Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life, the Devil and Crashing Dreams - Part 2

Part 1

After Rich hung up, I didn't even know what to say. I was on the road taking Rachel to Angie's but my mind was lost in this latest situation with the Arabian horse, Scandalous Rhythm. Torn between worrying about Brittany and Rich and now what this might mean for my baby, I didn't really know what to think. I let Rachel know the details of the phone call hoping in the process I could sort something out.

There had been so much information and Rich was so scattered I was having trouble putting it all into perspective. There were so many questions and not nearly enough answers. I wanted to know but wanted to respect they had issues more important than me to deal with at the moment. Rich had said they would call back so I would wait for that call.

The day seemed to drag as I worried about all the possibilities. Rich had said the doctors believed that there was damage to the cartilage and probably the ACL tendon but to know for sure they would need an MRI. They also said the trip taking Brittany to Massachusetts might be dangerous and cause more damage.

Then there were the other bits of information that Rich had shared. Like they were going to take pictures of Brittany riding in the hunt saddle as well. Since the BNT had said the horse was a hunter not a western horse. That suggested they were looking to market him as such. I don't know if those pictures got taken or not.

The other piece of information had to do with me. At my suggestion Rich had sent the video taken at the BNT's in March on to another big name trainer for a second opinion. The trainer was one of those I had suggested in a frantic message pleading Rhythm's case. Rich was thinking there might even be a response waiting for him when he returned home.

The only thing I was worried about was that this new BNT might not take the time to respond. It was clear to me how important this was to Brittany and Rich. Their belief in the horse had been shaken. They needed something to hang onto and now more than ever. But getting one of the Big Boys to just step up and be helpful, how likely was that? I was thinking I might give this process a little nudge. I hoped because I had a friend who has horses in training with this particular, I might get her to plead Rich's case and at least get an truthful evaluation about this horse.

Later that day Brittany called me from Natasha's apartment after they had finished at the emergency room. Rich and Brittany would be spending the night there. Then in the morning they would go back to the farm, pick up the horse and then make their way home to Massachusetts.

Brittany explained to me pretty much the same that Rich had done. Except she had first ridden the horse in the arena since he hadn't been worked in a while (although Rich was still paying for training) and the horse had been naughty there. Despite that behavior the BNT had them go ahead outside to take pictures.

When Brittany shanked the horse as instructed by the assistant trainer, the horse spun (as only Rhythm can do in a move I have experienced more than once) around causing Brittany to fall to the ground. She landed on both feet with the reins still in her hands. The horse bolted. When he hit the end of those reins, the force caused Brittany's leg to snap like a twig.

I asked her if she was on drugs and she said "No......they'd given her pain killers." That answer told me a bit about the condition Brittany was in. The doctors had advised her to take more pills at the first sign of pain. Waiting until the pain was unbearable would make the painkillers ineffective.

I assured her that it was important to listen to these instructions. Having been there myself several years ago, I know about this kind of injury and the accompanying pain. We talked about her treatment, physical therapy and such.

Then she told me that it was an accident and it was no one's fault. She said it wasn't Rhythm's because he hadn't been worked and the "correction" was not right for him. She sure couldn't blame him for that. Then she began to tell me how it wasn't ANYONEs fault. I'm afraid I didn't agree with her. Wouldn't you know right when I began to give her my point of view on the subject, she got another call. She told me she would call me back but I never heard from her.

To be continued................

I really want to thank everyone for your comments on this matter. Your support have been overwhelming.

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  1. Oh man, my thoughts and well wishes to Rich and Brittney, and Rhythm, and you too!
    I am...MAN...there are not words to quickly discribe this, anger, discust, disappointment, frustration, concern!
    I am stunned...where is the passion for the "horse"? - Showing these amazing creatures did not originate with big business...but passion, where did it go? And, what in heaven's name happened to compassion for each other?
    I hope Brittney finds her way and strength in herself along the way. Strength to stand up for what is right, for her, for her horse and her loved ones and the strength to act on her convictions.

  2. If there is any way I can help....please let me know. If I could afford him, I would offer on him in a heartbeat....he is incredible...

  3. Keeping EVERYONE involved in our prayers here. (Even BNT--- and ASstT- hoping that they find a better way to do the job, and treat people accordingly.)

    Keep us posted as you know... (Well DUH! Of course you will!)

    Britteny- if you are reading this- heal up qucik! My husband has had 2 knee surgeries on his left knee, and it was a tough process BUT he is steadily gaining round and getting better. You are MUCH younger than we are, so that is a HUGE plus! Chin up, and heal up!

  4. I am waiting anxiously for all the new developments on this subject, and if Rich is reading this, do what you have to do, this guy needs to be shown the error of his ways! Easier said than done I know but hang in there and make sure you get fairly compensated especially for your daughter. I am not normally one who would shout sue sue sue, but in this case think that the person who had the knowledge should be held liable for this, it should never have happened especially after all of the money you have put out on his training. They dont help much over cyberspace but you have my thoughts and prayers, and I hope Brittany heals quickly.



  5. It's a little hard to believe that Brittany would not hold the trainers at least partly responsible for what happened that day. Had the horse been in consistent work and being trained(as paid for) this may not have happened. It should be a clue for Brittany and Rich that if the horse is misbehaving in an arena the last thing you want to do it bring him outside in a field full of horses for pictures. I'm sorry but that's just common sense 101, of course the horse wasn't going to behave. I'm afraid that after hearing about pictures being taken in both English and Western saddles I'm thinking they may be going to sell him. Which is just wrong because they are taking the word of a lying, deceitful trainer who I am sure has already picked out their next horse for them at his place or somewhere he knows he can get a hefty commission and make some more money on these two unsuspecting people. I have seen this happen over the years more than once, the old bait and switch con game. Disreputable trainers tried to pull the same scenario on me. Luckily I am not so trusting of someone else's opinion and am glad I didn't cave to their pressure. I had the most wonderful time with my guy for fifteen years.I'm hoping for everyone's sake they hold onto the horse and take it slow and find the right trainer.

  6. the good news is that she still likes the horse.

    I think she should head somewhere else for training, this hasn't been good for her or the horse.

  7. I will be so sad if this lovely young horse is sold again and we lose track of him. I'm sure Brittany and Rich will do exactly what they need to do, however. I hope Rhythm is safely up in their barn by this time, where Rich can continue giving him some attention. Maybe that original friend of Brittany's can come give him a little exercise while Brittany recuperates.

  8. I'm sitting on pins and needles here! Uggghhhh!! Would it be possible to just quit working with the BNTs and work directly with you via videos? Ya she could send you vids every week or something and you could tell her what she needs to work on and what not? Rhythm and Brittany have what it takes...I just know it!

  9. I'm glad Brittany and Rich are heading home with Rhythm. I hope the trip doesn't cause more damage to her leg. I'll be sending healing energy that Brittany can reflect on all the events and see the truth of the situation. It's out of your hands, so try not to worry yourself.


  10. Oh good grief! What a nightmare! I hope the kid is alright and they don't give up on Rhythm. Some trainers are just assholes, aren't they. I've dealt with good ones and bad ones and I've found if they decide they don't like the horse for whatever reason, then they don't work with it. Bullshit! they're being payed and well at that! What a bunch of crap!

  11. Oh dear - I hope things work out for everyone involved. It must be so stressful to be so far away and not able to step right in and assist with this mess.

    Sending good thoughts all 'round.

  12. I have to agree w/Grey Matters - really why on earth would you take a horse out of a ring when its misbehaving and expect it to act better in a field? And if they were paying for training - why hadn't the horse been worked? If the horse was misbehaving why didn't the trainer get on it? This is a crock..can't you name the trainer so we can send spam...

    Good, honest trainers are HARD to find...grey horse makes some excellent points about bait & switch..

  13. Gosh, this is a stunning photograph of a horse. I really like that.

  14. Poor Rhythm :(
    The way you worded the last sentences makes me feel like there is more trouble coming :(

  15. thoughts and prayers to all...
    phil 4:13
    gp in montana