with Lady of Chaos. Several of my foals have done the flip/flop thing when I start working on leading. I just let them flop and when they get up, I try to keep them facing me. I did have one filly several years ago that tried running backwards, and I tried holding her.. Bad idea. She had me crawling all over the pasture until she finally threw herself down and I was able to stop her. This year I have one that tried to run away from me while I had her on the leadrope. She had her head and neck twisted around, and I was kind of afraid that she'd fall over and hurt herself. Fortunately she kept her balance, and eventually stopped before my hands gave away. Now she's much more amenable, and she goes where I want. I'm hoping that she won't be a difficult horse to train. I have given her the barn name "Diva", because that's what she acts like.

    I also have a neat halter that the seller calls an "ADD Halter"...for attention deficit disorter. It is a sturdy web halter with a cable noseband permantently attached to the web noseband so that it can move but not fall off. There is a loop under the chin to attach a lead rope to, as well as the regular halter ring. Anyway if you attach your lead to the cable (metal cable covered with plastic cushioning) you can use it as a reminder to be good when your little darling decides to jump around. It clunks them on the nose, but doesn't constrict. I don't use it on my babies mostly because the halter is too large for them (made for warmbloods, etc), but I do use it on the yearlings, especially the yearling colts. I normally use it on a yearling until I feel he's a pretty reliable citizen, then I move to a regular web halter. It pretty much makes a believer out of them relatively quickly.

  9. MiKael-who the heck did you piss off? You need to have a little talk with the Karma Gods my friend. Maybe a sacrificial lamb?? Just kidding-I really hope your luck turns around soon girl-you have had your fair share, and then some of bad luck.

    I know you said that you have used Frank Lamphley's products before...so are you using some of his external rub and wound powder now?? Honestly, MiKael-I used it on Frosty's cut foot-and it was bad-most people would have taken him to a vet-and his foot is healed up now. It took a month from the time I found him with the injury to get it healed and skin and hair back on it. That is really fast for a wound that was as deep as his. All I did was do a cold water soak on it for 5-10 minutes, made sure it was clean, poured some external rub on it-let that set for a few minutes and packed the wound with wound powder and then bandaged with some cotton wrap and vet wrap. I only did it every other day too. That gave the wound powder time to work. Give it a try-you sure won't hurt anything.

  10. Hmm, not sure about advice on bees unless I know where the hive is. They are such valuable and endangered bugs right now that I would say please, please don't resort to spraying! I believe bees dislike the smell of manure, so they might be grumpy if they were careless enough to settle near the barn. When I've gotten stung before, I've put toothpaste on it right away and that acts like a poultice and draws out most of the poison.

    If it was a bumblebee, those are pretty solitary, and I guess just try to avoid getting in their way...

  11. You have such pretty pictures included with your blog! I'm no help with the bees, but did like the updates on everything!

  12. I'm just getting caught up on all of your recent posts.

    I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter was injured - I hope that she recovers soon and is back to her regular self soon. She is lucky to have such a calm collected, take-charge Mom!!

    Your story about her trauma had me in knots - I think I held my breath through half of it... You held it together when most people would have totally lost it... wow.

    On a cheerier note, I love all of the pictures you post - arabs are so gorgeous!

  13. So glad to hear the AI went well and you have a pregnant mare.
    I'm going with my neighbor friend tomorrow to find out if her Mare, Annie's AI took. It's been 2 weeks, and with all the trailer training and many trips to the Vet for U/S exams, I am really hoping there'll be a baby growing in there.

    I don't know about bee allergies. I don't remember ever being stung. But I am seriously allergic to poison ivy and am suffering from it right now.
    It's more than just itchy and swollen. It's actually tingly and painful and makes me feel nauseus.

    I hope the bee allergy symptoms go away quickly for you and that you're feeling betetr soon.