Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again!

It's been weeks since I've been able to ride. So long in fact, I can't even remember when the last time was that I rode an Arabian horse or any other kind of horse for that matter. After this long, even I'm not fussy about the breed, as long as it's a horse and broke, just get me back in the saddle!

I do remember what happened the last time I rode but only because I got hurt. I stepped onto a stool I was substituting for a mounting block. That was a big mistake. Never substitute light weight objects meant to sit on level surfaces for mounting blocks. Mounting blocks are designed to deal with arena footing irregularities, mmiscellaneous objects such as wicker stools are not. That stool flipped over and dumped me right on top of it banging my already injured leg into the protruding stool leg. A major OUCH!!!

My leg swelled back up again just as badly as it had when I was massacred by Reflection I had difficulty getting my pant leg off because of the amount of swelling. And of course, the bruising was intensified with the re-injury. Actually to this day, I still have bruising and swelling on that leg.

But that fall off of the bucking wicker stool isn't why I haven't been riding. I got the mother of all colds this year and she just plain has NOT let me go. While I moved through the first part of her symptoms, the sore throat and running nose pretty darn fast, the cough has hung onto me like we are soul mates or something.

Geez, I can't remember when I've had a cough like this. It has been a hacking up a lung until your eardrums blow out and your head wants to burst kind of cough. And it has had me firmly in its grasp for over a month now. As a result I have been having major withdrawal from my Arabian horse addicition.

I've tried a couple of times to go back to the barn when the cough has lessened some, only to cough my head off within minutes of stepping into the barn. I don't know if the cough has triggered my asthma symptoms or what the deal is. All I know for sure is it's impossible to ride coughing non-stop, seeing stars along with a pounding headache.

So I have had to resign myself to staying at home and taking care of myself. Perish the thought! This is just something I'm not prone to do. For me, the horses are taking care of myself. Not being able to spend time with them every day has been nothing short of the pits!! I've felt like a punished child placed on restrictions for something I didn't do!

Well, today, I just couldn't take it any longer. The cough is NOT gone but it has diminished a bunch, I haven't had a headache from coughing in at least a day or two, so I decided it was time to make a quick trip to the barn for a ride.

Nothing potentially dangerous, like riding those young horses, a nice safe ride on a broke horse. I could try out my new Ariat Glacier Lace riding boots I got for Christmas and get a quick fix for my Arabian horse addicition. AND I could check up on how Rachel is doing caring for these horses of mine.

To be continued............

Back in the Saddle - Part 2

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  1. It sounds so fun getting on and off the horse. I can smell the horse while I read what you right. Lovely.

    Hey -- about that cold. I discovered a remedy that never fails to work --and I posted it, and people are still emailing me to thank me.

    Sips of apple cider vinegar. Best if you take it straight -- but you can make it as a hot toddy, subing the vinegar for the whiskey.

    Your body become more alkaline when you're sick and the vinegar kicks it right out of you.

    In the early stages, it helps right away. Later on, it may take a few days -- just keep sipping every 3-4 hours. Great stuff.

  2. Mikael--so sorry you have been under the weather. Get yourself into the doctor! If your horses were feeling as bad as you are, you would call the vet right?:-) I am worried about that hard coughing and seeing riding get your rest:-) (But still anxious to hear how your ride went:-)

  3. Glad you're feeling a bit better and got some time with the horses. Hope you're feeling 100% soon!! Take care...((HUGS!!))

  4. Right. Nothing cures what ails us like the back of a horse.
    BUT, to become hearing impaired might be slightly worse than actually GOING to the doctor.

  5. I had the cold from hell over Christmas, and I still had a lingering cough that triggered my asthma. I finally went to the doc today and he gave me an inhaled steroid and another inhaler that is like my albuterol inhaler without the jittery side effects. He said I should be completely better in 3-4 days. Go visit your doc if you have asthma!

  6. Hi, susie, haven't seen you in a while.

    I'll have to give the apple cider vinegar a try, although I must admit my lip is curling just thinking about it.

    photogchic, I haven't seen stars in a few days. I would go do the doctor if he could help. But there's no sense it taking antibiotics when they don't fight viruses anyways.

    equinspirit, I'm glad I'm feeling better too, for a while there I was really beginning to wonder if this thing would ever end.

    molly, I have bad allergies and they always manifest as pressure on my eardrums. So this is just a normal part of life for me. The cold makes it intesify but the doctors have never been able to do anything to stop it. Frustrating but normal.

    dressagemom, I've been to the doc about the asthma too. I have bad reactions to the drugs so I'm stuck.

  7. Mikael, I agree with Photogchic! You'd take better care than that of your horses!

    I've had a lifetime struggle with asthma and allergies. They've got good new drugs most people can tolerate. Please give them a try. No need to suffer -- ESPECIALLY if it's keeping you off of your horses!

    And don't go to a regular doc. Go to an allergist or asthma specialist. A specialist can get you straight.

    At least call the vet! :>)

  8. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better at least I know how you have been struggling.

    I am not looking forward to the next instalment of this post because I know you have been having a struggle, but I am going to be optomistic and look forward to a positive post!!!

    Take care of yourself, your horses need you healthy (I should talk LOL).



  9. good on ya... after my unforced dismounts (due to pilot error having never ridden an arabian).. i just kept gittin' back in the saddle.

    Get a vaporizer for that cough... and take it one step at a time
    Happy new year
    gp in montana