Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daffodil All Arabian Spring Show - Wrangler Jeans

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The next one to ride an Arabian horse into the ring at the Daffodil All Arabian Spring Show was baby boomer grandma. Sometimes I feel like I'm coasting along just fine, keeping up with the show scene. While other times I feel all sixty-one years of my age. Showing two horses at the same show seems to do more of the later.

I did manage to get my horse schooled in the ring at the break. He was better than he had been the day before but still nowhere near where he needed to be to be competitive. Despite his concerns about going forward in the curb bit, the horse was doing better maneuvering in traffic. I felt like we were making progress.

Getting ready for the class is always the biggest part of the stress involved in showing horses for me. I feel totally comfortable riding in a class but always have this nagging fear that something might happen to stop me from getting there in the first place. I guess looking at the way things have gone over the past 15 years or so of showing that I have done, I have good reason to feel that way.

I have far more time that I've ended up home than I've been in the show ring despite my best efforts to do things differently. It's always my plan to show each year. To get qualified for regionals and nationals but many times I don't even make the A system shows because something always seems to complicate my life that prevents the showing from Dandy's fall last year at Daffodil . to when the twins were born.

When I do finally get to a show, I can get pretty anal about getting ready for a class. So the big story for me sometimes can come behind the scenes as I try to get ready to show my horse in the first place.

This particular horse show was not exception as I tried to get myself together and into the ring. I neglected to mention in my post about my first class, that I had a "slight" problem with the fit of my black wrangler jeans.

Thanks to a particularly wonderful confection from Dove's Ice Cream known as Irresistibly Raspberry, I've put on a few pounds over the last couple of years. I'm not really a big fan of ice cream but for some reason this Dove's flavor in their ice cream in tubs line really grabbed me. I was eating two of those suckers a day.

I might as well have just slapped those things right onto my hips, thighs, and butt because that's exactly where it all headed. In the course of about 18 months, I'd gained about 18 pounds. Thanks heavens that Dove's seems to have discontinued the flavor and the gaining has stopped. Now if I can only figure out a way to shed the weight is so blissfully added.

What does this have to do with showing you say? Well, that's easy enough. My show clothes don't fit! I'm not much of a clothes horse to start with. Clothes just aren't that important to me. Granted, I prefer to be fully clothed........and actually I'm a big fan of multiple layers........but fashion......not so much. I'd much prefer spending my money on my herd of horses.

So I have a couple of outfits...........a couple of fat skinny now the drill. I have skinny jeans and fat jeans as well. As close as I came to checking that my jeans fit before the show was checking the label to see what size it read.

It was good. The same size as the blue jeans I was wearing........but that's were the problem began. The label may have said the black jeans were exactly the same size as the blue ones but saying they were close to the same size might be a lot more accurate. Close..........but not close enough!

So when it was time to put those black jeans on, I could hardly get my foot into the small hole my ankle was supposed to slide through. That should have been my first clue. But then I really had no back up plan.......these jeans were supposed to fit. Once I did manage to get my foot through the openings, I could hardly pull those things up over my newly endowed raspberry chocolate posterior. I got the things zipped up ok BUT I could hardly move..........and I don't even want to talk about all the stuff that couldn't fit that got pushed up over the top of said wrangler jeans.

I would definitely say that the term being "poured into" my jeans is the most accurate picture I can paint. I was going to need these jeans to stretch and stretch fast. I had to climb up on a bench to mount my horse. The climbing part was difficult with knees that wouldn't bend because my jeans were so tight! Seriously.........I looked like one of those cartoons puff boys walking stiff legged and swinging their limbs around because they'd lost all flexibility. It was NOT pretty! (funny...........maybe...........but definitely cartoonish!)

When I did get in the saddle, my jeans were so tight that my stirrups were too long. I had to move them up a hole on each side so I could even reach the bottoms of my stirrups. I must have been suspended by the tight fitting crotch of my jeans over the saddle seat.

Moving my leg to cue my horse was next to impossible..........nope, I take that was impossible! I tried to move my leg but those tight jeans acted like a corset designed to keep me into some predetermined form. Not only could I not reach my horse............I could barely breath!

To be continued...............

I am back from the Salem horse show...........glad to see that my pre- scheduled posts all made it up when they were supposed to! I'll be trying to get through and answer comments tomorrow.

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  1. LMAO! OMG! That must have really stunk! I can't imagine even trying to breathe in those things. What a picture it paints!

  2. Oh my, does this remind me of when I thought I could wear a pair of tight pants to ride in. I could not mount from the ground, and could barely even get myself on from the mounting block, I was amazed that I actually got on and was sitting in the saddle. But riding was soooo uncomfortable, I did not ride for much more than 10 minutes, and THANKFULLY I did not have to show! I know I would not have placed well. haha. I felt the same way, I was not flexible at all either, those tight jeans acted like a corset designed to keep me into some predetermined form too!.

    How funny, I had a pretty close experience to your experience in this. Thankfully no one was watching but my dad, and he could totally see how riding anything more than walking, was basically impossible to do, or extremely uncomfortable to do! and it did not look good... not good at all! I definitely like riding in shorts, flexible jeans, and sweat pants, hehehe. And if I had English tack and wear, I would definitely ride in a pair of jodhpurs! those look mighty comfy, and cool to wear! and to ride in too! if I was ever on
    "TLC'S what not to wear" I would definitely spend $5000 on more riding tack, and some nice riding clothes! hehe.

  3. Cant wait to read more on how this went for you... I think I have a pretty good idea.. heh heh.

  4. callie, breathing was not an option. Even though my lungs are above my waist, all that extra stuff that wouldn't fit in my pants and was pushed above my waist was pushing against my lungs. It was not fun!

    kim, you're right about not being able to move my legs. I could hardly bend them. Then my horse didn't want to stand still because I felt so "odd" to him. Can't say as I blame him. I had to walk, jog and canter that way with a horse who was already worried about that darn bridle. It must have been a sight! lol

  5. Those tricky wranglers. I sure the real issue was that they shrunk up in the washer & dryer, not that innocent ice cream. ;)

  6. I feel you tall boots and I have the same relationship. It is really hard to have a nice dressage test when you have no aids below the thigh. One of my theraputic students was an amputee and she and I always joked that my show boots helped me teach her how to ride without a lower leg. I think most of us can relate to the "and I have to show in these clothers why" moments.

  7. I can't believe you actually had to endure classes and schooling in those jeans. Ouch, how uncomfortable, plus not being able to breathe, oh no... Congratulations to you for making it through in one piece, if it was me I'd celebrate with a Dove tub, just to comfort myself for all the aggravation of those jeans, then I would go on a diet. Have you ever thought of switching to English, we have stretch pants ya know, much more comfy than jeans.

  8. LOL MiKael, that had me rolling with laughter. I can just imagine your discomfort let alone hoping that you didnt split a seam in the process!!!

    Waiting for next installment, have caught up on all the ones I missed while I was away at the show.

  9. kim, my first ride in those jeans is already posted. I was in such a hurry to get the post up I totally forgot to mention about the jeans before now. But when I did remember, I thought how can I leave that part out! It seems to all be part of horse showing. lol

    ranchette, OH, you are absolutely right.......the jeans just shrunk up......they are faded so must have seen too many washings. Couldn't possibly have been that ice cream. Can't tell you how happy I was to hear that they discontinued "my flavor" though! Now wish I could just get this 30 pounds off.

    onthebit, I don't even want to talk about tall boots. I can't even get mine on, let alone move in them. They had to be custom made because my legs are so long. There's no way I can keep going like this.......I might have to even resort to some other form of weigjt loss program to get back into my show clothers. Heaven forbid I should have to do any form of exercise not horse related. I'm sure I would die!

    grey horse, oh........I endured them all right! There was no way I would have scratched for clothing failure! How embarrassing would that have been? But then I guess if I was really worried about being embarrassed I'd be keeping my bloody mouth shut instead of telling all the world on my blog. lol

    As for english, I do ride english when I can get my boots on. That thirty pounds has not helped with that issue either. I actually didn't pay entries for this show until I had tried my show chaps on knowing that I might have a problem getting into them. They actually fit just fine and so did these pants the last time I showed (the chaps were more tight then!) so maybe ranchette is right and my wranglers shrunk. lol

    lori, no way to split a wranglers are tough! That's why I wear them. I was getting no relief via a split seam. lol

  10. I am not going to laugh. I have so many sizes of jeans in my horse trailer alone! lol

    I feel your pain.