Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pay It Forward - Rising Rainbow Style

Well, next time I jump into one of these things, would somebody just shoot me and get it over with. I've got enough on my plate without agreeing to add in extra things but here I go. I saw this Pay It Forward thing on Oh HorseFeathers & Related Twisted "Tails" who picked it up from on all things horses on her post, Pay It Forward

The idea is simple - be the first three to leave a comment, and earn a reward. Also, your job then is to post on your blog, and encourage others to also "Pay It Forward".

In my enthusiasm, I ended commenting on both blogs and thus committing to participate twice! What was I thinking?

Well, I love the idea. I think it's a great concept to just for the heck of it give to someone else. If more people would believe in this concept this world surely be a better place. And I think it's a great way to say "thank you" to my readers for being there.

Here in WA state close to Christmas this concept got started early on morning in line at a latte' stand. The participants kept this going for three days. That's a lot of free lattes. Hopefully we can do something just a impressive keeping this thing going.

My problem comes in deciding what kind of gifts I will give. I am not much of a shopper so find no time for picking up cute little things, besides I probably wouldn't recognize a cute little thing if it bit me in the you know what butt. So couldn't possibly trust myself with that. I'd like to not lose any readers over my choice of gifts. I don't think that was really the point.

I have some wonderful Leanin' Tree products in my ebay store, so using those comes to mind. I also feel like I should be giving something horse related. After all this is a horse blog and horses is about all I can think about. Giving something horsey just seems the thing for me to do.

Since I did get "happy" with my comment fingers and leave a trail on both blogs, I'm only going to post this once, but will give gifts to the first SIX commenters. That is double the number required to Pay It Forward

For gifts, I have a number of horsey things that I think are appropriate. I have some very cute horse computer paper/stationery with matching envelopes, an assortment of horse greeting cards, an assortment of non-horse greeting cards, box of beautiful Leanin' Tree Christmas cards and a t-shirt.

If the first six commenters will please contact me through my website (the link is here on my blog) with you full name and shipping address, as well please name which of the items would be your first preference then we'll get this Pay It Forward show on the road.

Remember all you have to do, is then Pay It Forward on your blog and give gifts to the first three commenters.

I will post the results in a future post with links to the recipients who have blogs. For those of you who stumble across this late, I am going to be doing contests in the near future with giveaways as well.

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  1. Oooooh me please... me please .... okay so I need my head seen to but I would love to participate LOL.

    Will send details if I am one of the 6



  2. What a great idea!! Count me in to pay it forward. Great photos on your blog!

  3. That's a great idea MiKael! It's kind of like a RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) with a twist. Hopefully, your wonderful readers can keep it going strong.

  4. Thats a different concept..kinda neat :0)
    Great site..thanks for stopping by mine.
    It's been awhile since I've ridden an Arab..since I was about 16 in fact..I had a strawberry roan named Mr. Ed :0)

    Thanks for Reading!


  5. This is a neat idea. I just saw the movie for the first time a few weeks ago. GREAT movie...yet very emotional...LOVED it. I sent ya an email! :)

  6. Bugger I am number seven!!