Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - Rhythm's Story at Tommy Garland - It's Horse Show Time!

Rhythm's Story starts here

I know you all were expecting to hear about the horse show last weekend and those posts are coming. But I need to get this update on the red Arabian horse and his new owner posted before it becomes past tense! Looking back through my posts, I can't see that I even posted about Brittany's week visiting her Arabian horse at Tommy Garland's. I think maybe I was waiting on pictures but it turned out that there were no usable pictures.

I do have video that I received on a DVD recently but still haven't figured out how to get a portion of it loaded onto my computer. I'm pretty sure that the hour long dvd it a bit much for UTube. It sucks being computer illiterate sometimes. I will continue to try to get that figured out. For now, let's just say the trip was fruitful. I will post information on the trip and other developments in a future post.

In the meantime the show clothes arrived from Show Season's at the end of last week. For some reason the pictures darkened when I optimized them for use on my blog but the fabrics are the colors of the swatches I loaded on More from Rhythm's Mommy - What Do You Think? So while they look more beige here the background really is sand colored and the check on the bottom is very subtle.

Also during the last week, Brittany's cowboy hat arrived. It is sand colored as well and is a perfect match. Brittany was also able to locate and purchase a Phil Harris western saddle so the pair would be decked out in enough crystals and sterling silver to fit a princely pair. All of this has come together in the nick of time.

This week is show time for the quirky gelding and his owner. Rich and Brittany Baker will travel to Syracuse, New York tomorrow for the
Empire State All Arabian Horse Show. The show begins on Friday and the horse will be shown in the open division by Greg Peak and in the amateur division by Brittany.

Rich can hardly stand the wait. He hasn't seen the Arabian gelding since he left their farm in Massachusetts in January. Rich has missed "his boy" and is worried that Rhythm might have even forgotten him.

Brittany assured her dad that there's no way the horse will forget Rich who has been his primary caretaker since he arrived at Black Horse Farm. Brittany said Rhythm recognized her immediately when she arrived at Garland's so there's no way he could possible forget Rich.

Brittany giggles and says the fact that Rich has been the horse's major source of treats won't hurt either. Personally it's been my experience that they never forget. I'm sure Rich will be greeted warmly by the gelding searching his pockets for peppermints, the number one treat Rich has introduced to the horse who never saw anything anymore exotic than carrots or apples on my farm. I know that Rich plans to have a pocketful of the new treat that Rhythm now craves.

Brittany and Rich have promised me updates from the show. Rich is armed with his big lens and his camera and will be functioning as the official photographer so that there are usable pictures for the blog. I'll post them when I get them. Anyone in the vicinity of Syracuse this weekend, feel free to drop by the show and say hello to Brittany and Rich at the Garland stalls. I know they feel this blogging community is like their extended family and they'd love to introduce you to their boy, Rhythm.

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  1. I'm glad they like having us watch their progress! Good luck to them at the show!

  2. Good luck to them! The outfit looks wonderful! Can't wait to see show pics! :)

  3. Welcome back, can you get pics of the saddle, sounds wonderful

  4. I think it looks absolutely great!!!

  5. L, I think they're pretty exited that you want to watch their progress!

    equinespirit, I wish I could get it to show in it's actual color. It is very pretty. Rich said they would have taken pictures in the sunlight but the sparkle off the crystals would be blinding. lol

    20 meter circle, yes I will be getting pictures of the saddle. They bought it from another client of Tommy Garland's. So Tommy is brining it up to them at the show or I would already have pictures.

    Personally, I can hardly wait to see current pictures of the horse! He looks great in the video but I can't figure out how to load only parts of it at a time and they are too big a file for the internet.

  6. Really looking forward to seeing the overall effect of the outfit and how it suits both horse and rider.

    Hope Rhythm's first big outing is a resounding success.

    Good Luck Brittany!

  7. Looks like they're ready for the show. Best of luck to them. :)

  8. That outfit is beautiful. Have been wondering how Rhythm is doing...can't wait to see him in action.
    Wish them good luck at the show-they have a built in-but invisible-cheering section.

  9. Wow! The outfit looks absolutely stunning and was the prefect choice.

    I wish I was in New York this weekend, for I'd definately make the time to travel to the show!

    Best of luck to them all!!

  10. ro, you and I both! I can't wait to see it on the horse and in it's true color. Still can't figure out why the color is changing like this.

    dressagemom, thanks, Rich and Brittany are very excited. Let's hope the horse stays nice and quiet! lol

    browneyed cowgirls,Rhythm is doing great. I think he's growing on them rapidly at Garlands. Hope to post about how that's going if I can ever get caught up on all the things I've left "dangling" here! lol

    kathy c, I wish I was in New York this weekend as well. Sure would love to see Rhythm make his debut in western pleasure.

  11. The show clothing is stunning! They are going to look sharp! I'm looking forward to hearing how ell they do!

  12. Love the clothes! Can not wait to see a picture of it all together! I agree with brown eyed cowgirls-we will be there invisibile cheering section! Go Rhythem and Brittany!!

  13. Thanks for keeping us informed of their progress. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the beautiful team! Lots of luck and good wishes to them!

  14. We all wish we could be there to cheer them on! That outfit is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see the pictures of the whole thing, horse, saddle, rider with gorgeous outfit, bling on the saddle youe name it!!!!

  15. That is one beautiful outfit and I'm sure Brittany and Rythm will look a perfect pair. Can't wait to see pictures from the show of the both of them.

  16. I have enjoyed seeing Brittany and Rich's posts on your blog too, they sound so happy with their beautiful horse. I send qall the best their way and am dying to see how they do at their first show!! How exciting.

    The outfit looks perfect.


  17. Beautiful outfit! Gorgeous and just the right choice for them. Best of luck to both at the upcoming show.

  18. This is one time when I wish I was up visiting family in Syracuse. I would have LOVED the chance to meet them all. Ah well- there will be another time!

  19. Wow I love that top! Very fancy dancy! ;)