Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rachel & Grandma and Arabian Horses - Select Rider Video

Part One Salem

OK, here's the video from that Select Rider class. It's taken me two days to get loading this video to You Tube figured out. I'm afraid it took of most of my post writing time so the video is what you get for today's post.

I'm going to try to load up a couple of Rachel's classes as well so you can see Dandy and Rachel in the ring too! Hopefully I'll be able to get both a hunter class and a western class up on Rachel and maybe one of my championship classes with Legs so you can see the improvement the horse made from one class to the next.

Junior Western Pleasure

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  1. I almost missed what you were talking about. I had to watch it twice to make sure that I had the right part.

    Sure looked like a flying change to me. :)

  2. Very nice video. I don't really know what I am looking at so can't make an intelligent comment, but I do know the horses are doing their best to do what they were taught and for me that part was perfect.

  3. I am glad to know I am not the only person who has issues trying to get things on youtube! I felt so alone before :P. When I first saw you come in the ring I just kept thing how slow you were going and then everyone else came in the ring and come of them are even slower! I am glad it is you and not me that rides western pleasure because I was ready tp pull my hair out watching some of those people jog so slowly :P. That stinks with the canter but I thought the rest of your ride was very nice. I have a question for you...how come you are not more relfective in the show ring. Some of those ladies have so much silver on them I was blinded as they went by. You seemed to not have as much. Is that a personal preference (like browbands in dressage) or is there a reason behind it becuase Legs seems plenty flasy without it and some of those silver plated horses did not seem to shine themselves...just wondering. Give Legs a pat from me for being a good boy!

  4. You look great and your Arabian horse looks wonderful. I loved the fact that they played music during the class. I guess you can tell I've never been to a western show. I can't believe the slow pace of the horses in the jog and the lope. I've never gone that slow on purpose at a show,it must be hard to keep them at that pace. I will be looking forward to Rachel and Dandy's video, I'm enjoying learning new things.

  5. What a gorgeous blog. I found you through MrsMom's blog.

    Love the videos. You have been added to my blog!

    Hope you will visit me too. While my blog is not only about horses, they are frequently featured.


  6. You did a good job staying on the rail and responding immediately to the announcer's changes. I'm just amazed that you can get your horse to move up and down the paces without breaking into a different gait. Lead changes are still too complex for me to grasp, though my trainer did teach me the gist of it.

  7. Loved the video! I thought you looked great!! Thanks for sharing! It is defintely intersting to see and learn about the Arabian showing.

  8. woo hoo! video! Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to post this, MiKael. You are a very descriptive writer, but it is so nice to actually see your boy's wonderful gaits.

    You looked so calm and quiet in the saddle. You two were wonderful to watch and even though I knew it was coming, I cringed a little for you both when he switched leads. He really did start out correctly--I wonder what made him decide to switch?

    Can't wait to see Dandy! Thanks again for the video.

  9. Nice flying lead change. It looked so effortless. I'm sorry. Who knows why, and I can see why this would make you second guess yourself.

    It was amazing to see the video. Thanks for sharing what I have only been imagining in my head.

  10. I thought you looked good to me. I enjoyed the video!

  11. lady of chaos, the only reason I spotted it right off is I rode the class and new exactly where it happened. Even with that I had to review it several times to be sure what I saw.

    abraham, I know that feeling. I remember when watching too many western classes could get boring because I didn't know the details to be looking at. I just enjoyed the horses and riders. Boy, was that a long time ago. lol

    onethebit, once I found out it could be five minuted PER MB, it made sense it was taking so darn long. I just walked away and left it and we were good! lol

    When you said "reflective" I was confused until you mentioned being blinded. lol It is personal preference for me. I think all that sparkle and silver cover up the horse. It's just not my thing. I think my horse stands out on his own.

    grey horse, I don't know about music at western type shows, but at the Arabian shows there is usually music with the classes. Some announcers pick better music than others however, and sometimes it can be wierd. lol

    Legs is not slow enough in the bridle yet, so keep that in mind. To get a horse be that slow and still have the gaits be true really seperates the great horses from the ok ones.

    I'm afraid this video doesn't give much opportunity to see the poor movers but most of them out there would be in that category. Also it gets easier to see the horses that have been really trained to go that slow and the ones that have been forced into a frame.

    equinespirit, I see you are on the ball with you tube and have subscribed to my videos. I can't believe how much time it takes to load those things. lol

    kneadstoknow, thanks for checking out my blog. I will visit yours soon.

    nuzzling muzzles, don't get too amazed at the discipline of my horse. lol The little bugger began anticipating. You'll see what I mean his next video. lol

    kwdhorses, thanks, we looked better than I thought. moving slower and on a draped rein and we will be awesome. I can't wait for that day.

    katee, I think it was my fault. When I replay it in my mind, I can feel my inside leg still into his side through the change. I should have removed it or lightened the pressure before I asked.

    kathy, I did feel much better once I could see I hadn't missed the departure and there was a reason why we ended up wrong. Better....but not totally confident. :(

    callie, ya when you don't know all the nuances of western pleasure, it can look really good when it's just ok. For me the foundation is good but the finish isn't there yet. Wait until you see the finish. I'm living for that day.

  12. Wonderful video!!!! Love it! You look so good together! I couldn't do a flying lead change if my life depended on it. Just never have been able to do it. DUH!!!
    I'm looking forward to the rest of the videos!

  13. Wow MiKael that was fabulous to watch, I think that horse passing you right at the time you had to lope didnt help matters at all and at this size it is diffficult to see especially with the other horse in the way. I think the rest of the ride loooked fabulous, you were the smoothest most round and soft horse in the ring (I am biased of course LOL), what a shame. I am going to look at it again and am looking forward to the others, you look great up there and that blanket is gorgeous!!

  14. Great video! Thanks for going to the trouble of posting it. :)

    You two looked good and Legs was being a nice boy. He looks like a joy to ride!

  15. Thank you os much for posting that video! I love reading your descriptions of the classes in your blog but actually seeing it helped put it all together. I appreciate the trouble you went through. It was nice to see Legs in action. He is a gorgeous boy!

  16. You make showing look easy Mikael. Very cool to watch you in the ring. Looked like a nice trot to sit.