Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - Rhythm's Story - Tommy Garland - Part 8

Part One of the Baby Boomer Series

Rhythm's Story starts here

After those first few days at Tommy Garland's facility in Virginia, the Arabian horse settled into his routine. Once Rhythm was convinced that Greg Peak was to be respected as the leader, Greg saw a new side to the horse.

They still had to work on the horse being naughty going down the barn aisle from time to time. Rhythm really doesn't want to let go of that stallion behavior and talking to the girls. But throwing his fanny into the stall fronts and grunting isn't really acceptable behavior anywhere and certainly isn't going to fly at Garlands. Personally I'll be glad when that behavior is just a distant memory.

Despite this off and on behavior, the Arabian horse was going to work and doing his job the minute the assistant trainer threw his leg over the horse. Greg was now beginning to see the other side of this horse. The trainer was impressed with the horse's talent, the quality of his education and his work ethic. It was clear to Greg that the plan would probably go off just as scheduled.

Brittany called once a week to see how her boy was doing. She could tell by the reports exactly how things were progressing. Having gone through her own initiation to earn the horse's respect, she knew where the horse was in his process and what was coming next.

There was some comfort in this. With so much going on at Garlands since the other groom had quit and a new one had not been found, the workload was overwhelming for the poor assistant trainer. Greg had promised Brittany that her horse would get worked regardless. She could tell from the reports that the trainer was sticking to his word.

With the horse not arriving at Garlands until the second week in January and the big Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show in February, the horse was only ridden for two weeks. Then the serious preparations began getting horses and equipment ready for the Scottsdale Show.

When the crew left for Scottsdale, the assistant trainer had schooled the gelding enough to know that Rhythm was indeed ready to go into the western bridle. Not only that, but he was pretty sure the horse was going to be one of those rare individuals who locked in like only the super stars can do.

There is nothing that Rhythm would like more than to never have the reins lifted putting pressure on the bit or having legs applied to his sides. Once he knows his rider is boss, he will do anything to please and avoid direction.
When he's fit and schooled regularly, just a twitch of a thigh muscle will cause the horse to roll over and go slow. Rhythm will gladly respond to a verbal cue to avoid a physical one. You couldn't ask for a lighter softer western horse.

By the time Greg Peak left for Scottsdale he knew exactly what he had. He also knew that if Tommy Garland figured it out, Greg wouldn't get to show the horse. Horses like this don't come along that often. Tommy Garland wouldn't let this one slip by.

But first Tommy Garland would have to figure out that Rhythm was capable of this. I'm not so sure that will happen. Knowing Rhythm and the way his behavior has been since he left here, I think that he would make Tommy prove that he deserves that kind of respect. Also knowing Rhythm, I think he'd make him work for it just a bit. I'm not sure that Tommy can see through that side of the horse. Brittany's wish that Greg get to show the horse will probably come true. We'll have to see what unfolds as the horse gets put into the bridle.

To be continued....................

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  1. It must feel amazing as a breeder to have such big names in the industry think such awesome things about a horse you bred.

  2. What a story! Can't wait for the next in'stall'ment!

    Yes we had strangles go through our stable. Out of 12 horses there 11 of them got it. Five of them being mine. Buddy got it the worst by far, probably partly due to his age and we were to the point of putting him down the day before Christmas. Yeah, I know, merry Christmas. My husband bought him for me 15 years ago for Christmas. Anyhow we got him through it and then wouldn't you know he grass foundered in May. That healing process went on for months and yes it was quite a year. My other horses only got mild strangles thankfully. A couple of them got the lymph nodes that burst but nothing like Buddy got with the sweats, chills, temps, etc It was a long winter as this went on for about three months before everyone was healthy again. We think it got in the barn from the horse dentist but who knows.

  3. oooh!!! Cant wait to see what happens with Rhythm.

  4. Sounds like Rhythm is doing great with is new training I will be interested to see how this comes out.

  5. Gosh... I am just in love with this story!

  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences & stories through your blog! I'm learning so many new things about training & horse personalities from reading it! I read it every day, even though I don't always comment. Do you have mares ready to foal any time soon? How about a web cam? :)

  7. beckz, yes it's nice to have that recognition. It will be even better when it's known throughout the industry. Rhythm is not the only horse capable of such achievements. I have many others with just as much talent and good looks. Once that word is out, I'll not have to sweat keeping this business afloat like I am doing know.

    midlife mom and beth, I've about caught up on segments about Rhythm but there are other horses that have been skipped in dealing with him. I'm going to pick up their stories here soon.

    grey horse matters, me too, sometimes I feel like things are happening in slow motion and I'd just like to kick it up a notch. lol

    lulu, Rhythm would appreciate he's got a fan base going. The horse really does think he should be some kind of prince. lol

    dj, I only have on foal coming this year and yes she will foal on live web cam. I was supposed to have it set up last weekend so people could begin go get to know the mare before her foaling date. But I need help and Dave didn't didn't have the time. Maybe by next weekend she'll be up. Her foaling date isn't until May so we have lots of time. I just really like a chance to get to know her mannerisms before she actually foals. It helps a lot with knowing how things are progressing.

  8. I don't understand the importance with putting the horse in the bridle. Is it the type of bit, like a curb bit?
    Sorry to be ignorant, clearly it's a big deal somehow.


  9. asthmagirl, yes the western bridle is a curb bit. The rules for Arabians require that all horses 6 and over showing in any western classes must be in the curb bit and be ridden with only one hand. That includes pleasure classes, reining, trail, cutting, working cow horse.

  10. did my post not work, or was my wording bad? I didn't mean anything derogatory if it came out that way.

  11. lovelee, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

    All of the comments I have received have been posted except for the spam ones, which is why I have comment moderation turned on in the first place.

    If you made a comment that hasn't shown up, it must not have gone through. Please try and comment again.

  12. lol... I don't remember what it was now... I probably didn't type in my password right, and was not paying attention... just checking :)

  13. lovelee, I have done that and I'm always typing in those code things wrong and thinking I did them right! I go off thinking I've left a comment when it didn't get through. lol