Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - Rhythm's Story - What Next - Part 3

Part One of the Baby Boomer Series

Rhythm's Story starts here

The next step was to get the footage of the Arabian horse out of the camera and onto a DVD. For that I had to rely on Dave. I can't read the small print in the instruction book or the even smaller print on the hardware involved. With my bad eyesight I am forced to wait for the help of others and for some reason, Dave was struggling with this task.

In the meantime, I received two more inquiries about the horse. I didn't want to pressure the first person, but I didn't want to miss out on a sale either. I decided that I would let the first party know that I had other parties interested in this horse. Keep in mind through all of this, we still have not talked about price.

I'm afraid I panicked the person in Massachusetts by telling him I had another inquiry about the horse. Even though I assured him that I would give him first right of refusal on this horse, the next thing I knew arrangements had been made for his daughter and a friend to come out here to look at Rhythm. It was really beginning to look like these people were serious about wanting to buy him.

I still worked at trying to get them footage to see before they flew out here to see this red horse of mine. I thought I could post it on the internet. I even got all signed up with U-tube only to have my computer send me weird messages. Even my computer whiz son-in-law couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the video up. I finally gave up.

I still haven't figured out how to get that done. I can't say that the video was much to see with me bouncing around up there pretty much out of control. But I would like to figure out how to post videos on the web.

I did finally bring up the subject of price. I really was not comfortable with people flying all of this way without it open and on the table. It turned out he knew from my ad on the AHA (Arabian Horse Association) Marketplace. He hadn't brought it up because they were hoping to negotiate after they saw the horse.

I let him know right then and there I would not negotiate on the price. I knew the horse was worth much more than that if I could only get him in the ring. I had no intentions of dropping my price any lower. Instead I would show the horse myself and get the price that I knew this horse would command.

This didn't sway them. I still had visitors flying in from Mass. I told them I was going to leave the horse locked in until they arrived. I really wanted them to see how naughty this horse could be. There was no way I wanted to be selling him to anyone who was not prepared to deal with his antics.

Despite a couple of mix-ups with rooms and locations, Dave finally picked the girls up in Tacoma. I remember when they first got here, I was leading them in to see Rhythm and having trouble even getting them anywhere near his stall. They were stopping and looking at other horses along the way, Ooohhing and Awwwing!

In the barn that Rhythm is in, his stall is the farthest inside. We had to go past Echo (who was in with that leg injury at the time) stall. The filly was hanging her head out wanting attention and the girls both stopped to visit.

They were pretty impressed with Echo. I was beginning to think that maybe they weren't as interested in Rhythm as I had thought. I must have told them several times that Rhythm was just one stall down, but that didn't seem to phase them at all. They were pretty caught up with the filly.

When they finally did see Rhythm, he was his usual pushy self. Not being overly naughty but pushing the lines as much as he thought he could with me standing there. Of course, I expected that. It was part of why I had kept the horse up. I wanted them to see him at his worst.

The plan was that we would trailer over to the park and I would ride him there. That way they could see how he loads and what he's like when he hasn't been ridden in a while. Then if they felt comfortable, they would ride him too. The one young woman was a trainer who had spent some time working for Bazy Tankersly at her Al Marah Arabian farm but who knew if Rhythm would intimidate her or not.

To be continued.............

What's Next - Part 4

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  1. These horses are "different" in almost every way. In appearance especially and when I come here that is the first thing I see. I think it is remarkable that the photos just stand out on their own.

  2. Oh jeez...ya had to end it there didn't ya...LOL! Can't wait to read what happens next!! :D

  3. MiKael you are doing it again!!! I look forward to the next instalment on this story.


  4. Please post soon, I can hardly wait to read what happends next!

  5. Can't wait to hear more of the story. I will be checking back.

  6. Just thought I should leave a comment since I'm following along. I've been lurking b/c I know absolutely nothing about horses, and so I can say only one thing: I like the stories!

  7. MiKael dear.

    Please, post the rest of the story.


    Pretty please.

    begging here.

  8. great photo! wow.

    gah, I want to know if either rode Rhythm!!

    lol, I can just imagine him being naughty and full of stalled up mischief..heheh

  9. Hmmm. Is posting the videos still a problem? What I ended up doing is purchasing a cheap recorder that was SPECIFICALLY designed for immediate download on the internet. The quality was not that great, but then again, I only spent 70 bucks on it.... It takes photos and videos, and also records voices. You take the video, plug the device onto your computer, and the thing walks you through it. Trust me... I'm no electronic genius. It really is that simple. Anyways, then, I just posted the videos on youtube (another process that's easily walked-through), and emailed out the link. It was pretty easy. Hopefully that helped.

  10. Ok MiKael! I am with the rest of the crew here hoping you post the next segment SOON!!!

    Your shots here are beautiful. You have been blessed with some incredible horses there!

  11. abraham, they are different in their structure and their personalities. I'm glad that you like my pics.

    equinespirit, sorry, it just seems to be how I write. LOL It's coming, I promise. You wouldn't want to miss any of the details would you?

    yes, lori, I am, it's what I do! LOL

    ok, darlene, I will try and wrap this up soon,

    needled mom, I'm glad that you like it enough to come back.

    sarah is ok, I'm glad that you are enjoying the read. Horses really are amazing creatures.

    holly, dear, I have posted the next installment. Does that count?

    barn goddess. glad to see you, I hope you are doing better. I even posted a link to Scooter's birthday story and you were out sick and missed it! I thought Scooter would be pleased! LOL

    becky, yes posting videos is still a problem, I bought a camera that was supposed to load to my puter, even said so on the box. In the fine print inside the manual only the upper models. UGH!!!!

    ok, mrs mom, I have posted the next episode. Thanks for the comment about the horses. We like them a lot.