Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Day in the Life of an Arabian Horse Breeder - the Clinic

I got up early here to get my Arabian horses fed and a couple of stalls cleaned before I headed off for the clinic. My plan was to stay at the clinic for just a short time and then head home to be with Lindsay again. But when I called home to check in Lindsay had company on the way to visit so that meant I could stay longer.

I had seen Chuck Kraft speak at the Region 5 mini convention and could tell that what he taught was a lot like what I have learned working with Harvey Jacobs. I had only heard a small portion of his presentation back in January so I was looking forward to seeing what he did with an actual horse in hand.

I knew it probably wouldn't be an Arabian horse because it was a benefit clinic for Judy Mitton. She rides endurance and is a member of the Back Country Horsemen so the odds were the horses would come from that connection.

In case you're wondering if I think dealing with Arabian horses makes a difference, I certainly do. I've expressed some of my opinions on that subject in one of my earliest posts Are Arabian Horses Different from Other Horses?
In addition to the things I said there Arabian horses are also capable of thinking of two things at the same time so working with them to get their undivided attention can be more difficult than other horses. I can learn a lot more that is helpful in working with my Arabian horses by seeing how other Arabian horses are handled and how they react to the techniques used.

So imagine my delight when the first horse that came off the trailer turned out to be an Arabian horse. It was an 8 year old gelding who had gone to a trainer as a youngster. The horse had been sent home after only one week as too crazy to be trained. But then knowing that trainer, my thoughts are the Arabian horse was better off that he had been spared the so called methods of that particular trainer.

The horse came off the trailer looking like he hadn't been any place during his lifetime. He was wide eyed and snorting but looking like he was trying to pay attention to his owner. It was going to be interesting to see Chuck Kraft use his methods to get this horse ready to be started under saddle.

So whodda thunk when I got up this morning, I'd not only get a break from home for a few hours but I'd actually get to see not 1 but 2 Arabian horses getting worked in natural horsemanship. Lindsay had a friend come to visit and her sister came out for a while as well and I got most of the day to myself doing what I like stuff. I didn't get to ride but this was almost as good!

I know I'm going to make you all crazy by saying this but I'm going to pick this up tomorrow. By the time I got home from the clinic and got my evening chores done, I'm pretty sure I've not got enough left to do this subject justice. So I promise tomorrow I will tackle the Chuck Kraft clinic which just happens to be my first exposure to anyone trained Parelli.


  1. I'm glad you got some horse time in. Sounds like Lindsay had a nice visit as well, so it all worked out great for everyone.

    I can't wait to hear more about the clinic.

  2. Looking forward to your next installment of the clinic! Glad you got a day to rest and relax doing what you love to do Mikael, I'm sure you needed it after all you folks have been through in the last few weeks.

  3. Woohoo nearly a whole day to yourself. I bet it was like heaven despite the lack of riding time.

    I didnt get to my trail ride ... another long story. It has been extremely hot. Hope that the day gave you a rejuvenating break.


  4. I LOVE hearing stories about life surprising you in a good way, MiKael! You weren't planning on being able to stay long at this event but life jumped up and surprised you. That's awesome.

  5. Oh cool. I can't wait for details.

  6. I'm glad you to spend time at the clinic and get a break for yourself. Looking forward to the details of the clinic.


  7. Hoooray!!! How nice you were able to take in the clinic!
    A good friend once coached me..."Remember this: With Arabians you train the mind and the body will follow; with other breeds you train the body and the mind will follow".
    I usually chuckle when folks say that this Arabian is to_____(whatever)to train. And...I can't wait to hear more!!!

  8. Neat~can't wait to hear about the clinic!

  9. katee, you're right, life did surprise me in a good way. It was a nice break that I really hadn't expected.

    molly, I think the fog has cleared up some so I might actually be able to post details tonight. LOL

    Ann, I didn't realize how burned out I was until I got there and really found myself dreading coming back home. It's just so easy to stay focused and not realize that your candle is pretty burnt.

    equinespirit, it was a fun clinic. It was too bad there were not more people there.

    jeamette, well, this clinic had a couple of "those types" of Arabians. It was really cool to see their progress.

  10. Mikael, Those of us who know you through blogger, know to expect the unexpected and to expect to hang on every word until the next post, LOL, Waiting to find how this clinic went!

  11. As Callie says you always give us cliffhangers but lets see what you are torturing us with at the moment still:

    The twins
    Latest show happenings
    Patriot(?) and his injury
    Rhythm and his owner
    The latest baby
    Whether the mare you bred AI this year is in foal or not ......

    I am sure we will be able to go back and find a couple more LOL. Life sure does get in the way!!

    Hope you got to ride today.

  12. sounds like a great clinic. staying tuned. And yes.. .from my albeit short arabian ownership.. they are different... a connection unparalleled with the others (at least for me)

    happy trails
    gp in montana