Friday, May 16, 2008

Queen of the Mommy Bloggers .......What No Horses with All That PooP?

The other night as I was trying desperately to get my daily post up before the clock struck midnight , Nightline just happened to be running a story about what they called an irreverant mommy blogger. Queen of the Mommy Bloggers was the term I heard. I heard this blogges was taking the blogosphere by storm, I have to admit after I pushed the publish button I had to head for the television to see what all the fuss was about.

Imagine my surprise to find them discussing topics dear to my heart like poop. Yes, that's right, POOP. This blogger says she has a whole category devoted to the stuff like that was some kind of novel idea. They talked about all that poop and nary a mention of a horse. If they think babies have the corner on that market they're definitely sadly mistaken.

Obviously hers and Nightline's perception of the world is a bit closed if they don't know poop's important to lots of us. Heck, I've devoted volumes to poop and no one's holding me up like some role model. What's the deal anyways? I'm a mommy blogger too! Well, maybe a horse mommy blogger but that's a mommy blogger none the less. Geez poop is one of my favorite things and you don't see them lining up to interview me. I guess they just don't understand the importance of poop and why some of us just might make posting about it a priority.

After all, a horse with no poop is NOT a good thing. There's nothing more important than tracking it's production, watching it's consistency, not to mention disposing of the stuff in a "green" manner. What were they thinking that they've left us horse mommy bloggers out of the loop of those needing to be read. We have LOTS OF POOP!

Heck, we even have enough to share. There might be enough methane in my Mount Manure to run a plant bigger than 3M or whoever that is bragging they're running of gas from a dump. With some media attention, my pile might turn into a national resource don't ya think?

We mommy horse bloggers have lots to offer here. We can and do get irreverent about lots of stuff.......heck husbands or children daring to compete with our horse time to start. Then there's those trainers or owners or other people with opinions who pretend to care for horses who only really care for their bank accounts. All are fair game on any horse mommy blog.

Just ask my friends:

Mrs Mom over at Oh HorseFeathers & Related Twisted "Tails" can get going on rants about lots of good stuff........from neglected horses to bad shoes.

Browneyed Cowgirls did a great job on Natural Horsemanship and the Learning Process

and Barn Goddess on Ramblings From The Reservation is usually up to some kind of trouble.........errrr......I mean light hearted.......awww.......posting that shouldn't be missed.

There are lots of great horse mommy bloggers out there and we demand equal time. We've not only raised or are raising our kids but we're keeping alive an American tradition better than the "Old West." These big shot types at Nightline and other media sources should look into how huge the horse industry actually in this country. Then maybe, just maybe, they'd give us horse mommy bloggers the respect we deserve and talk about us on their darn shows.

Horse Mommy Bloggers of the World Unite!!!!


  1. LOL!!!!

    I love it! Yes, we do need to unite... Just think we could power the world if we all made all our manure mountains into one big huge one... Well, we'd have to say good bye to a state or two though... ;)

    Great post and much needed on another long night of foal watching... Still no foals here...

  2. LOL-Funny stuff!!
    I have to say that this blogging thing has been a blessing for me. I actually feel like I can have meaningful conversations with other horse people.
    Sounds funny doesn't I sit in the middle of horse/cow country and I cannot have a meaningful equine conversation with these people. They just don't talk horse.
    My mom and I drive my step-dad crazy talking about horses, bloodlines, feed, supplements, etc. but since momma and I have mostly the same opinions it isn't really a "learning" experience.
    Reading blogs and the comments keeps my mind open and fresh information coming in.

  3. AMEN girl preach on!! I can tell you whos poop is whos and how old it is and etc, etc, etc. The really important stuff to all us horsey people! I am so blessed to be raising my child in the country around all the country things! Man they really need to start looking around here at all the great horsey bloggers and giving them some much deserved attention!!! Unite I say and will stand with ya!


    Where do we sign up, and how do we get started?! ;)

    Holy crap - did I see the part about her making $40,000 PER MONTH from her advertising??? I *had* to have seen that wrong. Had to.

    Ah well, I need to go on Poop Patrol of my own here, and contribute to the methane producing pile. (Not to mention The Wrecking Crew needs a change. Thank Heavens Cub is potty trained now!)

    So SIGN ME UP for a uniting of us Mommy Bloggers- Equine and Non! :)

  5. LOL, Mikael, It's true, baby's do not hold the corner stone on poop! If anyone does, we all do....hehehe

  6. I say stand up Horsey Mom's. Proud Mother of 2 adorable poop producing ding bats

  7. You are so right Horse Mommy!!!

  8. Yes, we do know our poop don't we?! I'm on poop watch right now as I have my horses home and the change in hay and water can sometimes cause a bit of trouble. So far so good. I have really enjoyed catching up on your latest posts at the show. I feel like I am right there as I get so into it! I haven't shown for many years but sure did enjoy it while I did. Worked with my granddaughter today and she did a good job with her pony who can be a bit stubborn as ponies can be. It helps that her legs are getting a little longer now but we still haven't hit the right saddle with the stirrups fitting just right. She just turned six and I can see a huge difference in her attitude and desire to ride over last year. It's fun to see their love of horses grow with each year.

  9. I agree! And I've certainly talked about poop in my blog. I have to say that I'm not able to post every day like some of you guys. How do you manage it??!

  10. You are entirely right about us horse Mommy bloggers. I am electing you Spokesmommy for all of us. We need someone like you to go on all the shows and do interviews and tell everyone what is happening in this country regarding the horse industry.

  11. LOL MiKael, that idea of collecting it to use the methane is something to think about, I certainly have plenty of it, imagine if someone gathered it from their area and set up a factory to make methane and contain it in some way LOL. We might be sitting with gold mines piled all around our properties!!!

    Sign me up too.