Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life in the Blogosphere - Trash Talking Arabian Horses, Old Riders, Dressage and Natural Horsemanship

OK, I know you're all expecting to see more about Rhythm's adventures at Garlands, but life just jumped up and bit me. You know if you read this blog much, I can't stand when that happens. I have to jump right in and take life on no matter what it might be. Particularly when it's trash talking in any form, I have to jump in while I'm still hot.

Trash talking Arabian horses is part of why I started this blog. I am committed to doing what I can to show people another perspective on Arabian horses. One that is real based on fact instead of prejudice and ignorance.

I don't expect to convert the entire world to owning Arabian horses, I just want to dispel some of the myths. Maybe that will change some attitudes and result in more understanding and respect for the oldest breed of light horse in the world. Inadvertently one would hope that might migrate on down and result in more respect for horses in general.

I think just like certain breeds of dogs are a better fit for specific types of people, the same is true for horses. It is the fit that is important. But don't condemn a breed, a horse or a person because it's not a good fit.

Defending the Arabian horse is not my only focus on this blog, I am equally concerned with the humane treatment of the horse. Not just the Arabian horse, but all horse breeds and even grade horses need advocates. Posts such as An Arabian Mare's Tragic Death Due to the Halter Divisions' Dirty Little Secret and Harvey Jacobs and Arabian Horses (including that whole series), as well as my personal stories are intended to better educate horse enthusiasts.

With that being said, I came across a post Real Horsemen and Women by regardinghorses.com It started off with words that couldn't help but draw me in. That was the following quote:

I unfortunately started my day by coming across a new horse blog whose writer is close-minded, ignorant, and rude. I’m not about to do it the favor of giving it a link so you can go check it out either.

The blog she was referring to, I believe I've also come across recently. Whatever the subject was at the time the philosophy was the same.......close-minded, ignorant, and rude. I remember thinking at the time the blogger had no understanding of tolerance or for that matter humanity but at least she wasn't addressing any particular breed or group at the time I read her work.

While it saddens me that there are such bitter hurtful people in the world, I know I can't fix them or make them better. That kind of close mindedness is impenetrable. People like that are stuck in the mire of their own ugliness.

But there is still the problem of how to deal with what those people spew. For me, I always hope I will have the courage to deal with the ugliness some way. Even if it's in a general post addressing the prejudices against the targets of such attacks. That certainly is my goal.

So when I came across this post by regardinghorses.com today, I was reassured to find a fellow blogger on the same page. I was prepared to offer my support and be sure she got some recognition for taking a stand.

I was not surprised as I read on to find the quoted portions of the offensive blog took on everything that I represent. Hearing that someone in the blogosphere is out there trashing not only Arabian horses but is also slamming dressage, natural horsemanship (indirectly) and all horse people my age is not a great way to start the day.

However, finding another equine blogger who is not an Arabian person sticking up for my breed of choice, the competency of older horse people and methods that are supposed to make things better for the horse, as well, warms my heart. For me it shows what a great community the blogosphere can be. Joining together to take on prejudice and intolerance, we can truly affect how horses and people are treated in this world.

So Rhythm's story is going to have to wait a day or two while I stew over this latest trash talking incident. Regardinghorses.com has addressed the subject by referring readers here and to Grey Horse Matters Now it's my turn to address the slams pounded against Arabian horses, over fifty riders with their dressage and Parelli type training.

To be continued..............

Part 2

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  1. As a rider of jumpers I must say I have had little to do with arabs. The only one I had was half TB and she was mad- no brakes. I have nothing against the breed though and think they are incredibly beautiful. After having read your blog I secretly long to ride a western ppleasure arabian:P and truely have a lot more respect for the breed.

  2. You go Mikael:-) I have nothing but respect for people who are passionate about their breed of choice. I was lucky to have lease an Arabian, who taught me a ton. You pointed out a great analogy about people and their dogs of choice...certain breeds aren't for everyone, but at least respect people that enjoy certain character traits. I am curious to hear what is wrong with old riders? My grandfather rode into his seventies...it kept him young.

  3. I think it is great to try and educate people who clearly have no clue about anything. I also think that everyone has a right to how they feel, even though I don't agree with it. As an avid dressage rider I just laughed at her critique of the disiciple. I know it is not true and that is good enough for me. I do think it is great though that you want to show people the error of the original bloogers way. I would love a half Arab, and while natural horsemanship is not my cup of tea I still think it is interesting. So good for you for taking a stand, although this blogger does not seem interested in learning the truth about things. It is her choice to be ignorant and your choice to help educate the rest of us as to the real truth about Arabs and more.

  4. Amen MiKael.

    Just remember-- the person writing that blog is suffering from a limited knowledge of true professionalism, and low talent! ;)

    Rub those Arabs from me.

  5. MiKael- OT for here, but I just saw this. You probably already know, BUT... Tommy Garland is competing in the Road to the Horse Challenge this year. Thought you might be interested in seeing this!

  6. I just read the post on the 'regarding horses' blog you referred to. The girl,(Jackie is commenting on), who has written the post slamming Arabians and old riders,that she took offense to(sorry you got picked on twice)obviously is ignorant and single-minded. I would hope wisdom might come with age for this girl, but I wouldn't count on it. I believe I read that Arabians are one of the foundation horses for some of the original thoroughbred lines,(correct me if I'm wrong), I can be off base. Apparently stupidity has no boundaries, anyone with a little knowledge of horses should be able to appreciate the role Arabian horses have played through time. Arabians are a unique breed and quite beautiful and should be respected as all horses deserve at least this much from us.

    I came across this quote yesterday,
    Arabians were great horsemen and held their horses in high regard,

    "The devil doesn't dare entering in a camp guarded by an arabian horse."
    - Arabian proverb

  7. I came accross a quote from somebody has in my forum as their signature. I don't know who Monica
    Dickens is (not Charles Dickens wife), but whoever she is/was I feel she may have been a kindred spirit, and may have been a wonderful horsewomen.
    "When I can't ride anymore, I shall keep horses as long as I can
    hobble along with a bucket and a wheelbarrow. When I can't hobble, I shall roll my wheelchair out by the fence of the field where my horses graze, and watch them." ~Monica Dickens
    A person is never too old to be involved with horses! The barn I work at the man is almost seventy, and takes care of nearly 40 horses (20-25 stalled), largely on his own.

  8. This really is an amazing group of people in this horse blog community, and I'm glad that we can take the time to stand up for one another when we see injustice. The internet is a wonderful medium because each of us can have a voice, a voice that can be heard worldwide. And it's a voice that we should handle with dignity and respect since it can be heard by so many.

    I've loved learning about Arabian horses from you. Thanks for sharing your story in an edifying way, and also for sticking up for what you believe in without trying to force others to necessarily think or do the same.

  9. What an ugly place her blog is. Wonder how many friends she has. It's worse than FHOTD.

    I think we all have a responsibility to work within our breed choices and be comfortable with them.

  10. Oh my! There is no reason for someone to attack someone else or there breed because they do not like them or said breed. I have always enjoyed your blog about Arabians, even though I have never owned one or see owning one in the future. I admire you and your continuing education of the breed to others. The age thing-well that is as close minded as you get! Age is just a number and I believe and hope that I will be riding and around horses till the day I die! I love seeing every age of a person riding and enjoying horses. At the rodeo in San Angelo there was a 64 year old grandmother running barrels! She smoked em! Go Granny! The mare I ride was originally bought for my step son. Well, it didn't work out, he is just too heavy handed for her. But you know what, I couldn't ask for a better horse. Me and her meshed and can do anything together. My daughter has started riding her as well. Horses are not meant for everyone and it takes time to fit the right rider and the right horse together. You can not just pick this one because of this or that. People should become more educated beforing owning or riding horses. Educate themselves in the bred and the type of riding they are wanting to do. I am sorry that this person has gone off and said all these things. I am standing up with you and say keep up the good work you are doing about educating others about Arabians!

  11. Who wrote that ??????? What an ignoramous..... I just read the quote. Geezus, you're right that is rude and ignorant.

  12. Please e-mail me the blog of discust because I would like to leave a comment!

  13. Coming out of lurkdom to say "you go girl".

  14. I actually found the mean dillhole... and decided not to spar, even though I was pissed enough to do so. She reminds of TweedleDum.....if ya look, and I would question her skills. Anyone who has to behave as such, certainly is lacking in something. I feel sorry for her horses.

  15. I searched for and found the blog. She is a new blogger and her mission on the planet is to spread misery... everyone in her barn, kids for lessons on weekends, her previous horse, other horses, other breeds... the list is long. She has turned on moderation so that no other opinions will be considered.
    It must be very difficult to hate so many things.
    The upside is, I don't see how anyone could take her seriously.

  16. Wow. I am not going to try to find that blog. I have a low irritation level and I am sure this one would make me hit the roof.
    That person needs to look at the evolution of horses and training methods. I never understood trashing a breed. I mean if there weren't people who loved and respected the particular traits each breed has, would that breed even exist? And as far as training methods - in my training lifetime(broke my first colt @ 12 & I am 38), training has evolved from rope and choke to natural horsemanship and not touching them until they were 2&3, even 4&5 to imprinting at birth. And if dressage wasn't a magnificent training technique how come it has been introduced, in some form, into so many other diciplines?
    And not liking older riders? WTH? Who cares how old you are - if you like it, do it!! This person would not liked to have met my grandpa. He rode and roped until he was 80. We buried him with a rope in his hand. Not so lucky to grow up horseback? Well, I have friends who didn't get horses until later in life and I have a huge respect for the amount of love and care they give their horses. They try harder than most people who have always had horses.
    So there - to that narrow-minded individual. Whew - sorry - I warned you I had a low irritation level... LOL

  17. MiKael - Please go on with Rhythm's story. This person isn't worth anyone's time or effort. Giving her more "blogtime" just validates and encourages her. We've all got much more interesting things to communicate.

  18. Grrrrrr...I would LOVE to see this blog...anyone wanna send me the link? Did they not learn the lesson..."if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all"? Sheesh!

  19. Girl, come pick up your Horse Lovers Award, You deserve it, my friend.

  20. Never mind...found it. *rolls eyes* I don't think I've EVER come across someone who portrays an angrier person then this blogger. Wow...just wow!

  21. One of the things that horses have taught me is open-mindedness. Yes, horses, in all their honest form can teach us so much about respecting life, the many aspects and in turn teach us that there isn't just one single way the world turns.

    I cannot, just cannot understand why a person who is a true advocate for horses and their well-being can post such ignorant views on horses in general.

    Mikael, you and other's your age (which never crossed my mind regardless) should have NOTHING to do with the love and great care you put into your horses and those in general, other than the wisdom you have. You cannot possibly be a horse advocate if you trash talk a breed (it's still a horse), older equestrians OR a discpline, just because.

    The highest concern for any horse person should be the well-being of the horse, horses in general.

    I hope you and the many other great bloggers around here, will continue to spread the goodness for horses and lovely stories.

    Just last night I was telling my mom how wonderful the horse blogging community is.

    Mikael keep up the great work (on and off the net!)

  22. My second horse was an Anglo-Arab (will put the pics up at some point when I get to it in my Episodes:). He was very highly strung and sharp but in the same time incredibly intelligent and really one of a kind.
    I would certainly love to ride one of yours!:) *once they are ready that is, not sure if I fancy a youngster, my part-Arabian was sharp enough ;) *

  23. Wow, I am behind again and only just read this post, good for you MiKael. I do agree with Victoria Cummings though, I think giving this person more attention just plays into her hands and fuels the fire, I would much rather hear about Rhythm and the Twins or one of your other beautiful horses.

    I have no idea how to search for particular blogs so dont know what started this whole thing off, if you would send me the link I would appreciate it.

    I have loved horses since I was 9 years old when my friend got her first horse, but had to wait until I was 41 before I owned my first. She is now a 7 year old Tobiano Paint Mare who I raised from birth and she has so many of the Arabian Characteristics, pride, alert, spunky, curious, showy, that Look at me attitude, you know I would love to cross her with Legs LOL.

    Looking forward to your next post.


  24. This got me thinking of a photo I saw awhile ago... and 85 year old man riding his 20 year old arab. Here is the link to the picture.

  25. wow. To each their own is what I say. I prefer quarters and you arabians. No need for people to down either of us for that.
    very well put Mikael.

  26. I've never met a horse I didn't admire in one way or another - doesn't matter what breed, size, color they might be, they all have something lovely about them.

    People are ignorant. The beauty of the internet is, I don't have to read what she writes or visit her site. And I can add yours to my blogroll.

    Arabs 1, Asshat 0