Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday Time at an Arabian Horse Farm

Considering the most recent events here, today is a particularly special day with Lindsay celebrating her 28th birthday. Ever since her treatment for brain cancer each birthday has been sweet but there's nothing like a serious accident to freshen that resolve to live each day like it's going to be the last and make each birthday all the more special. We're really glad to have Lindsay still here with us.

We had our usual busy day here with all these Arabian horses. I had an appointment with the farrier at the other barn and with farrier appointments being hard to come by there way now way I could cancel for Lindsay's birthday. So Legs got new shoes and the other four got trims. Dandy will get his new shoes tomorrow.

Then when I got home it was time to deal with the horses here. Since the weather changed Lindsay spent part of the day putting shavings into stalls and filling water buckets anticipating the fore casted rain. By late afternoon the rain had arrived and Dave and I actually put all the horses back inside into stalls for the first time since Lindsay got hurt.

I think all of them were glad to get in out of the elements except Solidare who has bonded big time with Scarlet. The mare wanted to stay and hang out outside Lucy and Scarlet's stall despite getting drenched. You'd think with her arthritis she's want to be in a nice dry stall. But that mare is dying for a baby of her own and since she's not got one she's going to stay close to the only baby on the place.

Then there was Louie who took one look at me in my yellow rain slicker and said "NO way!" He went running off like the devil was after him...........snorting and blowing. The darn horse can trot level when he gets excited and I was thinking that Mike Whelihan should see him now. I'm sure he'd be wondering where this western horse stallion of mine got the genes for that kind of trot. I did finally managed to catch Louie but not before I rolled up my crinkly sleeves so they didn't "touch" the poor boy.........silly horse!

Once the horses were all tucked in to their nice clean dry stalls (it only took me the whole three weeks to get them clean! LOL). We got ourselves cleaned up and headed down the road to Red Lobster for Lindsay's birthday dinner.

We had a leisurely meal and Lindsay and I both gorged ourselves by also having dessert! But we spared her the humiliation of the waiters and waitresses singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Instead I hummed it to her in her sweet little ear. Poor girl...........I was so out of tune.

Happy Birthday, Lindsay!


  1. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

    Normally birthdays are a time for having a break from hard work but it must be wonderful to be back in the barn!

  2. Happy Birthday Lindsay.....hope you enjoyed your dinner, I love Red Lobster!

  3. Happy Birthday Lindsay! Have a great day.


    I am glad you took her out and that you both got desert...birthday's only come once a year you know :P.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lindsay! What a great day!

    Must have been farrier day Tuesday! Ours came yesterday morning and got ours done!

    Red Lobster-Yum-O! I love there stuffed mushrooms, shrimp scampi and cheddar biscuits! They also have a mean casear salad! That is where little cowgirl wants to eat when she gets a vote! I have raised her right! LOL!

    Too many more birthdays!

  6. Happy, HAPPY Birthday!!!!

    Sounds like a truly wonderful and blessed day MiKael!!

    It is wonderful to know that Lindsay is still here and so strong. YAY!!

  7. Happy Birthday Lindsay! And I am sooo glad that you are back in you element with the horses!!!!

  8. Belated birthday greetings to Lindsay! I'm so glad to hear that she is feeling well enough to start helping out in the barn again. Sounds like she had a nice birthday dinner.


  9. Sometimes "normal" routines are such a blessing!
    Happy Belated Birthday to Lindsay. Very glad to hear you are back at the barn-the world is getting "right" again.

  10. Happy Birthday Lindsay! I hope you had a great one!!!

  11. A belated Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!! Glad you had a nice meal (I still havent gone to Red Lobster and am dying to because I love sea food and have not eaten lobster) so I am sooooooo jealous.

    I am glad things are starting to get back to some semblance of normality and glad that all the stables were done just in time. I am starting mine now in preparation, but it has been very dry here, south of Indianapolis they have had rain almost every day, we 60 miles north have had nothing for weeks.

    Trying to finish up all my print orders, the job doesnt end at the show, it is a long haul to get the computer side of everything done too and I hope to have it all done by tonight.

    Poor Solidaire hope she has settled down now and not fretting too much over Scarlet.

    Thinking about you all ((Hugs))

  12. Happy Birthday, Lindsay!!! Sounds like it was a really good day, especially the celebration! :)

  13. Happy Birthday Lindsay!! ((HUGS!!))

  14. Happy Happy Birthday to Lindsay!!!!!!

  15. Yea, happy birthday to Lindsey! Sounds like you had a busy day but got to spend some special time together. 28 is a big year, those 30's are quickly approaching, LOL! I hope she is feeling better.

    Changes in weather are so odd...I was in a tank top at the park with a friend and her children this a.m., and now it is raining and feels like fall! Strange! Of course, tomorrow is farrier day so I hope it doesn't rain!

  16. Happy Birthday to Lindsay! Glad to hear it was a good day for her!!