Sunday, February 10, 2008

Payback Time at the Arabian Horse Blog and Other Tags and Awards

OK, I have to admit that I have been mean to Tracey on Mustang Diaries With all these virus things that have been going around, I probably infected poor Tracey more times than anyone should be. The last time Nasty Virus Going Around - But This One's Got Horses Too! I justified because it was six quirks about horses. Tracey didn't get mad, she got even. She tagged me in Is There a Doctor on the Blog to do a Bucket List.

Well, as you know, I'm always making excuses for putting off these things and taking my own sweet time about doing them. But this time I thought I had a really good reason for doing so. Those men in the movie were dying and unhappy they'd never gone and one those extra special things they always dreamed of. To me a bucket list is akin to a dream and I am living my dream after all. So it's not like I need a list to tell you guys, I'm sharingmy dream all the time.

Then Paul stopped in today. He was tagged by Tracey too to do this bucket list thing and well, he's already got his posted. He was just dropping by to see the other's that Tracy had tagged so I guess I better get to it.

So aside from breeding Arabian horses what else is part of this dream. There are specific goals along the way that I imagine qualify for this bucket list thing. There not really big things just

1. A national championship in the amateur western and hunter divisions, a top ten in the open western (watch you trainers out there, I'm coming after you!) and a top ten in amateur reining.

2. My stallion. Scandalous Legacy, to be recongized at the national level for producing national champions

3.To exhibit at the famous Scotsdale Arabian Show

4. To exhibit at Sport Horse Nationals

5. To mentor a couple of youngsters interested in learning everything they can about Arabian horses.

6. To have at least a couple of books published.

7. Set-up a therapy program with Arabian horses for child victims of abuse.

8. Win a Horsewoman of the Year Award in the Amateur Western Division

OK, so much for my bucket list, I've also been tagged with another thing and given as award. The tag came from equinespirit at ...grazing in the meadow of creativity!!

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Just over the top about Arabian horses

Almost to a fault, but just almost.........

Neatly wrapped up in a body too big for Arabians in the first place

Entirely committed to sharing the joy of owning Arabian horses

The Spread the Love Award came by way of Victoria Cummings at Teachings of the Horse
and Callie at Midwest Horse I have to admit that first off my reaction is that I'm blogging about horses, I not spreading love, if I'm spreading anything it's the manure on my farm. But then I realize that by sharing my passion for Arabian horses I really am sharing love in this world. Sorry, I'm a bit dense sometimes. Anyway, now that I've figured that out, I want to thank Victoria and Callie for sending this award my way.

This was created by Mica at Garb-oodles Soup with an idea to "Spread The Love" in amongst those we meet through the blogoshere and find that connection.

There have been so many memes, awards and other tags going around that I'm thinking some are getting pretty sick of them since it seems that the same people keep on getting tagged over and over. Because of this, I'm going to try and bring some new or relatively new bloggers into the mix who often times get overlooked. Since this is about spreading the love around, I think finding new horse blogs to read is a perfect way to welcome new bloggers and advance appreciation of the horse.

Behind the Bit dogsnhorses A Girl and Her Horse

I didn't tag anyone on the other tags only because I have tagged so many people lately, I'd really like to have some blog friends left. If you'd like a tag, let me know and I'll gladly add a link to your blog.

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  1. There are lots of new horsey blogs out there....I have to add about 5 new ones to my blog roll just this week! So many horse blogs, so little time:-)

  2. I really wish I lived in your area, I would love to come and visit all your horses.

  3. I would love to go and watch the Scotsdale Arabian Show!

    good list, I think your list is in every way achievable for you :)

  4. Great dreams! Always dream big! I enjoyed the facts about yourself - very honest ;). I have also been looking around for new people to pass on the "spread the love" award to, even though I am also new. Just worried about getting tagged - not enough time, but I will feel obligated to play. I didn't realize that there was such a big and diverse horse community out there on the web. It will take days just to read all your blogs - and I want to - you have a lot of great information!

  5. Liked your lists too, and think they are definitely doable . Thanks for not tagging me, I just got the middle initial one a few days ago, but haven't done it yet. Wonder just how many more lists there are out in the blogosphere?