Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - Rhythm's Story - Tommy Garland - Part 6

Part One of the Baby Boomer Series

Rhythm's Story starts here

This winter was tough in Massachusetts. There were times the roads were too bad to haul the Arabian horse to school him. But Brittany and Rich hung in there getting him over to be ridden as much as possible between snow days and days Brittany had to work. Brittany was enjoying this time with her horse. Tommy Garland made lots of calls trying to get Brittany to come back to work for him.

It took a bit to get the horse back on track after having the time off when Brittany was gone to Nationals. Despite the fact the horse was naughty arriving at the riding facility, calling out to the mares, he still maintained his work ethic. Once Brittany's leg was over his back and she was in the saddle, the horse went to work and did his job. The horse would be legged back up and coming right along in time to go to Virginia.

When it was finally time to put the Arabian horse on a van and send him off to Garlands, Rich was actually doing a pretty good job of getting through to Rhythm. It had taken the man sometime to establish himself as the leader over the red horse but it had happened. The result was they had become great friends. Rich Baker had developed the kind of relationship with Rhythm as the horse had known here with Dave.

Rich had known the horse was awesome when first stepped off the van. The man had now learned what it was like to be in Rhythm's inner circle. He had never owned a horse quite like this before making Rhythm all the more important to his family. Rich's relationship with the horse had changed so dramatically it was going to be hard for him to send the horse away at all. Only for his daughter would he make this sacrifice.

With this new found relationship with the horse Rich also understood even more the importance of Rhythm going to the right trainer. He now knew the depth of the horse's trust when he chose to give it and the depth of his fear when he didn't trust. This horse couldn't deal with a trainer who would beat him up for being naughty. The horse needed a real horseman to train him.

Despite the horse's couple of private lessons with Tommy Garland, Tommy still didn't have a clear picture of what this horse was about. He only knew what he could see on the surface. He hadn't yet broken through that tough guy facade the horse wears so well.

Tommy had gotten the horse to behave but he hadn't gotten far enough into the training to get the kind of commitment that I knew the horse could make. The techniques that Tommy used with the horse were the same ones I had learned from Harvey Jacobs. It was clear to me, how Rhythm would respond at Garlands. But it wasn't clear to Tommy. By the time the horse was to leave for Virginia, Tommy was fine with the horse being ridden by the assistant trainer......... so were Rich and Brittany.

I called about at the end of the first week in January to see how Rhythm's trip had gone only to find the horse had not left yet. With the bad winter weather all up and down the coast the horse was still at home but a pick up date was scheduled.

Rich was still working to put together the things that Garland's required. The horse needed a new wardrobe......... blankets, liners, sleazies the whole nine yards. He was headed for the big leagues and they expected him to arrive in style.

Later the following week, Rhythm was on the van heading to Virginia. Rich Baker said he cried when the horse disappeared in the van. Even when I spoke to him later it was clear his heart was heavy the horse was gone.

To be continued................

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  1. So that is what is behind that door. Nice portrait of an animal I adore.

  2. Awwww...that's so sweet! Love this post! Hope things went/are going well at the trainers!!

  3. you gotta be happy with a family who loves him that much.

    I think this says something about the horse that Rich who isn't a "horse person" has earned his trust.

  4. Well, I have to say it sounds like Rhythm could not have found a better home. They love him, he loves him, and they are looking out for what the horse needs. Made me tear up a little to know that he went into wonderful hands. Some horses just are man horses, and some are female. I know my uncle doesn't have to work nearly as hard as I do for respect. He has a deep voice and he feeds. I am just the slave driver that rides and trains them... lol. I have noticed that I lower my voice a lot when scholding.

  5. It really is a nice feeling to know one of your horses is loved and cared for by the ones who bought him, isn't it? I like that the father took a real interest in Rythmn.

  6. rich is a horse person he rode for 30 years he owned a quarter horse for a long time.

  7. What a story! You leave us hanging once again!! The master of the cliff hanger!!

    Come by, I have a new award for you!

  8. Such a beautiful horse! N3S adore his riding lesson, we are going to be poor from now on I think...

  9. abraham, he is pretty happy in new home.

    equinespirit, first post about the training coming up next.

    holly, yes, I couldn't be happier with the home this horse has found.

    Rich does have lots of experience with horses. He's owned QH most of his adult life, I think. But he tells me that Rhythm is unlike any horse he has ever owned before. I think it's surprise even Rich how this horse has gotten into his heart.

    lovelee, you are right about some horses like just men and some just women, but Rhythm is not like, I think that Brittany has made her way into that inner circle as well. He's really a lucky horse.

    grey horse matters, yes, I like it too that Rich has taken such an interest in Rhythm and I know that it tickles Dave that he has.

    Brittany, I planned on responsing to the comment that your dad wasn't a horse person but you beat me to it.

    When you comment, tell these folks who you are. They'll be excited to know that you hang out here. lol

    midlife mom, now I don't see myself as a master of cliff hanger. I think I'm just long winded and need to have a plausible place for a break. lol

    Ihanks's for the award. I'll stop by and check it out.

    dj kirby, I'm glad that N3S liked his riding lesson. I think that will be great for him. But you have a point about the pocket. lol

  10. I'm hanging again.....baited breath....waiting for next post.....

  11. I am so excited to hear about what this horse and Brittany will do next. I'm really proud of Brittany saying no to working at Tommy's barn. Yes, he's a great trainer and yes, she would have learned a ton, but it just doesn't seem like working there would be good for her.

    I am one of those people who have a super hard time saying no. Under this kind of pressure I totally woulda caved! Way to stay strong Brittany and I hope it all works out.

  12. AWW. Good story! When my mom and I arrived with a horse trailer to purchase and take Dandy, the lady who had previously owned him before me for 3 years, cried when the horse and tack I got from her was loaded and ready to go. It's nice to know that people will miss the animals that they have owned. When a guy I knew wanted some hens for eggs, I was able to get him 9, and I called him a few times here and there to see how they are adjusting, seeing how many eggs he was getting, seeing if they were going in their coop at night. I know they are chickens, but they are really nice chickens. So it's like, no matter how big or small, people definitely want to make sure the animals are doing well and adjusting well.