Sunday, April 13, 2008

Catching Up - Awards and Updates

With all the stuff going on with my Arabian horses recently, not to mention the current situation with Dandy, I've gotten behind on some things. I've been given some awards and think I better get them posted before I totally forget.

The first one came from midlife mom over at Home on the Range The Equine Excellence in Care Award and also from Arlene over at Grey Horse Matters I truly appreciate midlife mom and Arlene for including me on the list of those who have received this award.

Since I took my sweet time in passing this award along, it's going to be tough to find horse bloggers who haven't received it yet.

I would like to pass the award on to Molly at HolaMole' who takes very special care of her buckskin mare, Bella.

Holly at Dogsnhorses who takes great care of all of her critters and I just loved the pics of the new kitties.

Then there's Beth at Around the Funny Farm It's not just that I can relate to being on a funny farm. She takes great care of her critters as well.

The Hesitant Scribe awarded me the Excellence in Blogging Award. I really appreciate this honor as well. It's nice to know that people appreciate the time at spend at this darn computer writing about my horse experiences.

I would like to pass this award on to some of my favorite non horse blogs. SusieJ who I somehow lost in my blogreader and only found again recently. I have missed you Susie. Your blog rocks.

Abraham Lincoln at Brookville Daily Photo is also another very special blog to me. His photography is amazing particularly his pictures of all kinds of critters. He seems to capture the most natural and curious shots of wildlife I've ever seen.

Arthist99 at Gorilla Wordfare is another of my must reads. She's dedicated to animal rights but not to the sense of unreason (which translates to she doesn't expect me to quit riding my horses) and isn't afraid to voice her opinion on about anything.

Frazzled Farm Wife is another must read in my blogreader. I love to her perspective about the different aspects of her life from cows, pigs, the prom and a vacation in Vegas. I also appreciate her support.

Billie over at camera-obscura is blogger I appreciate. I never know whether it'll be horses, cameras, other critters or organizing my closet ( a challenge I still need to tackle!) but I appreciate her look at life.

A while back I was given another award by midlife mom over at Home on the Range The Horse Lovers Award I'm embarrassed to say I haven't gotten around until posting this award until now. I think I must have OCD about when the appropriate time is to interrupt in a series of posts and so I keep posting and posting and posting........not always taking care of business. I really appreciate this award as well. I think every one of the horse blogs I know has received it already but maybe not some of the new ones, well newer ones to me maybe, if not newer to the blogosphere.

On the bit at A horse and a half is a blog I've found recently. There's also, all things horses written by trail riding cowgirl.

OK, that's it for me, my brain is numb trying to figure out who I haven't given awards to yet who should be getting them. If I missed anyone out there I apologize, my sixty something brain can't remember what it did twenty minutes ago let alone who has and hasn't gotten these awards. At least I'm not passing out some silly virus again.

To those receiving these awards, post them on your blog and if you'd like post where you get them. Hopefully that'll help all of us find rankings in the search engines so we can build our readership and maybe recruit some new people to begin blogging about their horses or whatever else they fancy.

For those of you wondering about Dandy's condition. He has improved some but is still not out of the woods. It's more probiotics and wheat bran mash for him. He is still somewhat bloated but showing signs of feeling better. Rachel was pulling weeds in his paddock and he was rolling a small blue barrel at her wanting to play. That makes me feel a bit better but I'll be glad when the bloating is finally done. This has been a long week.

I'd like to thank everyone for their concern about my horse. I really appreciate all the prayers and thoughtful wishes. I hope this chapter in our lives will be over soon and Dandy and I can go on making more blog post material.


  1. MiKael-hoping Dandy is doing better. You must be exhausted-so also hoping that you get a chance to get some rest soon.

  2. With all your concern and treatment of Dandy's condition, it's obvious how much you deserve an award for excellence in horse care, MiKael. Thanks for the interesting new blogs to check out - it's really fun to visit unexplored places in the blogosphere. I'm happy to learn that Dandy's doing better. He trusts that you're going to help him through this.

  3. Thanks so much MiKael - and I'm glad to read that Dandy is a bit better. I hope that keeps going and he's back to his healthy self soon.

  4. Congrats on your awards. I have learned more from both of your blogs than I ever could've imagined. And thank you for sharing an award with me! That's so sweet, and it means a lot coming from you.

    I'm glad Dandy is starting to feel better. I hope he's back to normal soon. I love the photos of you two!

  5. Still hoping Dandy is feeling better and congrats on the awards!

  6. Congratulations on all of your awards. It is good to hear that Dandy is doing better, hope he's back to his old self soon.

  7. MiKael, you sure deserve those awards.

    Hope that Dandy is back to his normal self VERY soon. Neither of you need the extra stress there!

    Looking forward to Good News from you!

  8. I just read your two posts about Dandy's colic. Poor boy, I really hope this passes soon. :(

    Congrats on your awards as well, you definately deserve them.

    My best to you and Dandy!

  9. Thank you for the award MiKael, that's very generous of you. I sure hope that Dandy is feeling better now, the fact that he's still up and well enough to play seems like a good sign.

  10. How is Dandy doing? I hope he is starting to feel better. Thank you so much for thinking of me when passing on the blog award!

  11. THANK YOU! How nice!

    So sorry that Dandy is still not feeling as well as he should.

  12. You deserve this award 1,000 times over for your lovely writing and your amazing "horse whisperer" gift. I love how you are giving back in this way. And, yeah, I am so honored to receive this award from you. I do hope Dandy is doing better too.