Sunday, June 29, 2008

Region 4 Championships - Behind the Scenes

I spent most of the day trying to get videos uploaded to YouTube but without muct success. I'm not getting error messages so I have no idea what the problem is except I think one video is too long. Since I haven't figured out how to edit my videos yet, I'm stuck.

I spent all that time trying to fix this problem when I should have been writing a post. Now it's late and the bed is calling me since I still haven't caught up from the Region 4 sleepless nights. So instead of a post here are some random shots from the behind the scenes at the horse show.

Thanks go to Megan's mom, Robin, for taking all the videos and these pictures. My camera died at the horse show so it'll be a while before you see pics from me again.
As you can tell from these pictures there was a lot going on and everyone got involved from hanging drapes to rides for the little ones and everything in between it was pretty much a team effort.

I resisted posting more pictures of Dakota, Angie's beautiful boxer, it was, after all, a horse show and NOT a dog show. But Dakota certainly was a special part of the experience for me, anyway. I still can't get over the people who came to take her home for a "visit" and doggy spa treatments, but that's another story for another day...............

Hope you like the pics. Doesn't it make you want to go show horses!


  1. You probably have no idea how much all of this reminds me of the days when my older sister Melissa was into horses and showed her bay QH gelding Baylor. I just loved going to the shows and watching the horse shows. How much this makes me want to show, or even just watch a show, A WHOLE LOT IT DOES! LOL. Boy I wish I owned a show horse. I would of wanted to continue showing Baylor, but when Melissa was 17, she sold the horses to buy a car, and I was only 8. I didn't even know they were getting sold til when I saw them get sold, and I was sad because I felt like those were my horses too! also congrats on the progress with Legs. I LOVED how he was moving to the rhythm of the song! I think more horses should be in CMV's! country music videos. I've seen goats in a couple country music videos, and one of my FAVORITE CMV IS: Alan Jackson, Red On A Rose! LOVE THAT SONG! LOVE THE VIDEO! I LOVE ALAN JACKSON! LOL wow, seriously I just said I love Alan Jackson. If I was his age, I'd call him hot and romantic, all wrapped into a man named Alan Jackson. I love his songs. Lol, am I crazy?

  2. I've gone with a friend to a dog show, I've gone with another friend to a cattle show...I love horses and have never been to a horse show. What's wrong with me I wonder? Haha.
    I really enjoy looking at behind the scenes photos/videos it's a whole new world to what you see in the ring.

  3. ok, so i'm completely ignorant when it comes to arabian shows... there are both english and western classes?

    i love the pix - i haven't been away to a show in years and sometimes i do miss it. maybe we'll get back to it some day...

    your horses are beautiful. congratulations on a successful show!

  4. Looks very familiar. Sometimes I miss showing, sometimes not. The boxer was adorable hope you get a pup when the time comes.

  5. LOVE the pics!! I was at a show filming a friends showmanship class and talk about a good kick in the pants to get my keester in gear...LOL! Dang...I want so badly to show now!! LOL!

  6. kim, you sound just like a kid to me. lol

    gecko, ya, what's the deal? No horse shows......sounds like you need to fix that real soon! lol

    jme, yes, at Arabian breed shows, the horses do all kinds of things from 5 different types of english, western, trail, reining, working cows, showmanship, halter, western horsemanship, native costume....the list goes on. All kinds of things to show the versatility of the Arabian horse.

    grey horse, me too........I am really looking forward to having one of Dakato's pups. Cross your fingers they thought she was pregnant in the spring but ended up with no pups. I'm hoping for lots of them this time.

    equinespirit, good, you have the bug. I'm with you.....get your you know what in gear! lol

  7. It really got me "homesick" for New York and the show folks I know there... and I miss so much going to shows.

    Years ago it was up at dawn and you know the rest of the drill.

    But most of all I miss being around horses... just their aroma is healing.

    Great shots and thanks for bringing me back "home" in many ways.

    Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  8. Ahhhh, I love the behind the scenes! Must be the 'horse show mom' coming out in me. Thank you for sharing the pictures!

  9. Hanging drapes! totally brings back memories.

    Need to show...need to show...need to show...

  10. Sorry to hear about your camera, bummer! HOpe you get it fixed or another one real soon!
    Beautiful boxer-can't wait to see the puppies!
    Behind the scenes~thanks for sharing!

  11. Yup...I have the fact...our first show is July 20th...was going to be August 10th BUT a friend is going to that show, it's close (about 20 minutes away), and hey...why not...LOL! *grin* NOW to get my keester in gear and working with a purpose on getting both of us ready for the more of this piddly farting around...ought to be...ummm...interesting...LOL!

  12. These are nice to see MiKael and such an important part of what goes on at the shows. I wish I shot more candid stuff when I am photographing at shows, but I spend so much time in the ring and then I dont feel like it after 12 hours in the sun LOL