Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nasty Virus Going Around - But This One's Got Horses Too!

Well, that virus is back only this time it is a different strain. I have been tagged four times this time, thrice here on the horse blog and once on my other blog.

This meme virus strain requires the infected party to post 6 little known or quirky things about themselves but a twist came along and one of my tags was that I post six quirky things about my Arabian horses.

The other rules are to link to the person who infected them (for me that would be Prayer Mom and lovelee from The Tombstone Chronicler for my quirks and Kahless for those quirks of my horses. The final rule is then to infect six more poor unsuspecting souls commenting on their blogs to let them know they've been infected and or course, linking to the newly infected parties.

I figure the one with the quirks about us bloggers has been around enough we should have all built up a resistance to that virus. But there is a twist to this quirky new virus, I'm only going to tag for this new version of virus, the one for quirks about their horses. (since every one doesn't have as many horses as me, it can be about horses they know as well!) LOL

OK, here goes with quirks of my Arabian horses,

1. I'm a clencher. I clench my teeth not only when I sleep but when I'm concentrating as well. It makes the denstist crazy and breaks teeth.

2. I love to blow bubbles and actually I'm pretty good at it. Have been known to get gum in my hair because the bubble was so big when it popped.

3. When I go to bed at night, it's hard for me to shut my brain off and relax. So I design a horse facility in my head. It is relaxing to me fantasize about the details of the barns, arenas and such and it sends me right off into dreamland.

4. I cannot sit still. I have so much nervous energy I have to be doing something all of the time or I make the people around me crazy. Maybe that's crazier..............

5. I can be a non stop talker with people I know but put me with two people at a time and I zip up my lip tighter than a drum. If you want to shut me up, bring a friend.

6. I hate to go anywhere I've never been before. Getting me to do something like that by myself is next to impossible. Even if it's something I really want to do, I'll usually try to get a friend to go along. If I can't, many times I'll pass and just not go at all.

Now this is the fun part for the quirks of my horses

1. Heiress when she is bored will hang her tongue out the left side of her mouth shaking her head up and down, flipping her lose floppy tongue around. It is hysterical.

For those of you, like Kahless, who don't know much about horses their tongues are huge long things - the whole length of their head. Imagine that thing hanging out and waving around in the breeze.

2. Dancer when she was a foal would go right up to the electric tape and stick her nose out and touch the wire to test if it was hot. If it was, of course, she'd jump back. If it wasn't she'd take down the hotwire and run around the paddock dragging the thing.

3. Rhythm and Aidol were know for escaping from their stalls. Either could get practically any kind of lock open. The only way to keep them in was double locks that were out of reach. Aidol, once he was lose, would go and let out all of his very best buddies to play with him. Rhythm is know for going to his closest rival to challenge him.

4. Trouble when he was a foal used to get cast in his stall almost every day. After cleaning the stall Lindsay would put down fresh shavings and Trouble would plop right in the middle of the pile rolling around until he worked himself up next to the wall. There he'd get stuck facing the wall with his feet so tightly jammed into it that he couldn't get the leverage to get himself lose. There he'd lay there and whinny for me to come and rescue him. He didn't quit that until he was almost a year old. It's a good thing the horse was getting too big for me to flip over by myself.

5. Tag plays with the jolly ball by grabbing it in his mouth and shaking his head up and down or back and forth hitting himself in the face with the ball. Brittany just told me that Rhythm is doing the same thing. Both horses only do this in front of an audience. They are doing it for the laughs that they get.

6. Reflection and Storm both had stall toys hanging from the roof. The toy is an apple with a treat to lick with a ball that hangs underneath it. The two horses would compete. The horses were stalled right across the aisle from each other.

Reflection would kick that ball with his hind feet high into the air and then run to the door to see how Storm would react. Storm would run back and kick his ball up into the air as well, the run back to look at Reflection and his bouncing ball.

I swear the two horses were competing to see which one could get highest kick and the most bounces out of those silly balls. They would play like that for what seemed like hours.

OK that's it for my sick quirky things abut my horses I am tagging to do the same thing.

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Callie from Midwest Horse representing that cold part of the country

Midlife Mom of Home on the Range has a great sense of humor so I'm sure there must be some horsey quirks there.

I know I have infected some who has already gotten a pesky virus. But this is a variation that might be fun if you have to have a virus. Whatever........share this sucker with your friends or your enemies. The cold and flu with all of it's pesky viruses is far from over.

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  1. This is one of those times where I am glad that I have my blog set to private lol... I hate pesky viruses.

    I'm picturing all your little quirky horse facts in my head and laughing!

    I'm up for the night with one of my FF that might be kidding. This made me smile and took away a bit of stress. Thanks for the good story telling even if it did come around in the form of a virus. :)

  2. LOL! OK MiKael... I will try to weed it down to six for you..... We have seen some doozies thats for sure... ;)

    BTW- the entire story about Rhythm has been FANTASTIC! Your site is among the first I visit each day just to see what the rest of the "scoop" is...

    Cant wait to read more! :)

  3. Well they all sound like a bunch of real characters. Watching horses antics is better than watching TV any day.

  4. Now, the horse tags are a good idea! I'll have to start thinking....hmmmmm......

  5. Here's a quirky horse trick for you. A friend in California owned a chestnut stallion that was SOOOO clever with his mouth. Not only would he bite at every chance, he would open any kind of snap on his stall door, and had to be double and triple locked to stay home. This same horse would play with a deflated inner tube. He LOVED to pick it up and flip it around...20 times to the right, then 20 times to the left (number varied but not by much). Eventually he'd get that inner tube over his head and around his neck. Then he'd proudly trot around his paddock showing off his accomplishment. When he got tired of that, he'd drop his head, let the tube fall off, and start all over again. Must be something about chestnut stallions.

  6. LOL! Hilarious! I love horsey quirks! ;)

  7. Thanks so much for ~tolerating~ my meme request of you. I'm sure if I last at this blogging thing as long as you and others have been I'll be TIRED of them, too.
    While I loved your personal 6, your horse 6 were just wonderful! Have you ever caught on video any of those horse antics? That would be great to see!

    From one mouth clencher to another (to the point my dentist makes me wear a mouth guard so I still have teeth ten years from now),


  8. MiKael,
    its funny that horses like playing ball too. Obviously my dogs play ball, I have seen elephants play ball and I hear pigs do too! Not sure there is much that separates us all in the animal kingdom?

  9. Didn't even know viruses could spread like this. Thanks for the post.

    By the way, you've been "Nickered". Check it out at -- a new equestrian social bookmarking site.

  10. I am full of nervous energy most of the time husband doesnt seem to mind unless hes trying to sleep or watch TV!

    your horses are a hoot! they sound like a lot of fun to be around.

  11. Okay, MiKael - I am a sucker for telling stories about my horses, obviously - So, check out my latest post, and thanks for tagging me - I guess.

  12. Loved your horse quirks! Be great for America's Funniest Animals or whatever that show is! Especially the tongue one! lol! I will get my list done in the next couple of days after I get unpacked and my head on straight! Thanks for the tag!!

  13. Hi MiKael, I'll post some oddities about my horses tomorrow. There is plenty to's just a bit late tonight.